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Oakwell Asks Fans To Vote Them 'Best Loo-ser'

Wednesday November 9 2011

BARNSLEY Football Club is asking fans to vote for them in the 'Best Loo-ser' awards so they can win up to £100,000 to improve Oakwell's dilapidated toilets.

The tongue-in-cheek entry from Oakwell sees the ancient toilet on the West Stand photographed under the caption: "At Barnsley we know football is an open-air, spectator sport, but we don't feel going to the toilet is."

Football Club's across the UK were invited to enter the competition and the one with the most votes will get the cash.

Spokesman Mark Stokes said: "We aren't in the lead at the moment and we need people to vote. It won't cost people anything and it will make a big difference to the fans if this happens.

"At the moment, it's a case of every penny counts here at Barnsley - we know things like those toilets need improving but it is hard to find that money to do it and things like that are often overlooked when there are other things to pay out for. There's only so much we can do for the money we have.

"It's the same for everyone - I'm sure a lot of people would like a new bathroom but they don't have the money to pay for it at the moment.

"We sent in our entry for the fans really, to make it better for them. I photographed the facilities in the West Stand because they are some of our most - shall we say - glorious looking toilets. It really is like a cattle trough."

To vote, go here: http://www.bestloosers.co.uk/entries_vote.php?page=1

*Image shows the toilets in the West Stand.*

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Reply Posted by Celebrity monkey on Wednesday November 9 2011 at 11:46
Haha about time too !

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday November 10 2011 at 10:37
I could put a roof on that for less than a grand. Another example of our tight arsed club not caring about their customers. It wouldn't be tolerated in any other establishment.

Reply Posted by Gustymcguest on Thursday November 10 2011 at 14:59
What you on about Bob, them toilets are only at lease 50 year old, plenty of life in em yet,

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