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Young Man Speaks Of Coma

Friday June 7 2013

Brett Sinton Brett Sinton

A YOUNG man who spent weeks in a coma following a road accident has spoken about how his life has been affected for the first time.

Brett Sinton, 21, suffered severe head injuries when he was knocked down as he was running away from a group of lads on Pontefract Road, Lundwood, in November 2010.

No-one has been charged with an offence - even though Brett knows who was responsible.

He needed emergency surgery to reduce pressure on his brain, spent several weeks in hospital and underwent rehabilitation at the Keresforth Centre in Kingstone.

The sight in his left eye is severely impaired but has since learned to walk short distances and talk again and is able to feed and wash himself.

Brett, of Athersley, said: "I feel depressed - there's nothing for me to do. I can't work any more, but I wish I could.

"I can't even think straight - I just sit in my room and play my computer.

"I can't run or play rugby or football. I tried running and fell flat on my face."

Brett also suffers from anger management problems and is not allowed to look after his two children, Dylan, six, and Aleisha, two, alone.

"Sometimes when I'm watching television I can't follow the story and so I sit there making my own story up and it makes me upset. It's so frustrating.

"What hurts me the most is when I'm walking down the street and someone shouts 'cabbage'."

His mum, June, had wanted to apply for compensation to allow Brett to have his own home and to pay for carers but her solicitor told her they were closing the case fearing they would not win because of a GBH offence Brett committed before the accident.

"It's disgusting," she said. "He has paid his debt to society for that offence.

"I live here and look after him and have no life of my own - my partner has had to move out because of Brett's anger issues.

"I'm his mum and I will always look after him, but this is now my life too."

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Reply Posted by sam on Sunday June 9 2013 at 12:38
I can't understand how they can expect to seek compensation when the lad knows who the responsible people are but won't give the information over. The article is confusing, did he get hit by a driver who was involved in chasing him or did he get run over by an uninvolved person as he was running away? It makes a huge difference liability wise.

Reply Posted by beth lawton on Sunday June 9 2013 at 13:10
To the last comment on this you don't know brett! I knew him very well he is one of my close friends babys dads and he is a respectful man who has paid the highest price for his past mistakes! Give the man a break he spenbt weeks in hospital, surgery, learning to do things again and you think its ok to critiscise? He has a beautiful daughter and son whom may I add that he cannot see them alone, don't you think that's a high price to pay too? People are so criticising these days! Never judge a book by its cover as the old saying goes!

Reply Posted by anonymous on Monday June 10 2013 at 00:16
Yeah he was in a coma but its ok for him to still take drugs and go around hitting peope im sorry but I dont feel for him there are people whp have suffered same and I feel for them but not brett speek to the people who know him and see him all the time and they will tell you how he really feels about all this he goes around thonking hes better than every one else my mate gpt beat up by brwtt and cudnt defend himslef becaise 1 blow to brett cud kill him and he knows he can get away with it hes nothing but a bully and gets away with ot hes sick and needs mental help of you ask me

Reply Posted by Not on Monday June 10 2013 at 08:27
well true anonymous very true walks around bus station thinking big and hard don't feel for him