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Drug Trafficking Trial Starts Today For Two Barnsley Men

Monday April 8 2013

Two Barnsley men to appear at court Two Barnsley men to appear at court

THE trial of two Barnsley men charged with drug trafficking is due to start today.

Richard Stead and Paul Robinson will appear before Sheffield Crown Court.

Three other men, Jake Arnold and Tristan Clarke, both of Sheffield, and Frank Babar from Richmond, Surrey, are also charged with drug trafficking, as part of the investigation.

It followed a major police operation in Barnsley and Sheffield where several properties, including town centre pub Retro, were raided by police.

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Reply Posted by wedge on Monday April 8 2013 at 09:42
Let them of we all need drugs

Reply Posted by James on Monday April 8 2013 at 11:57
Waste of time and money . All currently illegal drugs should be legalised , controlled and regulated instead of allowing the trade to continue in the grey economy .

Reply Posted by tomie on Monday April 8 2013 at 19:21
WAB, think you may have made an error on the names of the people at court today, looked at the court listings and brent padgett and richard stead were up today for trial on the case, paul robinson was listed as mentioned, along with the other men involved, brent padgett is also from barnsley, hope this helps :)

Reply Posted by tomie on Monday April 8 2013 at 19:26

10:30 AM
For Trial
T20127380 RUSSO Marco M
T20127600 PADGETT Brent D
T20127374 STEAD Richard N
T20137072 DICKINSON Adam
For Mention
T20127377 ROBINSON Paul S
T20127515 GUEST Frazer M
T20127561 GUEST Frazer M
T20127569 FAWCETT Joseph B
T20127374 CLARKE Tristan E
T20127410 URBAN Anthony
T20127561 URBAN Anthony
T20127611 DYSON Michael

this is the list of people that are up for trial and mention in the same case, again, hope this helps :)