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Police Appeal After Accident

Friday June 7 2013

Police appeal after 11-year-old girl is knocked over Police appeal after 11-year-old girl is knocked over

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after an 11-year-old girl stepped out into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

At approximately 5.20pm on June 6, a red Renault Megane driven by a 59-year-old man was travelling along Barnsley Road, Wath, directly outside the Jet petrol station in the direction of Barnsley.

It's believed that the girl stepped out in front of the oncoming vehicle.

The girl collided with the car, resulting in her to rise up onto the car's windscreen before falling to the road.

After being seen at Sheffield Children's Hospital, the girl was later discharged after she was found to have no serious injuries.

If anyone witnessed the collision, they're urged to call police on 101 quoting incident number 826 of June 6 2013.

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Reply Posted by Fred on Friday June 7 2013 at 16:09
Hmmmm, wonder if the 11 year olf was too busy on phone / ipod to take notice of traffic.

Children need to learn road sense, not always drivers fault.

Reply Posted by jack b on Saturday June 8 2013 at 10:16
i know the girl that got hit and she wasnt on her ipod beacuse she doesnt have one and the car wasnt speeding either its beacause she only looked one way so make sure you know what your onabout first

Reply Posted by jason on Sunday June 9 2013 at 08:39
You sicken me judging my daughter when you didnt see anything!!!!!

Reply Posted by Fred on Sunday June 9 2013 at 22:57
get a grip dickhead - and whilst you are at it teach your daughter road sense.

Reply Posted by jason on Monday June 10 2013 at 13:43
How dare you start to name call fred you repugnant piece of shit!!!!

Reply Posted by emma on Friday June 7 2013 at 17:23
my 3yr old cousin was killed on that stretch of road, when a car mounted the pavement in December 89 made my heart sink yesterday when i heard there had been an accident there............

Reply Posted by stacie on Friday June 7 2013 at 22:12
Hhhhhmmmmm the 11 year old was not on her iphone/ipod at the time but simply crossing the road to go to the shop, her school are supported by the road safety officers who teach the children the greencross code etc throughout the school right from foundation stage oh and shes fine by the way

Reply Posted by West melton on Friday June 7 2013 at 22:22
Im really glad the girl ok but children do need to be more aware of the dangers on road as many a time im driving past comp past garage n teenagers do tend to just cross the road. N not saying the man was speeding but i live in this area n i know we av lots of speeders who speed even over the speed bumps we have! Drivers should drive slower n kids need to please be more carefully on roads this is the 2nd child run over in 3wks! Just really please that both these children are okay n hopefully in future to please take extra care

Reply Posted by Claire on Saturday June 8 2013 at 00:08
People need to think before the open the gobs. @Fred. No she wasn't on her ipod/phone that road is terrible to cross for adults let alone young kids. And maybe if the council took it among themselves to actually cut tree's back that are over grown into the road then maybe that accident may not have happened yesterday. The girl in question is actually my friends daughter who I've been to see today and she's fine by the way one very lucky girl to come out fine after such a accident. So watch your mouth next time. Well said by the way Stacie

Reply Posted by Fred on Saturday June 8 2013 at 09:07
Well obviously if you step out in front of an oncoming car your mind is not on the traffic.

Reply Posted by emma on Saturday June 8 2013 at 09:47
glad the child is ok but maybe if she was with an adult at the time this may av been avoided to be fair !!!!!

Reply Posted by jack on Saturday June 8 2013 at 10:21
she shouldent have to be with a adult when she only live across the road

Reply Posted by Claire on Sunday June 9 2013 at 08:07
@fred once again she did not see the car cos the trees are over grown into the road. Well said @jack b. And the girl in question is 11 years old not 5. End of the day it was an accident and accidents happen. Its about time the got a crossing on there anyway

Reply Posted by jason on Sunday June 9 2013 at 08:35
Crystal is my step daughter she was not on a phone or ipod i saw it all it was a pure accident cctv shows she stood looking at the traffic for a good few minutes before going to cross i personally blame the fact that trees are overgrown on the side of the road and visibility is very poor i myself went to see the driver to let him know that crystal was ok as i knew he would be shook up @fred if you met crystal you would know shes very grown up so please dont be so bloody quick to judge!!!

Reply Posted by laura on Sunday June 9 2013 at 08:53
Im am the Girls mother, and no she wasnt pre occupied by any Electronic device!! And she is fully aware of road safety and the green cross code for the un-educated reading this road safety is taught from being in foundation and my daughter is due to start comprehensive School in september! I dont belive it was the drivers fault and my partner has visited him since the accident to reassure him my daughter is ok , however i do belive the trees on that road make it near to impossible to see either a child in the road or an oncoming vehicle :( and the Council and both my local counciller have been made Aware of this and the local residents of the estate we live in have took it upon themselfs to cut one of the obstructing trees back, and are more than happy to put up petitions since the incident reguarding the måtter! Please think before you comment on this post she is my daughter and is Very lucky to be alive and im Very thankfull of the minor injuries she substained

Reply Posted by stevo on Sunday June 9 2013 at 15:24
Laura I am glad your daughter is ok.

Take no notice of Fred and the other idiots who post on here, they have nothing better to do with their time.

Reply Posted by lyndon on Sunday June 9 2013 at 18:42
i think fred just likes to provoke a reaction with his judgemental nonsense. You ought to keep your great snout out when people are getting hurt. Let's all hope fred doesn't get knocked down by a car

Reply Posted by Swifty on Sunday June 9 2013 at 23:14
Glad to hear this little girl is ok. Hope the driver gets over is shock and gets his confidence back behind the wheel. And the girl makes a full recovery and gets on with her life.

Reply Posted by Jack on Monday June 10 2013 at 10:38
Im glad that your little girl is ok. However I do believe that fred meant well when he made the comment and that it probaly came across all wrong. From the drivers point of view it could be quite difficult to see someone stepping out from behind a tree, but you also have to remember that if the little girl used the green croos code principle then it would not have happenned. No one is perfect and mistakes happen. Thats why it is called an accident.

Reply Posted by Jill on Monday June 10 2013 at 14:01
I've noticed that this Fred person seems to be commenting on lots of things on here lately, all nasty as well needs to get a life
Glad she ok no serious injurys x

Reply Posted by jason on Monday June 10 2013 at 14:21
Thank you jill i will try taking his comments with a pinch of salt he must be a lonely old man ;) x

Reply Posted by pet lover on Monday June 10 2013 at 14:27
I have seen this too Fred just seems to be a poisonous viper!
Glad the little one is ok :)

Reply Posted by ..... on Monday June 10 2013 at 20:59
As always I see people with bad stuff to say on here. Why not appreciate that the driver was going the speed limit? If he wasn't this could be extremely fatal. I feel sorry for both parties here as it won't be nice for either. Hope they are both fine, accidents do happen x

Reply Posted by i'm too sexy on Monday June 10 2013 at 21:46
alright said fred

Reply Posted by kaz on Monday June 10 2013 at 23:40
Thank god the girl n driver r ok stop fighting n name calling she's safe n ok that's all that matters isn't it