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Off-Road Vehicles Seized After Operation

Tuesday May 21 2013

Off-road vehicles seized Off-road vehicles seized

A SAFER neighbourhood team have been combating illegal off-road vehicles - and they have seized seven vehicles.

The Royston Safer Neighbourhood Team, mounted police officers, off-road police bikers and members of the Trans Pennine Trail ranger group worked together on the operation.

These operations are run regularly throughout the year, in order to combat both the anti-social behaviour and danger this causes for the community and local residents.

During the operation, seven off-road bikes were seized under The Police Reform Act 2002 and 'Operation Takeaway' - which allows the seizure of uninsured vehicles.

Officers issued one fixed penalty ticket for riding or trespassing on railway land and eight warning notices were also issued.

One 20-year-old man was arrested for numerous offences after originally failing to stop for police officers on the Trans Pennine Trail.

South Yorkshire Police and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council receive numerous complaints regarding off-road motor vehicles in Royston and the surrounding villages and as a result, additional attention is paid to the area.

"The Trans Pennine Trail and Rabbit Ings Country Park are areas intended to be enjoyed by walkers, pedal cyclists and horse riders and not for off road vehicles," said PC Clare Sidaway. 

"All too often, the actions of some of these off-road riders make an area that should be peaceful and safe, into dangerous locations for members of the public."

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Reply Posted by me on Tuesday May 21 2013 at 16:31
so why dont the just build a proper bike track ,and charge for going on it ,they would make plenty of money to open a proper run track like some one tryed to open a while since,but no they would rather chase lads all over the place and on roads ,take bikes of them and give fines out it easyier for them,it would stop waisting police time also,stop them riding all over the pennine walks ,i must admit you dont see that many on it and them with dogs dont clean after them i no thats a different story,time they did somat good for a changeinsteady of wineing all the time ,

Reply Posted by trans pennine trail walker on Tuesday May 21 2013 at 19:05
The person who tried opening somewhere for these losers to ride their toys quickly found out that people who wanted to ride their bikes had to travel via roads to get there. No one is 'wineing all the time' either. A bike has to be insured and legal to ride on roads. End of story!
Either insure your bike or keep off the roads and public land.

Reply Posted by you on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 08:27
no matter what they try and do on trans pennie they will never stop bikers , 4x4 ,no matter what the do the will always have trouble with them,so time they made sumat for them to go on it not as if there not any spare waste land some where,run properly it would make money,only , bikes,4x4 that come on trialer etc gets in any body riding on field bikes on the road that is not road legal does not get in FULL STOP, there on at doncaster huddersfield and maybe more ,so i carnt see why barnsley couldnt do sumat then it would keep them off the roads and wasting police time also

Reply Posted by Tony on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 10:51
Eight warning notices issued? Problem solved then?

How about 8 bikes crushed and 8 convictions with 8 stiff fines used towards repairing the damage they cause?

Reply Posted by Me on Thursday May 23 2013 at 17:06
Load of crap giv thm sum were to ride thn bt 9times art it 10 thay get away

Reply Posted by lol on Saturday May 25 2013 at 12:08
i travel to tracks to ride my bike LEGALLY, i goto doncaster,scunthorpe, leeds and im fro barnsley, i think they should make something for us local lads to goto, i dont mind paying to ride legally, its what i do, but 90% of people in barnsley are kids that buy bikes for pence and just rag them..

Reply Posted by adam smith on Saturday May 25 2013 at 12:27
the said company owner acres of land all over, but police, council, and plenty of other noisy cunts would,nt allow it, the company was prepared to place paramedics an marshalls on the track and charge a small fee for this, if u wana help stop it then let these sort of companys help nuff said

Reply Posted by dave on Saturday May 25 2013 at 13:32
you wont get them making a legal track as it wont generate enough revenue to cover the lost money they make in fines. also it wont help with the figures (easy target) just like the motorists. and before you moan i dont own a 4x4 or a bike :)

Reply Posted by josh on Monday May 27 2013 at 18:16
As pathetic as it is a lot of the young uns don't help themselves, most don't slow down people and there dogs. When I was young I used to push my quad down the trail, turn the engine off when horse riders appeared etc if people showed more curtesy they'd be a lot less calls to the police about it !

