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Fire Crews' Response Times Questioned

Thursday May 2 2013

What do you think to SY Fire's response times? What do you think to SY Fire's response times?

FIRE crews' response times have again been questioned.

Penistone resident Brian Taylor tackled a fire on Don Street, with two neighbours, after it took crews 14 minutes to get to the blaze last Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Taylor, who lives on the Springvale Street, was attracted to the incident after smelling smoke coming from three sheds which were alight behind a derelict house.

"It's going to cost a life eventually," said Mr Taylor. "We kept it in check until they arrived but we couldn't get too close because of the heat.

"There's a fire station 30 seconds down the road and we've got to wait a quarter-of-an-hour for an engine."

The fire, which started at about 12.30pm, spread to the roof of a residents' house and left one shed gutted. It was logged as accidental.

A South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman, said: "Crews always respond to life-threatening incidents as quickly and as safely as possible. We use extensive research to provide the best possible cover for emergency response, within the budget available."

What do you think to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue's response times? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by Jojo on Thursday May 2 2013 at 17:55
It would help if motorists moved out of the way quickly.take this morning at the Gawber rd traffic lights a ken mallinson lorry turned onto pogmoor rd where the traffic was already queuing, (after going through on red )so he didn't have to wait another lights sequence he was blocking the crossroads, this resulted in the fire engine which had its siren & lights on was stuck until traffic moved at the summer lane hospital traffic lights. A bit of common sense that his lorry would not fit the gap and paying attention to the siren and lights the fire engine would have been at it's destination 3-4 minutes quicker.

Reply Posted by jan on Thursday May 2 2013 at 21:23
well if silly kids didnt keep setting fire to rubbish and the long grasses on trans penine trail at wombwell, which puts a fire crew unable to attend "real" fires where REAL peoples lives are at risk, the responce times would be better. i just hope while these kids think its a joke and great fun, they have no idea of what consequences could occur by tying up a crew

Reply Posted by les on Thursday May 2 2013 at 22:56
If they didnt close so many fire stations down that would help a lot.....who said it was kids or are we just on a must be kids campaign there are many adults who get a kick out fires

Reply Posted by mark fretter on Saturday May 4 2013 at 22:01
It just go;s to show how little people care about the emergency services when you look at what people comment on SYFRS want to do away with as many fire engines as they can and no comments, barnsley fc survive going down and comments galore