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Mobile Speed Camera Alert

Friday May 3 2013

Speed camera alert Speed camera alert

MOBILE speed cameras will operate on the following roads from Monday.

A61 Park Road, Barnsley
A628 Cundy Cross to Shafton Two Gates
A633 Rotherham Road, Athersley South
A633 Rotherham Road, Monk Bretton
A635 Doncaster Road, Saltersbrook Road
B6411 Houghton Road, Thurnscoe
Brierley Road, Grimethorpe
Pogmoor Road, Barnsley
A6023 Doncaster Road, Mexborough
A6022 Rowms Lane, Swinton
A633 Sandygate, Wath upon Dearne
Melton Green, West Melton
Piccadilly Road, Swinton
Pontefract Road, Brampton.

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Reply Posted by Ian on Saturday May 4 2013 at 07:16
I'm glad you are calling them speed cameras and not the lie that is safety cameras. They are there purely to raise money and keep idiots at the safety camera partnership in cushy jobs.the cameras are always parked on bends or dips or near where the road suddenly reduces from 40 to 30. They are mot there to slow people down but to catch people. You never see them near schools or hospitals or where they can be spotted easily making a mockery of their safety claims, the money they make doesn't improve road safety it just funds those that work for the partnership which should be abolished and it's employees made to get a job that contributes to society rather than leeching off it.

Reply Posted by les on Monday May 6 2013 at 00:38
Although i agree with some of the things you say.
I really dont understand anything about why the police are there
or why w a b advertise the fact that they are there as a so to speak responsible organisation you might as well stand a hundred yards away from them and warn drivers who are doing 50 that the police are there.and to abide by the speed limit for a couple of hundred yards and then speed up again......very responsible.......the fact that people get killed or injured is why speed limits are there most taxis buses and cars do 40 in 30 mph speed limits even articulated trucks and most drivers still use phones while driving...if after all the years that these laws have been in force people are not giving a toss then they should lose there licence....
See how carefull people would be then....but the police dont really give a toss about road safety they just want to put there lights on and play cat and mouse for someting to do......how many people have signed petitions for a 20mph. instead of 30....but nothing changes until your mother or child gets killed.... anyway til then well just keep listening for the
nee naw. nee naw nee naw

Reply Posted by Fred on Monday May 6 2013 at 10:49
I'm guessing Ian's had a speeding ticket then!
Simple thing here is don't break the law and endanger life's !!

Reply Posted by sue on Tuesday May 7 2013 at 11:47
speed camera outside national school wath