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Shocking A&E Statistics Revealed - Radio Show Coming!

Wednesday November 2 2011

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

SHOCKING new statistics revealed by Barnsley Hospital show that visits to the Accident and Emergency Department have increased by 200 per cent in the last month, We Are Barnsley can reveal.

The Accident and Emergency department had a record number of patients last month - with over 300 patients being seen in one day on October 12, a 200 per cent increase compared to a normal day.

A survey done by the A&E staff show that one in three patients do not need emergency care - and nearly 60 per cent had gone for treatment for an illness they had known about for more than three days - like a niggling cough or back ache. And, the hospital says, this is jeapordising the care of people who genuinely do need emergency treatment.

This week, on www.wearebarnsley.com/radio we will be inviting Dr Pete Lane, Barnsley GP and Dr Julian Humphrey, consultant in emergency medicine at Barnsley into the studio to take your questions for one hour from 6.30pm on November 3 (Thursday.)

Dr Julian Humphrey, consultant in emergency medicine at Barnsley Hospital said: “In the past month we have seen many patients with minor illnesses, which could have been more appropriately treated by their GP.

“As the cold weather sets in we would urge people not to attend the emergency department with minor ailments to allow our staff to focus on patients requiring more urgent attention and treatment.

“If people continue to turn up at A&E when they don’t really need to, it inevitably means delays for people who suffer serious illness or injury in the icy winter weather.”

NHS Barnsley estimates that 1 in 3 patients who attend A&E at Barnsley Hospital don’t actually need emergency care.


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Reply Posted by Missylewie on Wednesday November 2 2011 at 21:56
One of the reasons the numbers have increased is because so many people fail to get appointments with their GP.  My daughter has a baby and has recently moved back home from Tyne and Wear.  Her son was ill and because she wasn't registered with a GP the receptionist told her to take him to A and E even though it was neither an accident or emergency.  Also many of the out of hours doctors services tell you to go instead of waiting for an emergency doctor.  Apparently you will be seen quicker in A and E!!!!

Reply Posted by Tonydevoy on Wednesday November 2 2011 at 23:03
They should have kept the walk in centre at Gateway Plaza open.  It was a runaway success when open and must have took some pressure off A&E.  They spend money on the wrong things like massive salaries for glorified administrators.  Get the money onto the frontline services.

Reply Posted by Missylewie on Thursday November 3 2011 at 12:33
this is one of the Biggest problems in the NHS, big salaries for pen pushers! I agree we do need administrators but frontline staff are far more important.  I have recently become an employee of the NHS and found that many of the clinical staff were now "penpushers" where their experience is being wasted.  

The problems are not limited to Barnsley though.  Pontefract is facing the same problems.  They have had to close their virtually brand new A and E department over night as they are unable to recruit the right type of doctor.  People in that are are complaining, rightly so, but would they prefer to attend an understaffed department where the most serious of patients are put at risk, or would they rather travel a few miles further and receive top class care?

Reply Posted by joanne.pete@hotmail.co.uk on Thursday November 3 2011 at 12:45
i was admitted saturday with another mild heat attack whilst i was in A&E there was an 11 year old boy pissed out of his head wtf why are parents letting their kids do this its disgusting the parents neeed to be dealt with and if their was things for kids to do like there was when i was younger they woukdnt be doing daft things like that would they theres not enough done these days for the young teenagers anymore thats why they end up in A&E drunk its bang out of order and the waiting times are stupid

Reply Posted by Margaret Hunter on Thursday November 3 2011 at 13:46
i was sent to a e by my doctor for them to lance a cist because the antibiotice i was given was not working ,i had to wait 4 hrs to be told that it did not need doing and was sent away with more of the same tablets whats that all about and the nurse that saw to me was rude with it ,say they should not have sent me there but should have reffered me to a specislist,now i have to wait and take time of work .not on at all.