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MP Urges Government Not To Scrap ASBO

Wednesday April 24 2013

Michael Dugher MP Michael Dugher MP

A BARNSLEY MP has urged the government not to scrap the ASBO as new figures have revealed the extent of anti-social problems in Barnsley.

Figures show there were 12,719 anti-social behaviour incidents recorded by the police last year in Barnsley.

The figures also paint a revealing picture of South Yorkshire as a whole, as its police force recorded a staggering 88,252 incidents in 2012.

This is the second highest rate in the country.

“Anti-social behaviour is a serious problem," said Mr Dugher. "The government plans to scrap the ASBO and replace it with a weaker power which carries no criminal sanction for a breach." 

The government’s official crime survey has revealed that more than eight out of ten people believe anti-social behaviour has risen in England and Wales in the last 12 months - and nearly a third said that they had personally been a victim of yobbish behaviour or had witnessed an event in the last 12 months.

“People in Barnsley have the right to expect action right away and help to tackle an issue which is a huge worry,” added the Barnsley East MP.

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday April 24 2013 at 12:42
Anti-social behaviour begins in the home, if parents don't discipline their kids and set a good example for them to follow, the government and police have an hopeless task on their hands. Many of the younger generation have no fear ASBO's, the police or any other form of authority which is why so many are unemployable by the time they leave school. A return to some old fashioned methods are what's called for but knowing our spineless politicians there little chance of that so the problem will only get worse.!!

Reply Posted by mick on Wednesday April 24 2013 at 13:53
Well said RAINBOW . Parents seem to leave any blame at the school gates and should take a good long look at themselves .Out of sight ,Out of mind is the mentality of some parents ,letting their feral children run riot !!!!

Reply Posted by Loony on Wednesday April 24 2013 at 17:37
Today I happened to drive past Goldthorpe and saw all the unemployables sat drinking at lunch time outside the pub. Thats seems typical of the masses of Barnsley nowadays. My point is that if they did as much parenting as they do drinking, smoking, drugging and fighting then their kids might turn out better.

Too many lazy parents and no discipline.

Reply Posted by kc on Friday May 3 2013 at 13:34
Here here, nice to see some well thought out, responsible views regarding this matter.