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MP Wants Jobs Guarantee For Long-Term Unemployed

Monday June 3 2013

Michael Dugher MP Michael Dugher MP

JOB guarantees for anyone out of work for more than two years should be introduced by the government, according to a Barnsley MP.

Michael Dugher wants to tackle the town's long-term unemployment by introducing a jobs bill, which would mean those out of work for more than a couple of years would lose benefits if they refused to accept an offered role.

Although figures released yesterday show a slight decrease in the overall number of those claiming Jobseeker's Allowance in Barnsley East, unemployment is rising nationally.

The number of people in Barnsley East claiming unemployment benefit for more than 12 months has more than doubled in the last two years, from 470 to 960.

Figures also show that, during the same period, the number of 18 to 25-year-olds across the borough who have been without work for more than a year rose by more than 240 per cent - from 150 to 520.

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Reply Posted by caz on Monday June 3 2013 at 14:39
Good, cos a lot of the long term unemployed don't want a job!!!

Reply Posted by Alex on Monday June 3 2013 at 15:11
The "buck" doesn't stop with the unemployed, it stops with the government!

It's more investment in Barnsley and the surrounding towns it needs to create jobs. I am sick of the "MPs" blaming the unemployed, when all along it's "them" that got the town in that way. remember the "miners"?

Reply Posted by Uncle Eeuuurrgghh on Monday June 3 2013 at 16:08
Every time I see the word 'MP' on a WAB status this bell-end's picture is there with it. Use a different picture for once ffs.

Reply Posted by Someone with sense on Monday June 3 2013 at 16:35
But... they have to have employable skills don't they. Otherwise employers are left down the pan. Not that easy.

Reply Posted by givemkicking on Monday June 3 2013 at 21:39
Thought he was labour? that's tory talk,yeah there are jobs wanted and lots of them,but ya idiot dugher thee come on this side and try thi luck at finding one more so if tha ant got skills,and if tha wants me to get a job reduce price back down to what it was so I can go n get mi badge back for taxis or if tha that desperate thee pay near on £600 quid towards cost of it,tha as bad as IDS all gob.

Reply Posted by paul gregory on Monday June 3 2013 at 23:47
Is it not ironic that Labour when it is election time always promise to encourage new business and new job opportunities to the area, yet in reality these businesses will not come. The ones that have will only use agency workers and many full time positions have been advertised outside of the borough NOT in Barnsley. Barnsley has the highest ratable premises in the country in an effort to make money What do they do with this money? squander it on vanity projects in the town. While setting one the highest levels of bedroom tax in the country. The shortfall in council tax payments from central government meant the shortfall was shared out between the the claimants, amounting to forcing people to move out into family homes, or out of the area, freeing up housing for the influx of migrant workers that got the jobs meant for local people. Barnsley has not seen any promise
fulfilled by the Labour party. You only see them come election time, and only then will they talk to you. Its time Barnsley found a new party to run things.

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday June 5 2013 at 16:37
Dugher, why not put your money where your mouth is and do the job that Barnsley people (stupidly) elected you to do?

Why not suggest a radical plan to limited the number of migrant workers in any workplace to 10%?

How can it be that we have a workplace in Barnsley that has a percentage of 92% migrant workers but yet our own 16-25 year olds will never get the opportunity to get employment as they are undercut by these migrant workers and the employment agencies that place said migrant workers with said companies?

You, sir, do not live in the real world.

Ask anyone in our town about Asos, Symphony, Thornhill heat exchangers and they will tell you the same thing..
The majority of the available jobs in Barnsley are taken by migrant workers who will work all day for the minimum wage, which incidentally the last Labour government introduced and is now the "benchmark" for wages in our town.

I can provide statistics for you if you would like, at last count 42.59% of ALL available jobs in our town have gone to migrant workers over the last two years.

What you didn't realise this?

Oh yes I forgot, you are too busy faffing around with radio shows and your own self promotion to realise what is happening in the workplaces across the borough.

Labour your time is up, unless you radically change your policies and retain true to the original ideas of why the Labour party was set up for in the first place, i.e - a party set up by the workers for the workers, then you are finished.

You cannot underestimate the feeling of the local populous and whilst ever you fiddle whilst Rome burns, the support for UKIP will only ever grow at an exponential rate.

