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Library And Youth Club Face Uncertain Future

Thursday April 25 2013

Budget cuts lead to uncertain future Budget cuts lead to uncertain future

PUBLIC services in Darfield are facing the chop as part of the council's budget cuts.

At a public meeting in the village on Wednesday, Cllr Brian Key said the council was beginning a consultation on the closure of the library and youth centre.

It comes two-and-a-half years after a protest was held outside the library and a petition handed to the Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher when it was first considered for closure along with all other district libraries in the borough.

Cllr Key told the meeting the council was holding another consultation on the use and viability of libraries across Barnsley - in an attempt to further trim the budget. 

He said a survey would be issued to households in the area for a 12-week consultation period and a meeting would be organised at the library to discuss the issue.

"We need as much public support as possible if we're to keep the library open,' he said.

"To me, it's essential that we maintain a library and the services it provides, but we're always going to be under pressure because it's not a service the council is required to provide by law."

Despite assurances it would remain on the former Foulstone site, Darfield Youth Centre may also close and a consultation process is taking place regarding its demolition.

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Reply Posted by Kevin Riddiough on Thursday May 2 2013 at 18:19
Yet BMBC will waste thousands of pounds on vanity projects for the town and town twinning. Not to mention the high wages of management within the council. Cutting the cloth and trimming the high end so called "administrator" jobs would go a long way to securing a future for the Library and other services vital for the whole area.

Reply Posted by Joni on Thursday May 2 2013 at 21:11
Stop the overtime of office staff they only work extra so they can build flexitime hours. Stop the silly 3 trips for one job if the workforce and let them sign out what they think they need instead of going out measure up go back out with items do job go back out on 3rd day to tidy up. Plus the high management costs that could easily be cut