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MP Vows To Battle Hard For Concerned Residents

Tuesday May 21 2013

Dugher outside the Department for Transport Dugher outside the Department for Transport

MP MICHAEL Dugher met with the transport secretary to discuss the proposals for HS2 and raise the concerns of his constituents.

Michael raised specific concerns to Patrick McLoughlin, on behalf of residents in places such as Swaithe Hamlet, Wombwell Woods, Ardsley and Hoyland.

"This was an important opportunity to sit down and discuss HS2 and the concerns people have in Barnsley," said the Barnsley East MP.

"Whilst I am supportive in principle of HS2, there are many in Barnsley who are concerned about the effect the current HS2 route may have on the local environment and those who rightly are worried that their houses will be blighted and unsellable.

"The government must also do all it can to maximise compensation to residents hit by the plans. I will continue to battle hard for Barnsley residents."

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Reply Posted by Alex on Thursday May 23 2013 at 05:52
I think jobs are more important than blighting someones view. Some people don't have the money to buy a house and some don't have a house.

I think we should get real, let it come and lets get some work into the community.

Some of these MP's don't have a clue what's going on.

Reply Posted by Reece on Saturday May 25 2013 at 10:52
"I think jobs are more important than blighting someones view" - very few jobs will be created by HS2 in the North. Most of the jobs created are in London, so this idea that HS2 will turn Northern England's economy round is a complete myth. And I do not consider jobs and money more important that protecting valuable wildlife habitats. Many ancient woodlands will be destroyed, they cannot be replaced once they are gone.

And try telling that to the many people who will be forced out of their own homes to make way for it. Most people will not benefit from it and many will be blighted by it. Why should people be forced out of their homes to make way for a project which will only bring more wealth to London, and not benefit the north at all?