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Three-Time Cancer Sufferer Tells Of Financial Strain Of Treatment

Wednesday May 1 2013

Julie Lee Julie Lee

A WOMAN who's battling breast cancer for the third time had to take on two cleaning jobs and dip into her pension whilst receiving treatment, after the financial strain of her treatment took hold.

Julie Lee, 56, of Warren View, Barnsley, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 - and last week was told it had returned.

Julie initially went on sick leave from her job but when she returned to work, she was unable to carry out her duties and was finished through ill health.

That meant she had to draw on her private pension as she didn't qualify for financial help from the government.

"It's the general living things that costs," she said.
"I live on my own and had to pack in work because there wasn't a job suitable for the condition.

"I had to live off my pension because I didn't qualify for help until my pension was down to a certain amount and then I was allowed to apply.

"I had to go to Weston Park for radiotherapy treatment and wasn't allowed any money to help towards travelling.

"As part of my chemotherapy I was given steroids and put one stone on, which meant I had to buy new clothes, and when I lost my hair I had to pay for my own wig because I am under 60.

"I spent three-and-a-half-years battling with cancer and trying to get some financial help.

"I have always been a worker and paid into this country, yet when I needed help there wasn't any there."

Julie's financial struggle is highlighted as part of new research conducted by Macmillan Cancer Support.

It looked at the impact the illness has on patients' finances, following a study by the University of Bristol.

It found the costs associated with treatment, such as travelling and prescriptions, is about £570 a month for Barnsley's cancer patients, the equivalent of the average mortgage repayment.

Julie said: "I had to take on two cleaning jobs to make ends meet while I was still receiving treatment.

"I think the cancer came back because I returned to work too quickly.

"Now the cancer has returned for a third time and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a result of the financial pressure I'm under."

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Reply Posted by mand on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 13:12
this is so wrong and the yet the same government who cannot help this woman finacially spend MILLIONS on a funeral !!!! and pay junkies thousands to live because of addiction ,how is this right ???????????????????

Reply Posted by Mark on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 13:32
this government does not give us any financial help to live just to survive cancer suffers get a hard deal.

Reply Posted by Mark on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 13:22
I so so understand what this lady is going through i have just had radical surgery for cancer of the bladder and get £71.70p a week to live on.It as put on a lot of financial pressure on me, my mortgage insurance is refusing to pay out.It's so amazing in this country we pay our taxes and when it comes to hard working and honest people who become seriously ill with cancer we are turned away and told to get on with it. As to the macmillan cancer support they offered me no support at all only that they would contact my mortgage lender to get my payments stopped for 6mths but after 6mths i would have to catch up on my mortgage with higher payments???? how stupid. Also the macmillan support asked me if i was aware i was going to get this nasty disease,how bad was that

Reply Posted by Aunt Hilder on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 15:21
The Council actually funds and employs some welfare rights advisors under the Macmillan brand to offer help on social security problems to anyone who suffers from cancer. They also have access to Macmillan grants to help with some of the extra costs associated with cancer. Well worth giving them a ring. Not sure of their number but phone the Town Hall 770770 and ask for welfare rights.

Reply Posted by Rachelle Austin on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 16:40
I am this strong wonderful woman's niece, she does not qualify for any help at all. Macmillan has helped all they can but she does not "meet the requirements" for help. On top of having cancer returned for a third time she had a full hysterectomy, the day she returned home she had a letter from the job centre (who was fully aware of her circumstances) saying she was fit&well to work&had an interview lined up for her the following week! She struggled to get out of bed! After numerous calls to them explaining the situation again, all the time she was recovering she was getting phone calls from the job centre with jobs! How was she fit to work when she had to drag herself to the bathroom?

Reply Posted by dd on Monday May 6 2013 at 16:18
my heart go's out to you all.this is totally disgusting.hope all ends well x

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 17:30
I feel that it is really crap the things people do to help charities and the amount of billions to help people in other
countries and the amount of people who
donate tens of millions of pounds to a company for the chance of winning a tenner.
But the help needed by people who are not able to work through serious health problems then nobody gives a shit.
But the attitude the unemployment office
has, is really what this country is.
Useless ignorant, uncaring and uncivilised
set of people andthe united nations treaty
has no meaning whatsoever

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 18:05
Rachelle, it doesn't surprise me that the egotistical sycophant's at the Job Centre sent your aunt a letter, those along with their murdering Nazi counterparts - namely Atos, have consigned thousands of people to a slow painful death especially cancer sufferers.
Their job is to shove people into low paid minimum wage jobs without thought of the consequences of their actions.

A damning indictment of todays society, they cant help a cancer sufferer who has worked all her life, but yet can pay £12,000 a WEEK for a Somali asylum seeker and her 8 kids to live in a mansion in central London.

Send your aunt my kindest regards and I do truly hope she gets better.

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 18:51
I think that you have burnt a hole in that topic after all they own everything including you and me....these are the people who will cut your head off and then say you are capable of work. they own
unemployment disability. minimum wage... your life .they know your phone number your bank pin number and they know how much you spent at the chinky
they even sponsored. paralympics games.
Thats like hitler saying to the jews heres a free rail ticket. to your magical mystery tour

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 20:42
Les, did you know that the Tory "murdering" arm - Atos was recently fined £10,000,000 for using out of date "technology" whilst conducting their "experiments" on Benefit and ill people?
No, thought not, Tory collaborating propagandists like the Sun, Daily Fail, Torygraph and the BBC would NEVER dream of running a story of that calibre about their Tory paymasters.

They enshrine legislation into law to stop these stories coming out, you cannot stop the power of the internet and the large (and growing) number of people who strive to get to the real truths and report in their blogs and on forum sites.

Their power is growing and the Tories know this, only last week a story on Facebook (via an outside link) was removed and the link was deemed to be "spam" by Facebook.
The link was re-instated after a campaign of likeminded people.

Back to Atos, £10,000,000 is a drop in the ocean to a company that has a contract worth £430 MILLION a YEAR!

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 19:05
Although i digress from the subject of your personal dilemma.....i have no money to call but i would gladly help in donating to any truthfull need.

Reply Posted by clare taylor on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 21:43
totally discusting,how can the job centre say she is fit for work when she isnt.there are a lot of lazy people out there claiming benefits that dont wanna work why dont they do something about them instead of someone who is really ill

Reply Posted by ))) on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 08:44
This is discusting there's people getting breast enlargements on nhs free and this lady is getting nothing this government is a joke. Anyone coming into this country gets everything free it's outrageous