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Worried Residents Take To Bedroom Tax Meetings

Tuesday April 9 2013

Are you worried about 'bedroom tax'? Are you worried about 'bedroom tax'?

PEOPLE worrying about changes to the benefit system have been attending meetings across the borough and turning to advice centres for help.

Recent changes will see some council tenants with spare bedrooms getting their benefit cut, but another change where people become responsible for sorting out their own rent payments has been delayed. 

Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis - who attended a meeting at the library on Wednesday night - said some of those there were in tears worrying about how they're going to manage.

"We had a number of people with heartbreaking stories, people who are extremely concerned about their futures, people that are disabled, unwell and caring for relatives who were all very concerned," he said.

Pat Heath, from the Citizens' Advice Bureau, said they had had increasing numbers calling in this week.

"Some of the people who have been to us this week have been in distress and very upset about the situation and wanting to know what options they have and what they can do to alleviate the situation," he said.

Up to a hundred residents have attended meetings in Athersley, Kendray and at Barnsley Library and have signed a petition calling for the council to ensure people are not evicted if they fall behind with their rent.

Fran Postlethwaite, of Barnsley Against Bedroom Tax, said people were terrified of losing their homes.

Tenant Susan Moore, 55, from Athersley North, said she cannot afford to pay the extra £9.50 per week for her spare room.

She downsized from a three-bedroom house in June following a kidney transplant.

"I just don't know what's going to happen - I can't afford it. That room gets used every weekend, as I have 21 grandkids."

The campaigners held a demonstration in the town centre on Saturday and plan to lobby the next full council meeting on April 25.

Council leader Steve Houghton said they did not have the discretion of not evicting people.

"If people are struggling with their rent we will help them and make arrangements for them to pay over a period of time, but they would have to pay. Eviction would be a last resort."

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Reply Posted by me on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:01
why is spare bedroom all different prices-why is it not same price for everyone to pay

Reply Posted by Zena on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:20
Peeps measue your spare bedrooms cos if they r small box rooms measuring a certain size you do not av to pay bedroom tax as stated in small print about bedroom tax that's what they r not telling people

Reply Posted by Roy on Monday April 15 2013 at 08:36
This is not true unfortunately, the council told my mum, if you can get a bed in it, no matter how cramped, its a bedroom and is treated as such.
My mum has a "box room" bedroom, and has been made even smaller since the boiler was put in there, I told her the exact same advice about measuring the room. She did, and in a meeting with the council, this is what she was told, about if she can get a bed in there etc...

Reply Posted by LV on Monday April 15 2013 at 08:42
Zena, I'm sick of seeing this... the size of the bedroom DOES NOT affect the under-occupancy - the 70sq ft rules ONLY apply to the Housing Act - under which tenancy agreements are written up!!

The only way this will affect the under-occupancy is if social housing tenants appeal to the housing provider to have their homes reclassified as boxrooms instead of bedrooms - but bear in mind even if it is 70.1sq ft it will still count as a bedroom.

The rules around size of a bedroom is NO WHERE in the under-occupancy ruling!

Reply Posted by Tracey on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:26
Sorry but the criteria you are quoting is in reference to overcrowding and can't not be used to redefine a room as not a bed room The amount of bedooms a house has is set in the tenancy agreement. If you signed one saying that is a bedroom then its a bedroom

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:35
Get off your fat lazy arses and get a job, then pay for the house you live in yourself.

If you live in a house that is owned and funded by the government then think yourself lucky you have a roof over your head. If you have too many bedrooms for the amount of people living there then yes you should be penalised, there are plenty of people in need of bigger houses.

After all - you don't own the house. If you want a bigger house with more bedroom, BUY YOUR OWN !!!

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:23
Just in case people didn't know, I have nothing better to do with my time and spend all day on here moaning about benefit scroungers AND paying a ridiculous amount of money for MY MORTGAGE.
I also talk incessant drivel and spew my bile about "benefit scroungers" on a daily basis.
Yes I AM a nasty piece of work, but then again, I have nothing better to do with my time!

