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Opposition Letters Grow In Barugh

Tuesday May 28 2013

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

THERE have been about 200 letters of opposition from Low Barugh residents to plans for 150 houses in the village.

Local activists from the BRAND committee - the Barugh Residents Against New Development - were 'delighted' to learn from Barnsley Council's planning department about substantial opposition to the proposed development, off Claycliffe Road.

The application has been put in by Commercial Estates Projects and Hallam Land Management and, if given the go-ahead, would include family homes, those for first time buyers and affordable housing. It also shows plans for a bypass to divert traffic from Dearne Hall Road through the new housing estate.

BRAND members, John Hutchinson and Graeme Fitt, have been told by planning officers that about 200 letters opposing the development have been sent in.

"This is in addition to the substantial dossier of reports prepared by BRAND members, which reply specifically to the developer's proposals," said John.

"Locals are keen to impress upon this body they are guardians of the environment and the decisions they make, once made, are impossible to reverse and they have a duty of care to uphold the residential amenity of the local council taxpayers.

"Once this greenfield site has houses on it, they will be there forever."

Included in the letters of opposition is one from Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, who writes: "It is my view these proposals are unsustainable and will fundamentally alter the character of this area, with negative consequences on traffic and noise levels, access to local facilities, as well as a detrimental effect on the local wildlife, and increase the risk of flooding in the area."

The committee members said they're delighted to have such high level political backing as well as the support of ward councillors.

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Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday May 28 2013 at 16:32
All those apposed to building them will be dead by time they are built. I've lived in Barugh Green all my life and its full a bloody busy body's and housings too expensive.

Reply Posted by mark on Tuesday May 28 2013 at 17:02
amazes me jus how stupid people can be, #irrelevent

Reply Posted by stevo on Tuesday May 28 2013 at 19:00
Ah the old lets build some "affordable housing" ploy, absolute load of CRAP!

Average Barnsley salary is £15k, average "affordable" house made out of chipboard and thrown up in weeks £100k, anyone see the correlation?
100% mortgages a thing of the past and the majority of lenders require a deposit of £30-£40,000 for a £100k property,how on earth can anyone afford this "affordable" housing?
Yet again, more housing will be only available to people from outside the area,classic example of this being the Woolley Grange estate where even now the majority of the properties are still not sold.

I have previously mentioned this before, but, the site and the proposed "link road" will only cause more traffic chaos and the tailbacks from people wanting to get over the river bridge will be horrendous.
The site is also unsuitable for development as not only does it have great crested newts (protected under EU law) but on one side there is a railway embankment, a flood plain and a factory to the south side that works 24 hours a day 5 days a week and sometimes sat/sun morning.

Yet again a classic example of the buffoonery at BMBC, Everyone gets what nobody wants.
The only winners are the developers and they do not care what local residents think, all they are interested in is profit - END OF.

Reply Posted by Damian on Wednesday May 29 2013 at 07:11
I'm also against the development. Some good points mad by Stevo. I would add that since the Dodworth By-Pass completion, great foresight by BMBC has increased heavy goods traffic who fail to observe 30 mph past Barugh Primary School at drop off time, or any other time. An accident waiting to happen as yet another one mounts the kerb at the traffic lights. Also the footpath, none existent linking the proposed development to the school, apparently all the new residents will walk to school. Interesting concept. This scheme add no local benefit......stop it now!

Reply Posted by cursed by victory on Wednesday May 29 2013 at 08:38
The traffic builds up there as it is - by pass would help
The area floods badly - flood defence and drainage would be put in helping existing residents no end.
There's a newt or two - A nature reserve is put on the site
It would look nice and affordable homes have to be built to decent homes standard and be spaced well.
All that will happen here is you will get a cheap housebuilder throwing them up like sardines in a tin or maybe it could be used as business land? abatoire maybe or some sort of ammonium-treatment. Even if it is just offices that you will get to look onto I doubt the infrasrtructure changes, or little nature reserve will be thrown in.

Reply Posted by guestymcguest on Wednesday May 29 2013 at 10:55
Worse for the future Is Mapplewell and Darton, about 1,000 homes planned, although no new doctors roads or schools.

Building on the old Gawber site, which even though core samples showed up with contaminated and poisonous soil the plans were denied by the council only to overuled by a government body.

Then there is the old Darton Junior school which is due about 300 homes on that site building all the way up to bloomhouse lane which im sure is greenfield.

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 29 2013 at 14:54
judging by some of your posts i'd guess you are either from mapp or darton?

Regarding the "proposed" Darton developments, did you realise that not only will the "proposed" 1200 houses be built on the (Monny) field behind howden close the entire development will stretch all the way to woolley colliery road all the way to the side of the village?
I was at the planning meeting the other year when the draft proposals and q&a session with the planners was on at Mapp village hall and had a go at the snotty nosed young planner who got it with both barrels.
Not just me either, the majority of the people there were objecting to these ridiculous plans, lo and behold councillor Miller and the other councillors soon escaped when they were getting grief!
The land IS green belt in all the areas concerned apart from the old J&I site (more info on that further down the page)
There is to be NO further road improvements, NO Additional school places, NO additional GP Surgeries or ANYTHING!

The Sackup lane / Darton Lane / Woolley colliery road and station road is already at maximum capacity but the idiots at BMBC will just not have it and just if you thought the buffoonery at BMBC knows no bounds:


I still cannot believe they have approved a supermarket as the site is too small, on a main road and is more or less directly opposite the new school!

We already have to endure traffic chaos at school time and rush hour.

I wrote to Dan Jarvis about these ridiculous plans, he did give me the courtesy of a reply but said it wasn't his department!

BMBC inform us that we need 27,000 new houses by 2040 and are prepared to pave over ever bit of green belt to ensure these houses are built,the majority of which will go to people from outside the area as people in Barnsley just can NOT afford these properties.

Enough is enough kick these labour idiots out now!

Reply Posted by Audrey on Monday November 18 2013 at 23:02
In response to the email from Tom.We might be dead by then.But we care what happens to the future of village and it`s residents.Is Tom happy to travel miles to take his children to school,because Barugh Green School is over subscribed? Is Tom happy to to risk his life walking on the non existent pavements between Barugh and Barugh Green? Is Tom Happy to sit in queueing traffic on his way to and from work,shopping,leisure etc.There are enough empty properties in Barugh,Barugh Green with for sale or to let signs in the front garden.Barugh has to put up traffic congestion,noise and traffic pollution every day,as it is one of the main routes to the MI.The proposed new build will only add to the already apparent problems that Barugh faces.