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Carlton's Head Says School Is Improving

Thursday May 16 2013

Carlton Community College Carlton Community College

THE headteacher of Carlton Community College says the school is improving - despite remaining in special measures and receiving gradings of 'inadequate' by Ofsted.

Neil Hutchinson said the school is employing new staff, improving the standards of lessons and improving pupils' attendance.

He said latest results showed the school achieved its 'best ever' GCSE maths results. More than half of its year 11 pupils, who took their exams early, had obtained grade C or above and 15 pupils achieved A* grades.

The education watchdog inspected the school last month - the third visit since it went into special measures in January 2012.

'Special measures' is Ofsted's lowest level of failing school.

Inspectors said inadequate progress had been made by the school since the last inspection and newly-qualified teachers could not be employed there.

Mr Hutchinson was employed as an interim headteacher in September but says he will be staying on at the school for the foreseeable future after being asked by Barnsley Council.

"Now I know I'm staying I can take an entirely different approach to make sure the standards that are set are my standards, which are very high," Mr Hutchinson said.

"I'm not just in a holding position for somebody else and it's very much my school. The teachers are already stepping up to the mark with many more lessons being graded as good or outstanding.

"We have got a more positive response with parents; they are getting in touch about the aspirations of their children."

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Reply Posted by Bev on Thursday May 16 2013 at 11:42
It's a shame nothing's been done on bulling I'm still waiting a call from a teacher and they wonder why I'm pulling my child out!

Reply Posted by Annoyed on Thursday May 16 2013 at 11:56
Great. Get parents to stop using the bus stop, have them learn to drive and stop the kids smoking outside and you'll be giving back to the local community also.

Reply Posted by mason on Thursday May 16 2013 at 12:34
parents stop usin bus stop?? and this would improve the school how??? aaaaanyway, lol problem wi these schools is simple, too big. no sense of community lack of communication means kids are jus not watched as closely, paremts cant get to know teachers as too many, jus faceless massive warehouses full o kids who have no sense o community cos the community closed all schools and atuck em in a massive learning factory that appears to be failing on the learning part, oh well least kids will be used to a factory for wen they end up wrking in one.

Reply Posted by Nigel Robinson on Thursday May 16 2013 at 14:04
Well its a pitty you didnt get your teaches to step up sooner .When i removed my child she was so withdrawn she couldnt even speak ,she was bullied by staff for being shy ,she would shrug her shoulders cos she was scared to speak the teacher too thick to recognise her shyness sent her to a thug in a suit to be punished .every singal day .The school uses psychological tactics on children to control them ,My son who is still in the school has had his hand brocken been hit at the back of the head whith a piece of wood had a fire extinguisher tured on him and the school asure me they protect children .May god forgive em

Reply Posted by kate on Friday May 17 2013 at 06:52
one horror story after another ,makes me wonder who is wrighting the book .

Reply Posted by FRANK on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 09:40
its worried parents thats who it is NOT ONE GOOD SCHOOL IN BARNSLEY ! ! they should hang there heads in SHAME ! But as lest the town hall will look nice ! until these kids leave school that is , with nothing to do but get into trouble .

Reply Posted by Loz on Sunday May 19 2013 at 22:40
Was better for both schools before they merged and people need to remember, Royston was 2nd to Penistone on the league table. What went wrong was schools became too big and rival villages merged. No hope from beginning. My son went to Edward Sherrian and although they were only half way on the league table at least students were known to the teachers and those who needed help had somewhere to go when they felt they needed time out. When CCC was open all that went through the window and the students who had aspergers or was shy has nowhere to chill out and yea probably hide away from the hustle and bustle and bullying of others.

Reply Posted by Leanne Courtney on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 09:30
Netherwood is just as bad when my son was at Wombwell u cud speak to teacher etc direct now it's just a shambles threatened to take my son out as they not dealing with bullying they didn't seem to care been told teachers stand there and let it happen :(

Reply Posted by mary on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 09:32
WHY ! WHY! WHY! Do we always have to follow other people and there ideas WHY! cant we keep thing as they where , my son goes to horizon and its not much better there . would;nt it have been better to money into schools we all ready had that build large one that dont work , i dred to think what these children are going to be like when they leave school there bad now give them a few more years on there back god help us ,what hope have the kids got ! ! !

Reply Posted by SANDRA on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 09:54

Reply Posted by maggie on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 10:04
I think we need some positivity .... Ok the schools in special measures, this is dreadful but we do need to give Mr Hutchinson time to turn it around and perhaps we as parents should take more responsibility for the behaviour of our kids instead of blaming schools for bullying, these kids that are bullying have parents that should be held accountable for their childs behaviour .... my daughter goes to ccc and im very happy with her progress, if more parents helped their child perhaps the problems wouldn't be half so bad, sometimes I feel people are too quick to point the blame in the direction of the school

Reply Posted by veronica marsh on Wednesday April 30 2014 at 13:14
Bullying is rife in ccc my son was stabbed in the head 5 times by a girl and needed his head gluing had to have 3 months off school .The only punishment she got was 2 days exclusion. My son still gets bullied by other kids. If my son puts a foot wrong they come down on him like a ton of bricks

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday April 30 2014 at 13:25
Go to the police veronica,that is utterly disgusting,that poor kid. I would imagine a school has some duty of care for its pupils. Take legal action,not for the money,but to stop this conduct. To be fair had this happened to one of mine I would publicise it . Ring the tabloids. This is intolerable and the school mus act.

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