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Hospital Survey Shows Staff Would Recommend

Wednesday May 1 2013

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

STAFF at Barnsley Hospital would recommend it as a place to work and receive treatment, according to a survey.

The findings of the survey were summarised into 28 key points.

The top five highest scoring areas were: staff receiving health and safety training, staff having equality and diversity training, staff believing the trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion, staff saying hand washing materials are always available.

The bottom five areas were: staff suffering work-related stress, staff motivation at work, staff agreeing their role makes a difference to patients, staff experiencing physical violence from patients, relatives or the public, and staff having well structured appraisals.

Lesley Driver, who led the survey, said: "These are very positive results for us and show that staff find Barnsley Hospital a very good place to work.

"We're particularly pleased that we have shown so much improvement on our 2011 outcomes, both in terms of the number of staff who returned the survey and in terms of what they told us about the hospital.

"For example, more staff are now saying that they would recommend the hospital as a place to work, and more staff are saying they have been given appraisals."

What do you think of Barnsley Hospital? Have your say on our debate.

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Reply Posted by les on Wednesday May 1 2013 at 17:48
I did my own survey and 4 people out of the4 people asked would rather got to sheffield than go to barnsley...is this a survey...
I have experienced a lot of people who have been dissatisfied i worked at becketts and st helens and kendry when they had matrons and if you were stood talking in the corridors at all you would be on report.....and today all people seem to do is talk and lots of times nobody answers patiants calls

Reply Posted by anorak on Sunday May 5 2013 at 19:06
4 people isn't a survey love.

Reply Posted by sarah on Sunday May 5 2013 at 19:07
Last time I was at barnsley general a and e nurses egnored a man for over 20 mins who needed assistance going to the toilet and after being told that we were staying we had a five hour wait for a bed in the amu

Reply Posted by anorak on Sunday May 5 2013 at 20:12
Are any of you aware of the pressures nurses and doctors go through?

Reply Posted by Rachel on Monday May 6 2013 at 21:25
anorak i agree drs n nurses give up thier time on bank hols n weekends when most of u r out enjoying yourselves to care for your relatives/friends/whatever.In an ideal world people would get one to one care and attention they need.So tell that to the goverment to invest money to pay for more staff.Dont knock drs,nurses,auxiliary nurses e.t.c who work hard they can only do so much.

Reply Posted by mayo on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 08:53
Before we get a stream of messages slagging off the hospital and the NHS in general I just wish people would take a step back and imagine life without it.
The reason waits in a&e are so long, is because of the hundreds of people that go there when really they should be waiting for a doctors appointment the next day. Instead of slagging it off, why not spread the message that unless it is a SERIOUS ACCIDENT or an EMERGENCY, ie things that will threaten your life if not treated immediately, then do not use a&e as a drop in doctors surgery because you cannot be bothered to go to the doctors. That is anutshell is why you wait 5 hours.
With regards to all the people that come on here and say the NHS is not free, I apy my taxes blah blah blah, your taxes do not come close to paying for the actual cost of the treatment your receive, Compare what you pay in taxes to actual medical bills and you will soon understand the absolute treasure that the NHS is and hopefully think twice before slagging it off.
It would be interesting to see how we coped as a town without this hospital. It has some amazing doctors, nurses and care staff who we should be proud of and moreover SUPPORT!
Unfortunately, in this town, we seem hell bent in slagging everything off and dragging ourselves down, there seems to be the philosphy that we are rubbish and nothing can be done about it.
I am proud of my home town and we should support our local services, Barnsley Hospital needs your support, and if you think something is wrong, then address it properly, speak to the relevant organisations and make suggestions of how you think it could be done better. Then we may see progress in union.

Reply Posted by le on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 20:29
Trust me anorak it is a survey.
I gave that number purely as a number.
I could go on forever and if you read previous discussions from last year you would start to get the picture of a survey.
Ask the hospital to publish a book on its complaints recieved and you can add to that ones that have never complained but come out with the worst of stories like one this year where a child was released in the early hours of the morning and had to be rushed back in in the morning because they shouldnt have been released at all....i could go on if you like

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