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Carlton Community College Praises Anti-Bullying Show

Wednesday April 17 2013

Jodie Marsh Jodie Marsh

THE principal of a Barnsley school which featured in Jodie Marsh's TV show on says the anti-bullying methods she took there are working.

Carlton Community College's headteacher, Neil Hutchinson, agreed to take part in the show and said it was chosen because of its comparison to a deprived mining community in America that had been filmed and had seen remarkable results.

Together Neil and Jodie looked for a group of students at the Carlton Community College who had challenging behaviours and backgrounds, or were seen as academically influential or sporty, to become 'anti-bullying champions'.

Jodie also met with students who had been bullied, as well as those who had been bullies themselves but wanted to change their ways.

"If a school says it doesn't have a problem with bullying they're in cloud cuckoo land," said Neil and he admitted he was worried the school may not be shown in a good light.

"It was a relatively brave move to put our hands up and go public, but also for students too because they took the risk of failing. But they didn't and are now going on to be nationally recognised."

Neil said body builder and former glamour model Jodie has been criticised for her lifestyle but has a deep-seated mission to remove bullying from society.

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Reply Posted by Just me on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 13:59
Scares the hell out of me that my boy is going to attend this school in a couple of years time. The principle is good BUT as someone who has just been told that their family member recently tried to hurt himself because of one of the main members of the ANTI BULLYING COMITY makes me think WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY THAT WAS !!!

Reply Posted by Mum on Tuesday April 23 2013 at 21:20
Good school. My son was supported to the hilt and went on to do well. Don't worry!

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