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Hospital In Danger Of Falling Into 'Special Measures'

Thursday May 16 2013

Hospital's A&E department under scrutiny Hospital's A&E department under scrutiny

BARNSLEY Hospital is struggling to meet targets for waiting times in its accident and emergency department and is in danger of falling into 'special measures'.

Currently, 95 per cent of people who attend the department should be seen within four hours. But this target has been missed for the last six months.

If the hospital does not meet the target at the end of June, it could be asked to introduce special performance measures by Monitor, the independent regulatory board.

Monitor's rating system consists of red, amber and green ratings - green being the best.

David Peverelle, chief operating officer at the hospital, said: "If we don't achieve 95 per cent, we will not have have achieved it for three consecutive quarters and that's when the rating might change to red.

"We are currently amber-green, but if it goes into red they might require us to be under special performance measures. We need to work to achieve the target before the end of June."

David said the sheer number of people attending the emergency department was the main cause.

Between 2012/2013, 80,158 people attended - an increase of more than 2,000 than in 2011/12 and more than 5,000 than in 2010/11.

David said more elderly people with complex needs were visiting the department and that on one icy day, 360 people had attended - 90 of which were admitted.

"I think we are going to struggle but we're doing everything we can to rectify that," he added. "It really depends on how many patients turn up."

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Reply Posted by chris on Thursday May 16 2013 at 11:21
If the government didn't keep cutting funding, and allowed MORE Nurses and Doctors to be employed, then above half the battle would be won, more staff means less time to wait, Could you imagine David Cameron being asked to wait until someone had time to come and see him I think NOT? and as for the elderly people going into A&E where else would they go when there hurt and in pain. But I also assume some people still go to A&E for the slightest thing that could be treated at home if they used their heads and thought about it logically.
People are Human beings and need treatment at the end of the day, and there shouldn't be a target to meet, as every case is different, some take but a short while to be sorted, others a lot longer, Governments need to think about this instead of saying your taking too long to see people, anyone in their right minds should know this.. you all do a darn hard job, and meeting targets shouldn't come into it. We all know when you go to A&E you have to wait to be seen and always have done, so come on government get your fingers out and give more nurses and doctors to cut down these waiting times
Bless you ALL where ever you work in the hospital you do a brilliant Job

Reply Posted by sammy dunnill on Thursday May 16 2013 at 12:36
I think this what is happening to barnsley hospital is total and utter nonsense. I go to barnsley hospital if one of me or my children are hurt or really sick and also i had all 3 of mu children there and i love that hospital. If it wasnt for the doctors at A&E my daughter would be really poorly still but thanks to them sorting her out and admitting her she is a lot better barnsley A&E may be busy but it is one that saves lives so please keep up your amazing work xxxxx

Reply Posted by gratefull on Thursday May 16 2013 at 13:21
i have to say my family and myself have had to call on barnsleys A&E dept on many occasions and have always been treated with care and compassion by all the staff and have been treated swiftly in accordance with the extent of the emergency.i believe that people really need to take a step back when in A&E and ask themselves,is my condition really more life threatening than everyone else here? my 9yr old son was rushed to hospital after almost severing 3 fingers and needed to be put straight to sleep when we got there which ment a dr had to stay with him,because he was taken straight in a woman who had gone over on her ridiculously high shoes and twisted her ankle,very loudly and not very politely protested that she had been waiting an hr and my son should not have been teated before her.if this is the attitude people have when they go to hospital then obviously they are going to slag off barnsley.these people need to stop thinking they are the only ones there who are in pain and need help.these dr's and nurses are having to make judgement calls every hr of every day and its about time people gave them credit for that.i for one would not like the responsibility of someones life in my hands.thankyou to all the staff at barnsley that have dealt with my family and myself over the years you do an amazing job

Reply Posted by Grim on Thursday May 16 2013 at 13:57
A lot of the issues actually stem from lack of availability of evening and weekend appointments with GPs. People are ill 24 hours of the day and night. If you are ill and you cannot see a doctor then you end up at A & E most of the time. NHS direct is rubbish.
Plus all the druggies, weekend drunks needing stomach pumps and drunken fighters sporting injuries and the people with mental health issues also waste a lot of time. These people should be seen in a separate clinic instead so ill people do not have to put up with their abusive language and bad behaviour. Fining for misuse would also help.

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday May 17 2013 at 06:49
Whilst I am often berated for my rants about Barnsley in general, BDGH has always been very good in my humble opinion.
I have had quite a few trips to A&E and have always ben treated with the utmost care, yes there may be a wait at times but that is not the doctors and nurses fault.
They are massively overworked and understaffed and earn a pittance in comparison with private industry.
I have seen first hand people complaining because someone has "queue" jumped, these people do not realise that each individual case is prioritised and the most serious cases are seen firstly which is totally and utterly acceptable as far as I am concerned.

Reply Posted by nw on Monday May 20 2013 at 16:20
it wouldnt be so bad if you didnt have to see some one to tell them wats up with you,but think on youve already told them on desk whats up with ya,so then ya go sit down for 60 mins then you see some one else, then sit down again for 60 mins then you get called again guess what its back to the first person you sore at begining,why 3 or 4 different people when if ya just see the second doctor then you would have been seen in half the time it takes,the will never sort it out

Reply Posted by ET on Thursday May 23 2013 at 19:48
If anyone has been to A&E then they will appreciate why the hands on nursing skills are in short supply, yet the secretarial and I.T. skills are first and foremost. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why the waiting time is getting longer. Let the nurses do their nursing and the Doctors do their job, and computer staff do the rest of the red tape!!!!!!

Reply Posted by observer on Friday May 24 2013 at 06:15
well said all of you. Barnsley hospital is fabulous. ive always been treated very well there after a few ops. stevo, yes its hard to unhderstand why people complain about queue jumping when there are notices up everywhere, and clear about patients being treated in order.and are you the real stevo...lol.

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 29 2013 at 11:17
yes I am the real stevo, theres only one!
see you soon ;)