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:43
Stop stealing my name and get a grip - sado

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 16:18
Perhaps if you stopped just listening to the drivel spouted by those in charge, you'd realise that not all those that this affects are unemployed.

You truly are worthy of being called a moron.

Reply Posted by A on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:38
The UK taxpayer is not someone that funds a spare bedroom to be used at weekends by grandkids .... If you wish to do this then BUY YOUR OWN HOUSE

Or ask your family to pay the £9.50 a week, after all they are getting a FREE babysitter if the grandkids stay over at weekends.

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:40
Couldn't agree more.

Reply Posted by S on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:12
Well said!

Reply Posted by sally millard on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:50
couldnt agree more greedy council tenants again expecting and wanting summit for nothing,private renters have always paid the extra out of their benefit so why shouldnt you, good option is go and rent private and free up your property for someone who will realise what a priveledge it is to rent a council home at cheaper rents,, give me a job at the cab i will put em right

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 16:20
Private renters haven't always paid extra. It is perfectly possible to use the LHA for a family needing two bedrooms to get a 3 bedroom property without having to pay any more. This will end up costing the tax payer more in the long run. The government ought to be focusing on getting houses built, not turfing people out.

Reply Posted by George Arthur on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 14:12
Margaret Thatcher's death reminds us that it was her Tory government that sold off council houses and stopped councils building new ones which is why there is a shortage of affordable housing. Ken Loach's film "Spirit of 45" reminds us that after 6 years of war and massive debts this country started the NHS, which Cameron is destroying, built council houses for decent accommodation for all, which Cameron hates. The greedy rich and the bankers have the money to pay for decent living standards for working class people now and to create well paid jobs. If it could be done in 45 it can be done today!

Reply Posted by sparky on Thursday April 11 2013 at 08:48
They build a certain percentage of social housing on new building sites. What do the majority of familys who move into these houses do to them? Trash them.

Go round all the council estates in Barnsley and have a look at these hell holes. The majority of people who live on these estates have no respect for themselves let alone a council property.

You're deluded Labour George

Reply Posted by graham on Thursday April 11 2013 at 09:32
Do you not mean 'sad communist'

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:33
Oh and by the way I would NEVER stoop so low as to LIVE in a council house.
Council houses are for the scruffs of society.

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:44
Yes they are indeed - even though you have stolen my name, you talk sense on this subject.

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:59
Would you PLEASE refrain from using my name and get your own!

Reply Posted by S on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:19
EXCUSE ME! me and my husband both work and have NEVER claimed benefits in our life, we live in a X council house and are EXTREMELY CLEAN AND TIDY I do not take kindly to that comment!!!

Reply Posted by Bill on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 16:23
This is turning into Right said Fred page

Reply Posted by stevo on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 18:08
Disabled people should be exempt from this bedroom tax as far as I am concerned.

As for other council tenants, do you not think it is a cynical ploy on the Tory governments behalf to try and shove benefit claimants into work?
That's what it looks like to me.

Reply Posted by Julie on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:25
They are if they really are disabled. Why not shove claimants into work? Surely society needs more off benefits?

Reply Posted by Jayne on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 18:55
Cynical Ploy to shove benefit claimants into work!!! Well fancy that Who would have thought that people should work for a living!!

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 19:05
Erm, yes....

Make them pay the extra out of their benefit, starve them into submission, no pennies left at the week, only alternative is to get a job.]
Get their "allies" in the gutter press to whip up a frenzy about the bedroom tax and scare the benefit claimants back into work

Cynical or Psychological and economic warfare?

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 19:25
Why do benefit claimants and ex-miners always play the victim? Get a grip!!!!!

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 20:26
Are you a single, childless man envious that those with kids are entitled to some benefits?

