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Royston Pub Taken Over

Thursday May 16 2013

New ownership New ownership

A FORMER army private who served in Germany, Jamaica, Bosnia and Northern Ireland has taken over a Royston pub with his partner.

Chris Hall, 38, opened up The Pack Horse last Thursday with Karen Quinn, 46.

The couple, who have moved from Sunderland, are living in the pub and have spent £20,000 revamping it, while the owners, Enterprise Inns have spent another £125,000 having it refurbished.

Chris spent ten years in the military working in special ops. During his time in Germany he managed a bar for the troops on camp and after meeting Karen, they decided to give the pub a go.

"It was a complete shed - we've had to completely gut it," Karen said.

"I've never pulled a pint in my life," she added. "I will be over the moon if I pull the first pint and get a compliment."

"I think it will be the hub of Royston because there's not really a main eating place in Royston pub-wise," Karen said.

"I think it will be a fantastic focal point and get the locals back in."

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Reply Posted by jamie farrell on Thursday May 16 2013 at 16:08
A think he shud turn it into a naffi for vets ! ;) x

Reply Posted by aggiedevilchild on Friday May 17 2013 at 04:49
yh it's a gd pub only coz it's our hme twn thats y

Reply Posted by Tony on Saturday May 18 2013 at 15:30
So Enterprise have put £125,000 into the Pack, well done. With a good pub and a club each a hundred yards away this is indeed is a bold investment. Would love to see you do the same for the Three Horse Shoes at Brierly. Too many reliefs been in there, needs a revamp, good pint, nice meals and a good couple in there to get us all back in. We'll def give the Pack a try though.

Reply Posted by fred on Sunday November 24 2013 at 22:56
they cant have spent that much pub looks no different bring back christine and glen now they did know how to run a pub

Reply Posted by Davey j on Sunday December 8 2013 at 13:07
Lies all lies,he was never special ops,more like special needs and he did NOT serve 10 years .
If he spent 20 k in that pub I'll tell you where lord Lucan is and also tell you who shot JFK.
What a load of rubbish £145k total spent in the pub... Try a new carpet... It's a dive and we all wish glen and Christine would come back

Reply Posted by Barnsleyman on Sunday February 9 2014 at 19:25
Hear hear Davey J.
£145k would build a new pub.
The church bells are still ringing. Ask about that!!