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Police Warn Fans Ahead Of Crucial Match

Thursday April 25 2013

Police increase presence ahead of match Police increase presence ahead of match

AS Barnsley Football Club prepare to play Hull City on Saturday, South Yorkshire Police has said it's increasing its presence in the area.

Saturday sees Oakwell host a vital match for both teams as the Championship draws to a close, and given the two teams' contrasting positions and Yorkshire derby status, emotions are set to run high.

Due to the significance of this match for both teams, an increase in the number of police officers present around Barnsley town centre will be apparent on Saturday in order to ensure the match passes with minimal disorder.

“Unlike previous years, I am asking the Barnsley fans to remain in the stands and not go on the pitch after the final whistle," said Scott Green, police commander for Saturday’s match.

"We understand that this has become a tradition in previous years however, Barnsley players will not be coming back out unless the pitch is clear." 

Anyone entering the pitch may be arrested and South Yorkshire Police may additionally seek a football banning order.

Barnsley's town centre is set to be busy on Saturday due to a variety of planned events including the football match and the continental market. This may cause disruption for parking and public transport routes.

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Reply Posted by julie on Friday April 26 2013 at 22:24
why cant the just enjoy football these days instead of ruining it for others my 7 yr old was looking forward to going but i refuse to let him scared of what trouble theres going to be and kicking of hopefully no trouble but hes not going after reading chronicle

Reply Posted by Mary on Saturday April 27 2013 at 13:48
Football has been spoilt by men using it as an excuse to have a punch up. They need to put a top to yobs being allowed anywhere near the game. Only advanced ticket holders with numbered seat would help. As would clubs having to pay for Police time so that tax payers would get Police dealing with crime instead of halfwits with beer bellies singing racist rubbish.

Reply Posted by DAVE on Saturday April 27 2013 at 15:03
Well Mary all seats are numbered and all tickets are sold in advance for this match.Stop classing us all the same you know nothing, i am neither a halfwit or have a beer belly nor am i racist. Also clubs do have to pay for police time so basically all the points you made are totally wrong and misinformed,so whos the halfwit?