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New License Fees For Sellers Introduced By Council

Tuesday June 11 2013

New charges approved New charges approved

NEW licence fees for sellers at private markets and car boot sales have been approved by Barnsley Council - in a hope to promote economic growth.

To allow private markets and car boot sales to operate across the borough without damaging local markets, the council has adopted a similar scheme as other local authorities, following approval by its Cabinet members.

To promote economic growth across the borough a new licensing fee structure has been agreed for those who run events in which goods are sold by individuals who pay to the market operator a charge for use of the pitch.

The council will adopt these policies on car boots and private markets to bring Barnsley in line with other local councils. It will also allow more market type events per year in comparison with the previous market policy.

Events that constitute a fayre in a school hall or community centre, where the majority of stalls are manned by volunteers and the income is going to charity, political, social or sporting funds will not need to apply for a licence.

"This will assist with increasing economic output in the borough," said Cllr Roy Miller. "It will also support smaller charitable organisations."

The new structure is as follows:

Charitable and outside school events will have their first two events in the year free then £30+ VAT will be charged per event day for all other events afterwards.

Non-commercial outdoor car boot sales and community markets with up to 50 vendors operated by a ‘defined organisation’ will be charged £50+ VAT per event day up to a maximum of 14 per annum.

Commercially-operated car boot sales with up to 50 vendors will be charged £100+ VAT per day, regardless of the number actually attending.

Commercially-operated car boot sales with 51 to 100 vendors will be charged £200+ VAT per day, regardless of the number actually attending.

Specialist commercial markets will be charged £2,500 per annum.

Specialist commercial markets with over 12 events per annum will be charged by negotiation.

What do you think to the new charges? Will this promote economic growth? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday June 12 2013 at 06:03
Taxing successfull business makes good sense but I believe taxation on new businesses is one burden too many. I just hope the council will use its discretion and some common sense when applying its taxation policy and help new business in particular to flourish..

Reply Posted by Rothschild on Friday June 14 2013 at 18:30
Someone explain to me how Barnsley Council syphoning money from a market or carboot sale by way of taxation does ANYTHING to assist the town market stall holders, UNLESS, that taxation is then divided amoungst existing stall holders in Barnsley market to compensate for lost trade. Someone explain that to me, explain how this promotes economic growth!?!? All this does is create more revenue for the council, that is all, and that is all its about. They don't give a toss about the market stall holders and this proves it.

Reply Posted by Rothschild on Friday June 14 2013 at 19:40
...hmmm, i may have grasped the incorrect end of this particular stick me thinks. Its rare, but it does happen. Even a Rothschild can drop the ball momentarily, but we usually then just annihilate whoever picked up the ball and claim we never dropped it in the first place :) Its a banking thing...