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 19:09
Miners are the victims, the majority of them are disabled due to the nature of the jobs they had to do down the pits.
Vibration white finger (havs)
Industrial Deafness
Knee problems

to name but a few...

Dave I'm almost sure you wouldn't appreciate being disabled for life as a result of injuries sustained at your place of work.

Reply Posted by Julie on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:27
you can be a victim and moan about work related injuries or you can bemoan the fact that the pits are shut and then you will be just like all the other ex miners.

Either get on with it and get a job or shut up as you are not contributing to society and so you should not be entitled to a point of view.

Reply Posted by stevo on Saturday April 13 2013 at 18:51
Julie, was that comment aimed at me perchance?

Disabled people do work you know, not all claim benefits.

FYI I am disabled through an injury at work and have a debilitating condition, doesn't stop me working 40 hours every week even though I am in constant pain.
Would you prefer me to throw on the sick so you could then moan on here about how I claim benefits?

Get a grip!

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 20:40
Yes! Cookie for Dave.

Reply Posted by Katy on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 21:09
You can clearly see from these posts who works for a living and who don't...... Do you hear tax paying people complain..no they still do a 40hr week. And if something doesnt go well for the people who get benefit its on the national news...

Reply Posted by Terry on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 22:25
Are you not complaining now? Thus invalidating your very own argument. As a tax payer myself, I don't feel a need to listen to the party political clap-trap that comes from those in charge and perhaps if sheeple like yourself did your own research, you'd see past the bulls**t.

Reply Posted by les on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 21:23
I think that fred has so much belly aching
to do his ulcers must be getting on his tits.
to say he works so hard he spends most of his day writing to we are barnsley.
Check the times on his abusive tyrade of people who are hard up.....almost most days at all hours of the day and night .
He either does bugger all all day or is a bored sad man .........or he works for the council...

Reply Posted by Pauline on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 22:43
Bedroom tax should be abolished, FULLSTOP! The poor get poore and the rich get richer, why not rant at the fat cat bankers who manipulate the mortgage rates in the first place. As for this government they think that there is nothing outside London! It's us and them you silly little minded people! Get a grip!

Reply Posted by sparky on Thursday April 11 2013 at 09:25
Yawn, what a surprise. Someone from Barnsley moaning about a Conservative Goverment. You sound like that old idiot who was shouting down his megaphone protesting about Bedroom Tax in the town centre a few weeks ago. What have previous Labour Goverments done for Barnsley? That's right, Nothing!

Reply Posted by les on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 23:17
I work but i sympathise with anyone unfortunate not ti
be able to find work
i went to a bed shop today.well advertised on the internet at cortonwood . you can imagine what a **** i felt standing in front of this great warehouse with nothing in it.
But i keep reading that there are plenty of jobs .i think what you are really saying is there are plenty of empty buildings with nobody in.....wake up . if you have a job..like me dont condem thosr who havnt
think how lucky you are....after all would you be happy to give up 25% of your wage
to help the government give billions in foreign aid and id bet any money that some of you have friends who cant get a job and what sort of friend are you who critisise them. the people who started this are those who claim dole and work on the side. and now its all hell on anybody
out of a job .......thatcher and this pratt really new how to brainwash people....
Theres no wonder we never win the eurovision song contest.....they all take the piss out of the english...
.we are all characters from stingray or thunderbirds. pull the strings and you can get puppets to do anything and say anything.........great britain....my ass

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 19:19
Les, there ARE jobs out there but they are for "crap" companies via employment agencies on the minimum wage.

As for your comment about people on the dole working on the side, I don't really know where you are going with that one, yes it does happen and it has happened for decades and it will never change until we get some decent companies in Barnsley paying decent wages and get rid of the employment agencies.

Will never happen though as tory rhetoric demands that the poor underclasses should be subdued.

Reply Posted by Grim on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:30
Oh no Stevo not more Tory rhetoric!!!!!!

