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Residents Asked How They Would Like To Mark War Centenary

Tuesday June 4 2013

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

PEOPLE across the town have been asked how they would like to mark the centenary of the First World War by Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis.

The former paratrooper and now shadow minister for culture is supporting the Heritage Lottery Fund's new programme, First World War: Now and Then, which allows people to apply for funding to mark the centenary.

Mr Jarvis, the Labour Party's national lead for the commemoration, said the impact of the war on the people of Barnsley was devastating.

“Across the town there is already huge interest in how we come together as a community to commemorate the First World War.

"It was the most significant event in the 20th century – it shaped the world we live in today. I know the people of Barnsley – the council, the Royal British Legion and many others will want to commemorate the 100th anniversary in the most appropriate way.”

He said funding would enable people to explore the continuing legacy of the war and help young people in particular to broaden their understanding of how it has shaped the modern world.

What would you like to see the town doing? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by ray on Friday June 7 2013 at 19:19
a parade through the streets of Barnsley by representatives of all the armed forces and the British public

Reply Posted by les on Saturday June 8 2013 at 01:41
I think that it should all stop . you can commemorate all you like.
Every week it is flogged to death on tv.
It is instilled into your brains by people wanting to make money from someone elses tragedy.
Wars will never end because of money and resentment.
The first world war . the second world war
what about our historical war of the roses.
What about the war between uk and usa
french and british battles battles with spain...they were all technically word wars. because it never ends.
Someones child born today in england will one day die in a war in 20 years why dont we commemorate that.
Wars are a sickness in people who feel the need to protect this country from what ...itself between britain and the us i dont know which is the biggest creators of war.
The middle east has allways had tribal. wars since the first page if the bible.
Africa is the same when they first threw spears at each other.
But after all this time people are still killing each other and really for no reason at all.
Lets face it the best way to commemorate
this human sickness is to destroy all weapons.
not to keep repeating remeberance of 2 wars .when there have been hundreds of world wars

Reply Posted by stevo on Sunday June 9 2013 at 00:46
I feel vilified when I say this, LES you sir, talk the biggest pile of shite I have ever heard in the history of my life.

Unless you are the epitome of an immaculate conception then some of your past family have been an indirect casualty of war, whether you like it or not.

I take it from your posts that you have about as much culture as an Amoeba and have no grasp of modern history, I strongly suggest you visit the Imperial War Museum and learn about history and the first and second world wars in particular.

We HAVE to commemorate our fallen and our history If it wasn't for our forefathers then you, my friend, would be speaking a very different language now.

Reply Posted by Colette on Saturday June 8 2013 at 23:01
Sorry les,just can't sweep dirt under the table.The men and women who gave there all in every war from the beginning of time,we're the innocent victims of glory seeking religious prats and glory hunting rich morons. They also fought in the belief that they were fighting for everybody to have freedom of speech and expression like you have got,so am sure it don't hurt for people to remember those who gave there all ??

Reply Posted by Immigrant on Sunday June 9 2013 at 19:27
It's OK with me Kev. Go about your business.

Reply Posted by les on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 20:39
You keep cropping up dont you stevo with your down treading of my ability.
of course i know but you obviosley have noconcept of reality.
What i said is true i lost relatives in ww1 and 2 and i know. for a fact i will lose people in the future.but wars will never stop because wekeep going backwards.
The war in afghanistan never stopped in the 1800s when england went in and people at that time were doing there remembering. it never stopped in the second world war. When ditto.
It never stopped when the russians went in and ditto and now that while we are doing all this remembering our lads are still dying in the same place and it pisses me off. why cant have and to the people who chose to dictate what country. we war with and then we would have no need for remembering the grisly pasts .and when you talk about we would be speaking a different language that is a stupid comment to make. hitler was just one of those people like other countries wanted to rule the land and the waves and have an empire...he died and niw we have a european union...now i cant see the difference between a german empire and a union of countries we still go out killing people. . united nations....whats that .i am a true loyalist but i dont think the loyalists i am true to are loyal

Reply Posted by STEVO on Wednesday June 12 2013 at 16:00
Les, whether we like it or not WARS are here to stay there are far too many governments and companies that profit from the spoils of war, including our own government and in particular arms companies ( yes we have them too).

I only reply to your posts if I think I have a valid point, do you post from your mobile?

NATO was formed to counter the Russian threat and to keep the Germans supressed, good idea in theory but it doesn't work.
Just look at the peacekeeping missions that have failed, Yugoslavia being the main one, Iraq (illegal war) and Afghanistan.

I think you underestimate my quote about speaking a different language, if the Nazis wouldn't have been more interested in fighting wars on many fronts and murdering Jews on an industrial scale then our country would have no doubt been invaded by the Nazis.