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Summer Lane Parking Problems Continue

Thursday April 18 2013

Parking problem continues Parking problem continues

A MAN watched a runaway car career down Bartholomew Street and collide with another vehicle - while complaining to the council about congested parking.

Mike Hallat, 41, was speaking with Cllr Dick Wraith on the telephone about problems caused by staff and patients from Summer Lane mental health clinic, Wombwell, parking on West Street when the car began to move.

It had been parked outside the clinic, pointing towards Bartholomew Street, and only stopped when it collided with the passenger door of parked car - leaving a noticeable dent. The accident is believed to have occurred after a handbrake problem.

But Mike said it was only the latest illustration of a growing problem on the street, as the clinic’s car park struggles to contain the number of staff and patients, leading to people parking on West Street.

“There are only about five cars owned by residents at any given time on this street yet, it the morning and early afternoon, there are between 50 and 60 parked here," said Mr Hallat.

“The effect is you find it difficult to park near your own home but worse than that, the parking is so congested, people manoeuvring in and out often bump into residents’ cars. This street isn’t designed to take that many but nothing’s being done about it - it’s just getting worse.”

Neighbour Jim Marshall, 65, said he had £1,500 worth of damage caused to his parked car at Christmas when a motorist struggling to negotiate cars parked on the street drove into it. Last year Mike said his car was hit by an ambulance.

No-one at the clinic was available for comment.

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Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday April 18 2013 at 13:50
It's disgraceful. Many staff and patients have no alternative as they can't get parked on premises or can't afford to park! It's the same at the hospital! Some staff are paying £25 a week to park in hospital car park as they can't get a permit and aren't allowed weekly pass! It's about time to hospital and council provided more affordable parking where staff and patients don't have to walk for ages for or get out a bank Loan to use it regular!

Reply Posted by ME on Thursday April 18 2013 at 14:27
The Times i've heard this it makes me laugh, the staff have got to park there as that's where they work, and its hardly the patients fault that need to be seen there, if the building was somewhere else, people would still complain. they do a fab job there and its high time people got off there high horse and remembered that one day they may very well need to use there service! its not there fault that the council didn't ensure adequate parking facilities.

Reply Posted by peter on Thursday April 18 2013 at 18:24
Staff and patients are not forced at gun point to drive to work. There is are lots of buses past the hospital. The nurses are the worst. Several members of the "CARING" profession have parked on the drop kerb outside my elderly mums flat blocking her wheelchair access, One nurse actually kerb parked her car leaving a 9 inch gap bet ween her car and my mums garden path.

Reply Posted by elaine on Thursday April 18 2013 at 21:58
i live on brierfield close just across from the hospital and we have this problem what makes it worse is that we also get parents parking up to take their children to st mary s and summer lane schools most of the time if you ask them they move they re cars but there are times when we get abuse from drivers saying they can park wherever they like i had this only 2 days ago the driver was parked on the dropped kerb which leads to my property and i could not get out with my mobility scooter he was totally ignorant and said he would move when he was ready it is no good argueing with these types of people the new car park at the top of summer lane has just been a waste of money because no one will pay to use it i really do feel for the nursing staff but some people have to understand that these are homes and they wouldn t like it outside their home

Reply Posted by Mike Hallett on Tuesday April 23 2013 at 19:36
If the staff at the clinic can't park in their own car parks then surlely the clinic has outgrown itself. The fact that the NHS kept moving more and more staff in only makes the problem worse.
But in actual fact it's the inconsiderate way the staff and patients park that's the biggest problem. The road is almost impassable at times and serious damage to residents vehicles is occurring on a regular basis. We also have a disabled facility further down the street and quite often the residents are pushed up the road because they can't use the footpath because of cars parked on them.
All we want is a residents only parking scheme to be put in place and the patients and staff of "summer lane" clinic to stop parking on our road