Reply Posted by Fred on Friday June 7 2013 at 08:26
Well the stupid people of Barnsley will continue to vote Labour in, what do you expect

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday June 7 2013 at 13:50
Fred, I wouldn't go quite as far as calling our fellow town brethren stupid, but you do have a valid point (for a change).

Reply Posted by Terry on Friday June 7 2013 at 08:29
Welcome to Poland (sorry I meant the former town of Barnsley)

Reply Posted by anon on Sunday June 9 2013 at 08:19
No wonder unemployment is high when teenagers leave school unable to get a place at college or on an apprenticeship unless they got A - C gsce results !! Not everybody is academic plus courses are supposed to teach the skills needed . Unless this changes its going to get worse

Reply Posted by me on Sunday June 9 2013 at 09:11
make em sweep streets. Clean parks ect if the long term unemployed refuse to get a job. If they refuse to accept the change then stop their benefits.

Reply Posted by Grim on Sunday June 9 2013 at 16:26
As per usual people blame the MP's, the Government. the council, the "furriners", the rates and even the price of taxi licences ( I think as I struggled through the awful spelling and lack of punctuation).
What this person is saying makes sense to some extent. We need to get people off benefits and into the work place. Many will no doubt shout me down as a Tory ( I am not) and living up my own backside!
If we continue as we are then most of Barnsley will end up on the dole or some other benefit. Regardless of who gets in government next time they all promise to do the same thing, which is cut benefits further. No longer will some find it easy living on benefits, more will struggle.
If there was a guaranteed job after a set period of time then we could see who was willing to work and who was lazy. Even if the money was crap it would give much needed experience of going to work and time management and people skills. All which seem to be lacking here in the borough. Plus it would make people think long and hard about education and doing well at school. It has to come surely??

Reply Posted by stevo on Monday June 10 2013 at 13:06
Yes but you have to attract the companies in first.
Again ,the large majority of jobs available are via "hire and fire" employment agencies on an "as and when" Zero hours basis (Perkins chilled foods anyone?) and they ALL pay minimum wage.

Again, statistics show that 42% of all jobs in our borough go to immigrants, there is one factory at Grimey that has 92% polish immigrant workers.
The blame lies with the company and "employment" agency that hires them, again, we need a workplace "cap" to ensure that those locals that do want to work get a fair crack of the whip.

Surely even you must agree with that last sentence?

I know a few people that are looking for work and don't get a look in because they are "undercut" by immigrants that will work all day for the minimum wage.

You also have to look at the "pedigree" of the firms that we have in the town, Asos anyone?
They relocated their warehouse from Hertfordshire and promised, good well paid jobs, what did we get instead?
We got jobs via a "hire and fire" employment agencies, poor working conditions and a large percentage of immigrant workers, that do not, will not and have not integrated into the workplace or society in general.

Back to agencies, the are the scourge of modern society they do not comply with legislation and treat their "employees" like dirt, I have first hand experience of agencies and on many occasions my wage was short on almost a weekly basis, I had to constantly ring and email them to get a response to ensure I got my money.
When the company "set me on" the agency just sent me my holiday pay which I had accrued via BACS with no letter or email with a breakdown of what the payment was.
Our company no longer use that agency, they have switched to another one and the lads employed by the agency are experiencing the same difficulties as we had with the last one.

As far as I am concerned legislation needs to be improved to protect workers who work for unscrupulous employment agencies, the Tories are about to introduce legislation that effectively abolishes zero hour contracts, this is probably the only thing that they will ever do regarding employment legislation.
The have also recently repealed the enterprise reform bill, a piece of hundred odd year old legislation that offered employees a certain amount of protection by placing the onus on the employer to ensure they complied with health and safety legislation and if an employee had an accident then the company is automatically liable, which is quite right.

The minimum wage needs to be between £8-£10 an hour in this day and age, but, whatever price you put on it agencies and companies will always pay the least they can possibly get away with.

Yes there are loads of people on benefits that shouldn't be on benefits an i was in favour of the introduction of the welfare card, that would definitely have shoved a few of the lazy ones (as you put it) back into work.

One thing I still find shocking is the constant re-assessment of disabled people, if a person is severely disabled they aren't going to get any better are they?
We have all heard the stories about the tory "murdering" arm ATOS haven't we?

As for the cuts in benefits, this is only the start and I have no doubt if Labour get in next time then the cuts to benefits will continue.
Just remember it was THEY that were responsible for the benefits for life culture.