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Kids Get Fine Dining Experience With School Dinners

Monday June 3 2013

Chef Chris Smith Chef Chris Smith

WHAT are your memories of school dinners? Mine are of watery vegetables and lumpy mash, but it's very different for those who attend Ward Green Primary School.

They're used to fine dining after their headteacher, Michelle Binns, brought in a professional chef to change perceptions about school dinners - and it's been a huge success.

The number of children tucking into Chris Smith's fresh meals has increased and the chef, who's based at the school one day a week, has revamped its menu with locally-sourced ingredients. Even the amount of salad and fruit consumption's increased.

Lucky kids tuck into a carvery once a week, and also enjoy fresh salmon, meat and a whole host of fruit.

"One little boy said it was like eating in a five-star hotel on holiday last week," said Michelle.

It sure beats my memories!

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Reply Posted by Stan on Tuesday June 4 2013 at 12:24
I never complained about school dinners I used to like everything they put in front of me. But when I started school just after the war you were only too happy to have something to eat and that carried on all through junior and senior school

Reply Posted by ewie green on Wednesday June 5 2013 at 20:58
Most of the cooks at the schools are qualified chefs with qualifications.Who take pride in their work to put a good quality meal on each day for the children. If the schools put there hand in there pockets and provided new kitchens and equipment seen as the kitchens are still the same ones since the schools were built. Also the cooks can only cook with the ingredients they are provided with as there is also budgets to follow which the schools don't want to contribute towards either, bearing in mind school meals are part of child getting at least one healthy meal a day .

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