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Councillor Angry With Irresponsible Dog Owners

Tuesday May 14 2013

Cllr Sheard Cllr Sheard

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are repeatedly allowing their pets to foul a newly-created path and green area next to a school.

A new car park has been created near Wickes, off Burton Road, which is used by parents and carers taking children to and from Burton Road Primary.

But local councillor Margaret Sheard is angry because she says some dog owners seem to believe the new space is a loo for their pets.

She says that is potentially putting children's health at risk.

Cllr Sheard is angry because within the car park there's a specific doggie bin and an ordinary waste bin and signs along the path warning dog owners not to allow their pets to foul the path or the green space.

"How many times and in how many ways do we have to try to get the message across that if someone's dog makes a mess they should pick it up," she said.

"It's potentially dangerous and we will be doing everything we can to find who is responsible."

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Reply Posted by allan machen on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 12:15
so thats more importent than sorting the road out at whicks

Reply Posted by cw on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 12:23
Yep, sorting out dog mess is way more important - what if it was you or your child that goes blind from getting dog crap in their eyes? What would you think was more important then? Dog fouling is a menace in Barnsley. At the school where my kids go, there's dog crap all the way up the street. Inconsiderate people don't care where their dogs do their mess, cos why should they clear it up, right? I hope whoever allows their dog to mess on the streets, and not clear it away, have a taste of their own medicine. Its disgusting.

Reply Posted by clee49 on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 12:39
i go to locke park most days and see it on several occasions when dogs mess and owners either leave it or pretend to bend down and scoop it up,,,but they do not clean it up,,,one man goes every single morning and while his wife sits in the car ,he lets his dog mess and then pretends to clean it up,,,,,,he thinks he hasnt been seen but he is not the only one that does this.

Reply Posted by roy walker on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 12:45
i have reported to the council about a fella on our street letting is dog do it at the side of our house for the last year nowt done soon as a councillor sez something something is done correct or not

Reply Posted by justine on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 13:14
Dog ears! That's what the council have. We need to pitch up our voice for the council to listern. I've reported it a few times, for a little patch of grass on Whitecross Rd. Cudworth. The sign they put up is on Carrs lane. So nobody can see it. Tell a lie! I can. Faces my window and too high up for it to be seen. Its a good 10yrs I reported it, the first time. The fines are not high enough for them to think twice about it. They should have signs that say. "You could be filmed on camera by a resident, if you don't pick up dog pooh". Then the person filming is covered. That's my opinion. Thanks

Reply Posted by Grim on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 15:02
isn't it amazing that although we know dog poo is dangerous and can blind people and kids and that is gets in you shoes and it is just rancid, Still ppl refuse to pick it up?!!
We are not allowed to film offenders not will action be taken if they are reported.
Fines should be huge and jobs could be created in employing enforcers. Obviously this should not be a matter for Police as they have bigger fish to fry but the council could and should deal with this matter.
As for the guy who wants a road sorting out near Wickes - Eh? What planet are you on? Are you a dog owner? Do you pick up?
At Goldthorpe it is a nightmare because of the visiting greyhound owners who go to the local track. An easy time could be had ticketing them.

Reply Posted by Pet Lover on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 15:34
I have a few dogs and when we go out I admit I look like a lunatic as I carry so many poopy bags its unreal (you just never know) and always pick up after my dogs however outside my home as an area of grass that is used for kids playing (and dog mess it would seem) I have seen a repeat offender on this area a number of occasions leaving the mess behind and on one occassion I went out and offered them a bag incase they had forgot/ran out of theres only to be met by abuse from the owner! exuse me but I pick up mine others should pick up theirs.

Reply Posted by sally on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 16:01
i am not a dog owner myself & haven't been for years due to having young children but yet i still clean up the mess from both a little patch of grass outside my house & my own, quite large, garden...now my garden & drive gates are constantly locked for the children apart from a couple of hrs in a morning for the postman but yet my garden is still full of muck due to strays which i constantly chase out! i would add a fence onto the top of my wall but the expense prevents me from doing so....so i am assuming that a fair bit of muck everywhere is down to strays or dogs left to roam by their owners, who is responsible for that? certainly not me but i do it both inside & out of my garden for the sake of my families health & shoes!

Reply Posted by Mags on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 17:56
Councils get the blame, the bill and the job of cleaning up after mindless, thoughtless dog owners who let their animals pollute and dedicate on public land. £2 million of tax payers money is spent by BMBC every year cleaning up litter and dog poo. To get a prosecution we have to have a witness prepared to go to court. I like the idea of residents filming and will look into it - still would not stop problem in rural areas but would be a start

Reply Posted by Vanessa on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 20:37
As a dog owner myself it really annoys me that so many people don't pick up after their dogs. On dog walks we are prepared with dog bags, dog treats, and water bottle in hot weather at the very least.

