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Disabled Woman Appeals For Laptop Return After Burglary

Thursday April 25 2013

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A WOMAN with a disability is appealing for her stolen laptop to be returned - after thieves stole it from her bedside while she was asleep.

Samantha Siddall, from Wombwell, suffers with transverse myelitis, a condition which inflames the spinal cord.

"I was paralysed from the waist down for six months," said Samantha, 21, who's studying forensic psychology and needs the laptop as the condition means she cannot grip a pen. "I was in hospital for six months, so I'm trying to rebuild my life after that. My laptop's my lifeline as I can't get out a lot because I use a wheelchair."

The burglary occured on Monday, and thieves got away with Samantha's purple HP laptop.

"This appears to be a sneak-in burglary - I can confirm we are investigating," said a spokesman from the police. "It is with one of our burglary teams to investigate."

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