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Disabled Boy's Father Criticises Selfish Motorists

Wednesday May 15 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

THE father of a disabled boy has criticised motorists who choose to leave their cars in spaces for blue badge holders.

Shaun Swallow, 43, takes Antonio, his seven-year-old son swimming at the Metrodome every Sunday.

Antonio suffers from Down's Syndrome and a heart condition.

Last Sunday Shaun saw two men leave a BMW convertible in a disabled space.

"It makes me angry," said Shaun. "It's annoying that people are so selfish."

Tim Wilson, Barnsley Premier Leisure's chief executive, said an application for a traffic regulation order within the car parks had been successful.

Subsequently, anyone found parking without a badge on display would be fined.

"This is high priority between BPL and the council," said Mr Wilson. "Parking enforcement will start within weeks."

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Reply Posted by macey on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 14:17
block them in next time its a disgrace, also in barnsley we need many more spaces as we have genuine disabled people and then those claimin invalidity!! make it harder to get the blue badge xx

Reply Posted by Annoyed on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 14:39
I agree. This is a real issue that for some reason goes ignored. There is always a particular type of person driving a car over a particular value who are the worst offenders.

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 21:04
That's a particularly sweeping statement, go on then what sort if car and what value are they over ??
The real problem here is that anyone who's ever had a limp or a 'Bad Back' gets a blue badge, using the facilities that should be available for real needy. People became annoyed when they see an apparently fully fit person skipping away from a disabled spot with their blue disc on display.

Reply Posted by Mark on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 14:49
I agree. I've found those with the bigger flashier cars seem to just ignore the rules more often and park where ever. Barnsley is a nightmare for drivers parking in places they shouldn't and don't even get me going on those that think they can drive and i bet they don't have a licence.

Reply Posted by phil on Wednesday May 15 2013 at 16:27
Most of the disabled spaces at old mill lane asda are taken up by boy racers on an evening

Reply Posted by Jenni on Sunday May 19 2013 at 19:07
My dad has a blue badge, to look at him he doesnt look disabled. However he broke his neck, so although he can walk it is very painful especially over long distances. He also has nerve damage that makes the rain feel like it is burning acid. On his better days he actually doesnt park in disabled bays as he doesnt feel worthy of it, but on his bad days (and days when it is raining) when he needs to use the disabled bays he gets funny looks from people that only expect people in wheelchairs to be allowed to park there. P.S he has a big flashy car, which, from reading the above comments, clearly doesn't help with peoples impressions!

Reply Posted by Loz on Sunday May 19 2013 at 19:07
I have a disabled child and I say yes you can park in a disabled space ONLY if you would like my disability :(

Reply Posted by j ogden on Sunday May 19 2013 at 19:33
Were i understand your anger i have also seen disabled parking in the mother's & toddlers spaces at Tesco

Reply Posted by Rog on Sunday May 19 2013 at 20:13
Co-op at Mapplewell is bad...and the staff and management..dont give a toss when you complain...despite a clamping sign, the admit no one has ever been...the won't ask the ignorant drivers to move either in case as the say "offend them"

Reply Posted by Oz on Sunday May 19 2013 at 20:39
I am disabled yet to look at me when i am sat in the car i look normal and I get funny looks all the time.
I also have a disabled son and even when I am getting him out in the wheelchair I still get looks,
You are not a doctor so who are you to say who is disabled and who isn't.
I am sick of people taring all disabled people with the same brush.
There maybe a few dishonest people but they are in the minority and will eventually be caught.
I hate when I have to try to park in town and have to drive all the way home again because there are no parking spaces close enough because some inconsiderate able bodied idiot has parked in yet another disable parking space just to save them a minute walking up the road.

Reply Posted by CC on Monday May 20 2013 at 00:52
I often park in the disabled bays at the Asda in Grimethorpe... And I'm not disabled, BUT I do however have 3 children and only a 3 door car. So until they designate some parent/child parking spaces at that shop, I will keep parking in those spaces. As I need the room to be able to open my door wide enough to then climb in the back and get a car seat out and 2 other children. There's a reason other super markets have parent/child spaces, so why shouldn't that one?

Reply Posted by les on Monday May 20 2013 at 12:00
What is wrong with everybody.
How the hell do you think people got about.before car parking for disabled or other reasons ...you cant get 20 yds to the supermarket door but you can get nearly a quarter of a mile walking or by other modes up and down every aisle in morrisons or b& q ..when my dad was disabled he had a 3 wheeler blue invalid car then he bought a car and got a small grant to have his own car adapted to his disability ....a lot of people go to supermarkets with s blue badge and use these facilities and not even carrying the disabled person in the car whom the badge is for just because they are bone idle it beggers belief why someone has a land rover or large 4 wheel drive to carry a disabled person ..there obviously not that disabled. like with any. cause and effect there are genuine cases but there is a greater need to decieve and the more privelages you are given the many more you want

Reply Posted by kaz on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 20:14
Im disabled & yes I can walk, & NO ive not got a blue badge but YES I applied for one & I told the person I spoke to on the phone I could walk but because of my disability I need the door to be fully open to be able to get in or out & I told them I would get my partner to park in the furthest from the store but would they allow me to have a badge NO ,,,,,, as I could walk ,,, I think they should think about all disabilty's when handing out badges as I said on the phone to the lady my other half has to pull oiy of the parking bay 9 times out of 10 to allow me to get in & you should see looks on others faces cos they have to wait until I get in the vehicle well if people looked at my door it does state disable access needed so please do not park to close but do the take any notice NO .....

Reply Posted by John Burke on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 20:26
To me it's clear no badge no parking. They should clamp cars and tow them away for illegal parking. That is the only way selfish motorists will stop doing it. I did see recently MPs where found to be doing it. Same for them tow them away

Reply Posted by Shaun Stott on Wednesday May 22 2013 at 20:42
The woman who says she has seen disabled people parking in mother and child I'm a wheelchair user and yes I've done that. But the difference between me and someone who abuses disabled parking spaces is I feel really guilty doing that !! And the reason sometimes I do it is cos they are wide like disabled bays and they are clogged up wiv people with no badges!!! So I have no choice.