If you want a dog you should be prepared for the down sides as well as the enjoyment. I agree it is not the councils responsibility, it is the dog owners job to clean up! Although I do believe more bins should be provided in some areas. That said, the culprits wouldn't use them anyway. Another annoying, pointless activity... bagging up and leaving on highways, bushes and throwing in trees.

From what I have seen on TV documentaries, it is so hard to prosecute, even with film footage but why does the law make it so difficult?

Reply Posted by les on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 21:40
Its amazing how many people will pass comments or tune in to w a b when somebody mentions shit from dogs.......
I walk quite a bit and if i see crap i walk around it i dont bathe in it and i cant imagine many children rubbing there eyes in it.......and for all dog hater and cat lovers there crap would be just as dangerous and fox and badger and rat and horse ...anything that comes out of your arse isnt pleasant but its easy to moan when you sit on a pot and let someone do the bad bits for you.....you know when the rivers are flooding through a town after heavy rain and floods your house and you get everybodys
floating in
have you ever been to bridlington in the sea where do you think yours goes....why do you think the rivers and seas around the world are contaminated ...dogs...i dont think so

Reply Posted by Aidy on Tuesday May 14 2013 at 22:44
I agree with so many others on here, dog owners should pick it up, I'm a dog owner too and like others have mentioned, I carry bags round in virtually every item of clothing I own! Why the overreaction though...kids rubbing the stuff in their eyes...there are some people put there who make theirselves sound daft...filming people is an infringment of their human rights by the way...rights the same handwringers etc on gere would be ranting about if theirs were infringed....lets the one without sin cast the first stone etc....

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 06:25
filming people is an infringment of their human rights by the way...

WRONG! Anyone is allowed to film anyone outside as long as the person being filmed is not of a certain age.

I am not a dog owner, I dislike dog owners, especially the ones that let their great Alsatian crap outside my gate.
Doesn't happen anymore though.

Reply Posted by april on Saturday May 18 2013 at 20:16
What annoys me is when they pick it up and then just throw it in a tree.

Reply Posted by DannyBoy on Saturday May 18 2013 at 20:32
If you can't get your head around picking up a lifetime of dog crap then you shouldn't have a dog. Irresponsible dog owners are less likey to worm so the health threats are very real. What is also infuriating are the morons who pick and then chuck the bag under or hang it from a bush like some horrendous bauble! Apparently you can now inform authorities of dirty sods without evidence (yes you can film/photo everyone) wether they come is another thing.

Reply Posted by grinds my gears on Saturday May 18 2013 at 21:23
So what about cat owners who let their cats wonder everywhere. Cats poo in peoples gardens and cause toxoplasmosis too but I don't see them going round to neighbours and cleaning up after their cat.

Reply Posted by mark on Saturday May 18 2013 at 21:41
There is a women on our street which has signs on the lamp posts and also stencil markings on the pavement but she still lets her dog crap all over, and its not just a pile of poo its actually a line of poo.
She doesnt clean it up and then there's the footpath just off the main street that gets used a doggy toilet. You can not walk down there with out getting crap on yourself. Totally no respect for other people. Sick of it ..

Reply Posted by louise on Monday May 20 2013 at 21:37
Same as Joseph Locke, there is a path from some houses, which leads into the driveway. There are 2 doggy bins and people dont use them. Residents in the area who walk there dogs on the driveway and grass dont event clean up. Lots of kids walk up the paths and on grass. Its horrible. Camaras should be set up and catch the culprits

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Monday May 20 2013 at 22:19
GRINDS MY GEARS I deff agree cat poo is way more frustrating along with their wee! Since a neighbour moved in with a very hormonal cat which attracts every Tom. There's nothing but poo everywhere and an awful smell on my drive not to mention starting the car up :(
Yet this is ok plus horrific noise at night when they come to get busy

Reply Posted by silly sally on Tuesday May 21 2013 at 16:24
Put some catfood down with some toothpaste in it - no more cat problems I guarantee

Reply Posted by Dog owner on Monday May 20 2013 at 23:39
As a dog owner myself who walks my dog in Locke park everyday and always pick up after my dog , I see a number of people with their dogs off the leash and paying not attention where or what their dog is doing and these people probably think if I don't see it then its not happening its not only younger people but the older end too