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ASOS Set For Major Expansion

Tuesday May 7 2013

ASOS set for expansion ASOS set for expansion

A MAJOR expansion of the Barnsley distribution centre for online fashion retailer ASOS is set to create more new jobs.

Bosses are planning to extend its Grimethorpe site by 25 per cent next year to provide the capacity it needs to meet a £1 billion sales target by 2015.

It already employs 1,000 permanent staff - 77 per cent of them from within a ten-mile radius.

The plan to expand the already-huge 530,000 sq ft site by a further 150,000 sq ft was revealed in the company's interim results this week.

Spokesman Jamie Ramsay said ASOS was on track for its £1 billion target and Barnsley would remain the 'central spine' for the company's logistics strategy.

"The expansion will be 150,000 sq ft of high based storage which could, potentially, double the stock holding at Barnsley," he said.

"In terms of employment there will be further employment - but we cannot give numbers just yet."

ASOS, which moved its main distribution centre to Barnsley in 2010 and opened its giant warehouse in mid-2011, has been growing rapidly.

Interim results show in the six months to the end of February, sales were up by 33 per cent on last year at £360m.

Subsequently its shares have more than doubled over the past year, closing on Monday at 2,988.00p - valuing the business at £2.46 billion.

Cllr Linda Burgess, said: "It's great news that ASOS continue to make capital investment in their global distribution centre at Grimethorpe.

"The growth of their UK and global markets gives confidence for longer-term job creation."

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Reply Posted by Josue Achille Nem on Tuesday May 7 2013 at 13:32
What an amazing opportunity to the South Yorkshire area! It will be very nice as a job hunter to be part of the vision of ASOS and contribute for the whole success of the company

Reply Posted by stevo on Tuesday May 7 2013 at 17:33
Yes such a fantastic opportunity!
Asos has one of the highest employee turnovers in Western Europe!

I bet the Eastern Europeans are chomping at the bit to work at such a wonderful workplace.

Crap company, Crap Jobs, Crap Wages

What it doesn't say in that "glowing" report about 77% being "local" people, since when have Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian workers been "local".

37% of all workers at Asos are Eastern European.

92% of all workers at Symphony are Eastern European, but don't worry ASOS comes to the rescue!

Why do you think they (asos) relocated from Hertfordshire?
Was it for the laugh?
Did they fancy a change?

NO it was to take advantage of the local populous, knowing full well that they could get away with paying CRAP wages in an area with higher than the national average unemployment.

I bet their shareholders are laughing themselves all the way to the bank.

Reply Posted by american on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 06:39
I totally agree with "stevo" on this one! It is just another slave farm.

Reply Posted by american on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 06:39
I totally agree with "stevo" on this one! It is just another slave farm.

Reply Posted by Glockmabash on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 12:30
I totally DISAGREE with Stevo. I work at that site and yes there is a lot of foreign workers, but there is an overwhelming amount of local people there too! I am from Barnsley and I know a lot of people that work there. Stop talking shit Stevo and get a job rather than crying on here

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 20:17
Glockmagobshite, been employed since I was 15.

Hope you are enjoying your crappy job, earning your crappy wage, working for a crappy company.


Reply Posted by Franko on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 13:09
I agree with stevo, I worked there via agency and it was horrible, I only managed two weeks before I packed it in.
Too many foreigners and the managers are right dummies.

Reply Posted by Grim on Saturday May 11 2013 at 11:41
Ah there you go typical "Local" mentality. is there any wonder that they employ europeans.
Surely any job is better than no job if you have any pride. But no instead you "pack it in" and no doubt go back on benefits instead. No wonder Barnsley is in such a state if all young people like Franko and the rest of the whingers refuse to work due to them there "furriners". Sounds more like a chip on your shoulder to me Franko.
How would our ancestors have got on in the past with that attitude? Oh yes they would have been homeless and starving......

Reply Posted by Franko on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 19:36
Grim, believe me it is not a joke.
I have worked at a few places but Asos was horrible!
They expect you to jump through hoops for nowt a yard, I couldn't wait to get out.
Theres loads of poles there anorl and all the do is stand abart talking in their wasp language looking and sniggering at us brits.

Reply Posted by lufc on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 14:02
Agree with stevo, last info I got was staff turnover was 77%. Oh by the way Glockmabash I worked at one of the Wombwell food processors and their recruitment plans were the same, use foreign workers who ignore working practices and wouldn't dream of joining a trade union, they are all for one and bugger the work mates.

