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Man Criticises Council's Waste Management Service

Monday June 10 2013

Red tape ruining beauty spots Red tape ruining beauty spots

'STUPID bureaucracy' in waste management is turning beauty spots into dumping grounds, a Monk Bretton resident has claimed.

Andy Trask, 44, had a series of setbacks when he tried to dump an old sofa and bed from a rented house that he was helping his daughter Katie, 21, move into.

He first rang Barnsley Council's waste management team to book his van into the tip at Smithies depot but was told he needed to book 12 hours in advance.

The tip agreed to let him in after some "pleading" but then they saw his van.

"It was a Luton box van - a type not allowed in Barnsley Council sites," said Andy. "I was stuck. I couldn't start moving my daughter's furniture in until I moved the old stuff out."

Andy went to a nearby van hire firm and hired a smaller van. But back at the tip he again got the red flag.

He said: "They told me the van was still too big and that I should find a 'pay-in' tip."

Andy eventually managed to book in at a tip in Worsbrough.

"Walking my dogs, I regularly see dumped sofas and mattresses on beautiful suburban retreats," he said. 

"Is there any wonder with these people in charge of waste management? When people try to do the right thing and dump rubbish at the tips provided, they're hit with stupid bureaucracy."

Cllr Roy Miller, said: "By law, householders can only move waste they have generated themselves in their own home and the council’s Household Waste Recycling Sites can only accept the same.

"There are fines of up to £50,000 for moving any waste not generated by yourself in your own household.

"The waste in this case was left by a previous tenant and was the responsibility of the landlord to remove as part of the business of property letting.

"It was therefore commercial waste and not permitted, by law, to be accepted at the sites or moved by anyone who did not have a waste carrier’s licence."

For more information on the council's guidelines, click here.

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Reply Posted by Anon on Monday June 10 2013 at 09:54
It's because of the stupid red tape that I've dumped sofas and beds on streets nearby,cut open the bottom take out any identifying items pour bleach on it to remove DNA and BAM council magically removes it after a few days ha ha!

Reply Posted by Guesty Mc Guest on Monday June 10 2013 at 10:50
Could he have walked round the corner parked the van at the pond, unloaded it and walked back round carrying the sofa?

Reply Posted by Fred on Monday June 10 2013 at 21:04
They don't allow people on foot either ! Maybe try dumping at the getes of the tip !

Reply Posted by Justme on Monday June 10 2013 at 11:33
You ever tried carrying a sofa??

Reply Posted by mick on Monday June 10 2013 at 11:34
No .There is a sign saying no unloading prior to the entrance to the site . You cant walk in with items even if you live near by .

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday June 12 2013 at 13:47
I have had setees and cut material off bagged it up sawn the wood up bagged that up and taken it to skip. How hard is that . bit of work.. nice clean countryside.

Reply Posted by stevo on Thursday June 13 2013 at 21:11
Not very often do I find myself agreeing with any of les's posts but yup spot on, how hard can it be to rip the material off the sofa and saw the wood from the sofa up?
That's exactly what I did with my last one.
Better still why not donate the old sofa to a charity and actually help people?
All charities will gladly accept sofas if they are fire retardant and in good condition.

Reply Posted by Robbie on Friday June 14 2013 at 22:17
Too many chiefs, not enough Indians at BMBC...

Reply Posted by gra on Friday June 14 2013 at 22:18
dump sites in barnsley are managed by a company called fcc enviroments but run them as job worths had a suite to get rid of put it in pick up went to site at worsbrough was told i had to make a appointment gave me a number to ring rang it spoke to the bloke who gave me number who said you can bring it know wouldnt it had been easier to say you should have booked but bring it in but remeber next time as for roy miller ask him how many fines he issues to travellers when they dump there rubish

Reply Posted by Nick on Friday June 14 2013 at 22:39
Never mind a Luton. They don't even let a long wheal base vivaro in these days