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Bright Future For Penistone

Wednesday June 5 2013

Revamp set to create jobs Revamp set to create jobs

UP to 80 new jobs will be created when the delayed final phase of a £15million revamp of Penistone town centre is completed, according to its developers.

Dransfield Properties has begun building six commercial units, 21 office units and car parking on St Mary's Street, opposite the Royal British Legion.

Planning permission was granted in 2011 but the project has stalled due to a series of issues, including access and funding.

The Tankersley-based firm expects work to be finished by November, completing the multi-million pound regeneration scheme which included Tesco and the market barn.

Mark Dransfield, Dransfield managing director, said: "We're delighted to be starting work on the gateway project, there has been a great deal of support for this final phase of the development.

"The scheme has been designed to fit in with the street scene and also with the new markets areas so it really will bring something new and enhance this part of the town."

The project - which has attracted £1.2million of funding from the European Union - also included the relocation of the town's fire and ambulance stations to Springvale in 2009.

According to Dransfield, there has been interest from companies wishing to relocate to Penistone and several local business have already committed to taking space inside the building once construction has been completed.

Cllr Steve Houghton said: "This is a huge asset to Barnsley as a borough, as well as Penistone as a town, and we need to complete it to get the full benefit.

"Retailers and businesses want to relocate here and, no doubt about it, it will be successful when it's built. It will bring more jobs and more money into the local economy."

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Reply Posted by Grim on Saturday June 8 2013 at 15:31
Barnsley still do not get it do they? Let's spend money on the west of Barnsley as per usual and then shove wind farms and pull funding from the eastern villages.
Daft thing is that half of the people in Penistone probably do not want the change anyway.

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Saturday June 8 2013 at 19:05
The east of Barnsley has had excessive amounts of public funding for many years and yet we still get actions like those seen in Goldthorpe, unemployment at staggering levels, crime even higher. There's only so much money you can throw before someone has to say enough is enough - managed decline springs to mind. You should build on your successes and the west of Barnsley is a success. It should be utilised more to sell Barnsley to those from outside the Borough.

Reply Posted by Grim on Saturday June 8 2013 at 21:34
Are you referring to Thurnscoe and Grimethorpe perchance?

No money been spent in Goldthorpe it was due to get a new school and new housing but the funding was pulled and so it is now derelict.

Penistone has the most gun crime and the highest rates of domestic violence plus nuisance youths, the swimming baths closed. It is has a rubbish high street and local kids slag it off online. There are no successes there.

This will be a flop because the wealthy of Penistone wont want to spoil their town and the other type of person from Penistone will trash it.

By all means kid yourself next that Hoyland is a lovely sunny place by the sea with unicorns why dont you?

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Monday June 10 2013 at 12:40
A bit touchy Grim - does the truth hurt? - a new school and new housing but the funding (public) was pulled and without funding Goldthorpe is derelict, your words not mine. If it's derelict, flatten it.
Penistone has the most gun crime = Farmers
Domestic violence = No idea but I would imagine having money in your pocket to spend leads to domestic fall outs
Swiming Baths = Thought a local trust had taken the sports centre on
Rubbish High St = Your opinion
Local kids slag it off online= Name me a place where local kids don't slag their area off
Oh and Hoyland was sunny yesterday by the reservoir but no unicorns they don't exist.

Reply Posted by penny stone on Saturday June 8 2013 at 16:02
6 commercial units and 21 offices , how many parking spaces are being created? not many i bet

Reply Posted by Tony on Saturday June 8 2013 at 19:20
Your correct penny stone, there isnt anywhere to put adequate parking facilities for the new development, Penistone has been crying out for infrastructure for 10-20years, the road network is the same as its always been despite the massive amount of new houses/tesco and the numerous low level bridges in and out of Penistone making it a dangerous place to get into for HGVs Buses etc, Most mornings and around 4-5pm its a nightmare just to get in and out of the place, Penistone needs a new relief road before anymore developments or housing projects are passed, There are not many places left now to put a new road, But the local council don't get council tax and business rates from roads or free parking spaces lol.

Reply Posted by Bella on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 09:42
Well Gun crime when ive lived in Penistone years and never heard of people getting hurt via gun's so where ever u are getting the info from u wanna double check with the latest news ........... I'm sure people r jealous and just to state a fact we come under barnsley council but we are Sheffield ok

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 11:30
Bella, just for clarity - How is Penistone Sheffield?

Reply Posted by Bella on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 17:11
Its Sheffield not barnsley and were s36 6 and come under Sheffield u go to any post office they will tell u the same

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 19:39
Bella, the whole of Barnsley and Rotherhams post codes start S...something or other. You're not looking for some sort of Kudos are you saying that Penistone is Sheffield - ya know...Pitsmoor, Shirecliffe. Shiregreen, Heeley, Tinsley, Attercliffe, Shalesmoor, Orgreave etc etc the list of desirable locations goes on and on. As Brian says below, the Post Office allocated post codes for ease of delivering - nothing more, nothing less.

Reply Posted by Brian on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 19:04
Penistone falls under the jurisdiction of Barnsley. The Sheffield reference is simply something devised by Royal Mail for postal purposes only.

The true test is who do the good people pay their council tax to. End of matter.

Reply Posted by mick on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 21:50
Bella you really are a stuck up muppet.

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