Reply Posted by john on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 18:35
stevo you are right bet they are advertising the jobs as we speak in poland

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 20:04
What they also fail to add to the 1000 "permanent" statement is that a large majority of these so called 1000 are employed via an agency, so how the hell can they be "permanent" when agency workers are basically as and when required?

I also dispute the figure of 77% being within a ten mile radius, when I know for a fact their are cartloads that come from Donny and Wakefield and some from afar as Leeds.

Oh and while were are on about Employment, the Tories have "sneakily" rebuffed an 114 year old law that effectively takes employment legislation back to the Victorian era.

Last week, on the 25th April 2013, the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill was granted royal assent, bringing into law the government’s widely unpopular proposals to scrap employers’ 114-year-old liability for their staff’s health and safety in the workplace.

This means that the burden of proof now falls on the employee to show that the employer had been negligent in their duties towards them, rather than the employer being asked to prove they were following regulations correctly, as has been the case since the Victorian era. This is likely to result in injured workers, and the families of the deceased, being unable to claim compensation for their losses due to accidents at the workplace, seeing as the evidence needed to prove negligence is held by the employer rather than the employee – and employers guilty of negligence are unlikely to willingly hand over the proof.

But never mind, they have just signed a new treaty with India which relaxes visa requirements, which basically allows tens of thousands of Low Paid Indians in to work without any background checks and once they have been here three years they can send for their families.

Beware the Romanians and Bulgarians?

Soon their will be no work left for the British worker, the sooner these Tory b*stards are kicked out the better.

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 20:07
What shit you people come out with.
You answer your own answers one say i finished after 2 weeks and most say its a slave farm .....i know english people who work there and enjoy there work. there are european people who work there and enjoy the work and the money so why do you think that they all work there because english people who wrote these stupid comments are too lazy to work. or why have they written......is it because the polish are there because english people whont get off there arse ....you dropped yourself in that one

Reply Posted by LES NOT LES on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 20:12
Taxi to the grammar school for les

Reply Posted by Davina on Saturday September 20 2014 at 16:33
Well said 'Les' The British people here are lazy then have the nerve to moan and blame foreigners for taking their so called jobs - if it's their jobs why the hell aren't they employed in the instance. Why because they feel they are above working in jobs the see as demeaning. If foreigners are taking their so called jobs whats stopping them from getting off their lard ass to get one. So all those moaning please take the time to find yourselves jobs and stop blaming others to incite race hate for your miserable lives.

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Saturday September 20 2014 at 17:01
were not employed because the foreigners ( monkeys) will work for peanuts. get back home and then ASOS will have to pay more wages or have to move..

Reply Posted by lufc on Thursday May 9 2013 at 12:19
Just to let you know les I'm not lazy or won't get off my arse, I've retired after 47 years solid work

Reply Posted by Grim on Saturday May 11 2013 at 11:44
Oh so you have your own private pension in place do you lufc? No thought not, I guess that you will go on benefits instead and say that the state owes you.

If you left school at 16 then that makes you what roughly 63 and no doubt taking state pension...... but thats not benefits you moan. Why not work until 70 just like the rest of society will have to.

Reply Posted by les on Friday May 10 2013 at 09:22
If like me you have worked all your life and ive worked 46 years and still working .
How come your comments are so negative.....people do nothing but moan about people out of work . when someone has a job and is happy in there work to pay for there own bread and butter they still moan about something and if you care to look back to your first weeks of work 47 years ago the average worker got £7 per 40 hours. and stuff was as expensive as anything . now at 6:20 ish for 40 hours. you have lot better life for your wage everything is cheap...food is cheap petrol is no more expensive thanit was then and people still moan....cigs have always been expensive......leave other people to do what they want to and enjoy the fruits including the foreigners.....there still people

Reply Posted by Davina on Saturday September 20 2014 at 16:35
Well said

Reply Posted by stefan matthews on Friday May 10 2013 at 13:15
ITs a fact more poeople from then start then leave asos within a few weeks, They moved up here to pay rubbish wages

Reply Posted by Adam on Friday May 10 2013 at 13:21
I worked as a security officer on that site since it opened in 2011. The senior management treat employees like animals, dont know the meaning of respect. To be honest im glad I got away from that site.

