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Worries Over Empty Shops In Wombwell

Thursday May 2 2013

Wombwell by Susan Quinn Wombwell by Susan Quinn

EMPTY shops may not be filled if Wombwell's spate of burglaries continues, a public meeting was told.

There were five burglaries on the High Street last month, Wombwell Safer Neighbourhood PC Simon Fletcher said on Monday, most of which were characterised by entry via the ceiling or rear of the property.

Similar burglaries have been occurring since Christmas and they're concerned that a continuation of this pattern would push up insurance premiums and deter businesses from filling empty units - such as the former Ethel Austin store, Superdrug and Quicksilver units.

Cllr Margaret Morgan said she did not believe shop owners were taking enough responsibility for their own security, regardless of whether they rented or owned the units.

She said: "Common sense hasn't prevailed. Some shops are still leaving cash on the premises even though there are night safes 100 yards away. They want to get it sorted because, if it keeps coming up, people won't want to take on empty shops."

Cllr Dick Wraith added: "We've had it on and off for two years now. If it keeps being flagged up the insurance companies will put up the premiums because it's a hot spot."

PC Fletcher said extra patrols had been put on the High Street and officers have offered free crime prevention assessments to business.

He said: "Certain shops aren't being broken into because they're harder to get into than others but some renting units don't feel its their responsibility to secure the property."

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Reply Posted by king louis on Thursday May 2 2013 at 16:14
Cllr Margaret Morgan said she blames the victims... I blame the robbers!

Reply Posted by me on Thursday May 2 2013 at 17:17
Night safes 100 yards away theres a cop shop a stones throw away wot thay doing nowt as per so cllr get ya finger owt and do your job and get somthing sorted and stop blaming the victims

Reply Posted by grim on Wednesday May 8 2013 at 11:07
It is the responsibility of the owners to protect their properties however the fault lies with the burglars who in Wombwell are generally drug addicts.
The Police cover a huge area and not just Wombwell High St. They use it as a base for clerical etc not for sitting in all day and night.
PS try some full stops and commas then we could understand you.

Reply Posted by Abe on Thursday May 2 2013 at 17:26
fancy a councillor using the phrase ''common sense''. I will if you will love.

Reply Posted by CHARLIE on Friday May 10 2013 at 23:32
I have a retail business on Wombwell High Street. Didn't know anything about burglaries, never knew any anything about a public meeting and never had a police visit offering security advice. At least I'm aware now!