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Hospital To Trial Gulf War Drug

Tuesday June 4 2013

Gulf War drug trialled Gulf War drug trialled

BARNSLEY Hospital is to trial a drug used in the Gulf War to see if it can stem bleeding in cases of brain haemorrhages and stomach ulcers.

The trial - which is about the start in the next few weeks - is of a drug called 'tranexamic acid' and was used to clot the blood flow from soldiers' wounds in the Gulf War.

Julian Humphrey and James Griffiths, consultants in the emergency department, said previous testing in soldiers had shown better results than in those who didn't.

Dr Humphrey added: "Now this drug is being looked at in other forms of bleeding to see if it can help patients.

"Patients who come in with brain haemorrhages and bleeding from inside their stomach will be compared with patients who didn't receive the drug to see which one gave the better outcome."

Clinical trials have been taking place at Barnsley Hospital since about 2004 when up to 300 people took part in a study about heart failure and chest pains.

Dr Humphrey said: "If you come to the emergency department at Barnsley Hospital there is a chance you will be asked to take part, it's all about trying to check which is the best treatment.

"We do what we think is the best treatment and compare that with something that we think might be better.

"A lot of trials we are involved in are national trials and we have been selected to take part, which is no mean feat.

"We are seen as a centre that's very proactive in research."

More than 1,000 people across Barnsley had taken part in trials over the last five or six years and there are about 120 trials taking place at the moment.

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Reply Posted by Mick Oxlong on Thursday June 6 2013 at 17:47
Barnsley Hospital is brilliant, take my hat off to them nurses.

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