Reply Posted by Realistic Bob on Friday May 10 2013 at 13:28
I worked there for almost a year, kept my head down and got on with the job in hand BUT what is true is the staff turnover is high and they do employ Eastern Europeans but the main reason that staff turnover is high (in my opinion) is that ASOS have high targets to reach, badly trained team leaders in man management and poor work conditions...they have 5 floors of stock to pick from and stupid air balloons that blow out recycled warm air and expect folk to fly around picking like loons, probably why the site is full of Eastern European's as they don't complain like us British and they don't (or didn't) have a Union as they claim that their Forum reps feedback the staff complaints which get brushed under the carpet with flowery phrases, if anyone disagrees with this tell me something positive about the place...btw I only stayed their a year as I needed to pay my bills till something else cropped up,

Reply Posted by julie on Friday May 10 2013 at 13:29
My husband worked at ASOS last year for 9 months, til he was fortunate to get another job, he said it was like working in hell, the used to change his shift pattern at the drop of an hat, and their answer was, " if you dont like it, many more will", he was treated like a dog, but because he was desperate to have a job and earn a living he stuck it out, but hated it........... well done Stevo for speaking out, for everyone who dissagree's with his comments, believe me it's all true !!!!!

Reply Posted by Baz on Friday May 10 2013 at 13:48
I worked at ASOS for well over a year and it is a shocking place of work. Polish workers try to bully English workers by getting the best trolley picks when Polish management are in charge in order to stay in this country. We were told numerous times by security that coach loads of Polish people kept turning up and not turned away whilst mates of mine from local areas such as grimethorpe could not find employment at ASOS.

Reply Posted by mick on Friday May 10 2013 at 14:53
This employer is a disgrace!

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday May 10 2013 at 15:19

Reply Posted by lufc on Saturday May 11 2013 at 17:02
I'm not on state pension Grim and I w. as working until I was 70 until 3 heart attacks and 2 dvt's stopped all that oh by the way neither am I on any benefits. I was stating an opinion after working with foreign workers for the last 12 years

Reply Posted by Neil on Sunday May 12 2013 at 15:29
I Still work there and it's a terrible place to work, just have to grit my teeth until I find a new job. If any one disagrees try working there!!

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 16:40
I was working there in 2011, the conditions were pretty bad, the management didn't understand the concept of respect for the workplace, I am a local Barnsley man and i can honestly say that the polish/czech team leaders are the most biased towards the english workers, my team leader was polish, on my first proper day of working (i was a packer) she had me get searched numerous times because she was convinced i was stealing, then with time being lost for her paranoia she questioned why my work load wasnt done in time with the rest of the workers, and did not accept responsibility when i said it was because she had me searched 6 times in a 4 hour period, this went on for weeks, i was denied opportunity to try out for being a first aider or trainee team leader, until i asked her (in polish) why she was being like this with me, then all of a sudden she was my best friend, just because i was fortunate enough to have friends whom taught me polish, then she moved on to her next victim doing the exact same, hazing, harassing, and mental torturing them, i was eventually put on the picking floors which was the same ordeal, it was really hot and having to move about pushing trolleys full of crap in that heat worrying about meeting these unrealistic targets eventually got to me and one day i just collapsed due to dehydration (the water dispensers were never topped up) and being exausted. i was taken to hospital from the site, after leaving the hospital after 4 days of monitoring, i came home to find out i was sacked from my job because 'i had too much time off' 4 days in hospital due to their mistreatment of employees and appalling work conditions, i dont understand with how many complaints workers have made that some external company has not investigated.... overall to the people who defend ASOS literally go work there for a while and tell me im wrong

Reply Posted by I Was A Survivor on Sunday July 14 2013 at 18:38
I worked at the ASOS Barnsley site from its very early days and can vouch that everything mentioned by those that have worked there is true, and before anyone starts calling me lazy, I was working 60 hours a week for them and have been in full-time employment since the age of 16. I'm glad to say I'm now out of the place, but what I find sad, and what most people do not realise, is that whilst everyone refers to ASOS being a terrible place to work, the dire issues with the place are actually caused by the company UNIPART to whom ASOS contract out their distribution and logistics side of the business. It is the UNIPART management team who run the site on a day-to-day basis and they treat people with disrespect and have no idea at all about people management or staff retention which is why the are shipping people in from such distances... they become local people when they get the job and find accommodation locally.

No smoke without fire...... take a look at the BOYCOTT ASOS page on Facebook.

On the plus side, I recently heard that UNIPART have now lost the contract with ASOS and will be replaced soon. Hopefully the new company will resolve some of the dire people issues that exist..... and turn the tables on those managers currently at the site who have been the cause of the problem. NEXT!!!!

Reply Posted by Jeff on Wednesday November 20 2013 at 09:56
I read they'll introduce a new mechanised picking system in 2014 or 2015. Does anybody know any details or the supplying logistics provider?

Reply Posted by Adam on Sunday December 15 2013 at 20:05
I love working there and hopefully ukip will get in power then all them polish can go back and more youth in Barnsley can get a job