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Grand Unveiling Planned For Mining Memorial

Monday June 3 2013

Cllr Spence and Tim Pearson Cllr Spence and Tim Pearson

A GRAND ceremony is planned to mark the unveiling of a mining memorial for those who worked in the North Gawber Colliery.

The two-metre high pit head gear sculpture is being designed by Tim Pearson at Penistone - following a request by his friend Cllr Harry Spence.

On the sculpture will be three plaques - one as a marker showing where the pit was, the second provided by the NUM remember the 88 lives lost during its operation, and the third will be a tribute to the 19 who died in an explosion in the pit on September 12, 1935.

The artwork is expected to cost about £3,000 and will be erected in a landscaped area in front of the Co-operative store, on Blacker Road, Mapplewell.

The idea came about after residents approached Cllr Spence saying they wanted something to mark the Carr Green Lane site - as it will soon be transformed by a residential development for hundreds of houses.

The Darton East councillor is now planning a ceremony and parade involving local school children that will take place on September 12.

He is also looking for the oldest, able employee who worked at the colliery to come forward, share their story and take part in the ceremony.

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Reply Posted by Lyn Fawcett (Nee Mathers) on Monday June 3 2013 at 11:41
Well done Councillor Harry Spence, it is about time someone paid tribute to the men who made the Barnsely area what it is. A great area to live and grow up in.
Thank you for taking the initiative in procurring this monument to the miners of the past. I am sure Tim Pearson will do them proud.

Reply Posted by jon on Tuesday June 4 2013 at 20:27
yes very nice my grandad worked at the pit 47 years north gawber and i did follow on a in kind ov is footsteps ina kind ov way managing the north gawber colliery football team guiding in them into the premier league 1st time in are history ....

Reply Posted by tim on Thursday June 6 2013 at 08:18
yes gud to hear it not like that stupid piece of whatever it is artside tarn hall shuld av been statues of Tommy Taylor and Mark Jones both from barnsley who were killed in munich air crash instead of that ridicolous climbing frame. r.i.p the miners n tommy n mark..

Reply Posted by tony banks on Friday August 23 2013 at 08:16
I visited and walked round the site with Harry on the 22nd of August along with my
club members from the Outwood Community Video Group and we will be at the
opening of the event to record it on film. And we would like to say well done to Harry for the hard work to keep history alive in your area, it will be a day not to be missed

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