Reply Posted by Steve M on Monday May 27 2013 at 18:16
Adam smith, if a company owns acres of land and they wanted to build a track, then the police, council, etc wouldn't have a say in the matter, as it would be private land. As long as they put all the proper regulations in place. So clearly that story is bogus, where's your source?? Dave..the police don't get the revenue from fines, either traffic or anti social, it goes to the government or local council. At the end of the day, if you want to ride a bike, keep off the public FOOT paths, it's not difficult. Find someone with land...that's what I do.

Reply Posted by graham on Monday May 27 2013 at 18:18
friend of mine had some land suitable for the job he offered to make 2 tracks 1 for novices or quads and 1 for more experienced riders local st johns ambulance in attendence local volonteer marshals and invited police to be present to scan for any stolen bikes land was well away from built up areas but sadly barnsley council wouldnt give planning permission but like every thing else barnsley council would see it go out of barnsley maybe local bike manufactures should lobby council after all it all has a knock on effect

Reply Posted by dd on Monday May 27 2013 at 18:40
steve m. you say keep off public footpaths,i may be off the beaten track but aren't they 4 cars too.pedestrians can't walk anywhere designed 4 them.

Reply Posted by Angry educated individual. on Monday May 27 2013 at 18:47
I love all the comments on here. Half of you cannot even spell, or even type your argument. If you are to make a point at least do it in proper English.
In 2005 / 2006 I helped to try and facilitate a place for off road tracks to work in Barnsley. However with a awkward ignorant council nothing come about it.
Doncaster host 3 legal official places to ride and one council owned. Why doesn't BMBC do the same? No wait a minute they spend thousands running water down the town hall and alter and reduce parking in the town centre as well as make a mess on old mill lane.

About time I left Barnsley I reckon.

Angry educated individual.

Reply Posted by Randy on Wednesday October 16 2013 at 18:53
Whats wrong with just donating a bit of land that's away from the moaning - got nowt better to do tossers and letting kids/adults blast around it on bikes? People who ride off road bikes are not automatically scum bags - its actually very good fun. You moaning lot need to grow a pair and get out there........

Reply Posted by link building on Friday October 25 2013 at 10:44
cawGao Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

Reply Posted by John Rodgers on Friday July 18 2014 at 11:03
Lets take a look at what there is for other sporting venues
golf loads of places
cricket again loads of places
football loads of places
Dog walking
Cycle trails
Go carting in wombwell

motocross and quad biking (NONE)
now can you see why there is so many riding on the trans pen.
give us somwhere to go.
oh and to all the dog walkers on the tracks it is also an offence to not clean your dog **** up but to the 1% of people that do well done .

Reply Posted by nick on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 11:46
It is really ridiculous that all this spare land being waisted around Barnsley I am on a low wage and cannot afford to pay to get my child and his quad to Doncaster or rellivant legal places as I have no car took him on a field not in use not hurting anyone the field never gets used and was kindly escorted off the field thankfully he did not take it off my son and said it's not the police it is the council who r not willing he even turned round said I no ure not hurting anyone but the council will not allow it we pay all this tax and carn't even have some were for our children to ride there quads how r we ment to keep our kids off the streets away from trouble if they carnt even have fun on ther quads this country as become peti he wasn't hurting anyone he was safe and still got told no

Reply Posted by nick on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 11:49
And why can we not push it on the street if the engine is not on too many people are just peti to stop a child riding his quad spiteful

Reply Posted by tony on Saturday July 18 2015 at 09:25
Pathetic. All those who are for this should try to imagine your kids/grandkids riding their bicycles along the street and letting go of the bars, pulling wheelies and a cop comes and takes the bike,,you'd be enraged, but their in order because of the way the bikes been ridden. Think about the kid who watches these bullying ******** take his quad or mini moto, or won't he be upset ? Then youve got the idiot dog walkers who think a leash is for hanging round their necks, ( dogs to be on leash in any public place ) Then the knobhead cyclists who expect you to walk at side of footpath in sludge so their tyres don't get mucky ! Problem here is when the moaning fraternity were kids there Wernt quads, mini motos ect so they expect kids to play hide and seek, tag, ect ! Let kids be kids ffs, issue a warning by all means but dint break a bairns heart by carrying his bike off to be resold at police auction or crushed, its heartless & unnecessary !

Reply Posted by Paul on Saturday October 1 2016 at 10:31
Where do they ride then?
There's too many miserable bleeders who can't wait to stop people having fun!