What happens if a Barnsley person steps outside of Barnsley to go to a job outside the area? Do they go up in a poof of smoke?

Reply Posted by not fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 23:18
will the real fred please stand up!

Reply Posted by The Real Not FRED on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 06:27
I'm here ignore the imposter!

Reply Posted by King Fred on Monday April 15 2013 at 15:48
I have a new name now so don't steal this one.

Reply Posted by Dave on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 06:59
Les, have you been brainwashed by Labour? It sounds like it to me you fool. I feel sorry for you, you vulnerable little man. Btw, do tell me, what have previous Labour govements done for this town?

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 08:41
I worked for the home office.
And i got you absolutely right....and the other one who thinks im a labour man....
Guess again....
I am not lib...lab...cons...or any other football team.....im not black .white or any other colour and im not an asshole

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 09:01
The topic is about worried residents and bedroom tax
not waitresses in cocktail bars.
If you left school at 7 that makes you about 140 years old....
I was a hooker in sheffield and i read the daily mail until i found the dandy and beano

Reply Posted by Dawn on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 21:34

Dave, will you have a word!

Reply Posted by les on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 23:04
To reply to my comments please read the rest of my comments otherwise you don't
keep up with the stories.....
My son gets minimum wage for the same crap that your talking about...
But he has pride and he hasnt got people breathing down his neck . i work for the same crap that your talking about .
But claiming is a different thing
if your out of work your out of work and entitled to whatever you can claim under government limits but to work on the side different can of worms .
That makes you no better than the rich getting richer or all the people from eu taking your jobs......i have a relative child who has a total handicap the council
" not barnsley " is trying to screw extra bedroom tax out of the parents . the council have no record of the council building an extension to the house at a cost of 30 ,000 £ this country is run by really sick baxxxxds and i defend anyone in the right through these columns from any comments that i feel is unjust towards someone who is getting hammered by so called.....well i just call them assholes i hope this well rid any confusion about whos side i am on......the right side

Reply Posted by becci on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:28
Some ppl try everyday to get a job and have paid into the system since leaving school! So y sud these ppl not be entitled to get summet back from this stinking government!! They should let real ppl who have lived real lifes run this country! Not the jumped up private school pillocks who are now!!

Reply Posted by madge on Saturday April 13 2013 at 16:52
i am in my late 50s,my hands are locked and deformed which means i cant grasp anything due to severe arthritus,i also have spinal arthritus which means i cant stand or sit for long periods, i cant walk more tham 10/15mtr without being breathless,i have short term memory loss which means i cant remember what i was told 10 mins earlier.and thats not counting all the knock on effects that come with this so come on all of you get a jobers which one of you will give me a job or will be happy to work along side me even though you would almost definetely have to carry my workload for me whilst im still getting paid the same wage as you.and im not the only one in this position theres thousends more like me.or is it a case of get a job but not with me,or get a job but theres not a cat in hells chance im going to hire you

Reply Posted by Ruby on Saturday April 13 2013 at 17:15

I dont think anyone expects disabled or elderly people to have to work if they cannot. I think waht most people are complaining of is the teenagers who want to leave school not to work but to sit at home on benefits. Or the 20 somethings who can smoke and drink and party all night but who will not work. Or the people who can work but find it gives more disposable income to sit on benefits instead.

Barnsley has a huge amount of young people still using the excuse of their forefathers who were made redundant through no fault of their own. They refuse to accept minimum wage but will not improve themselves or gain more education. They will not travel for work like our parents and grandparents had to but they all want cars to drive to the pub and back in.
Plus people who have barely paid in any tax demand their rights to benefits.
i rest my case....

Reply Posted by S on Saturday April 13 2013 at 17:28
Well said Ruby :D

Reply Posted by becci on Saturday April 13 2013 at 17:20
Well said ruby!

Reply Posted by baz on Saturday April 13 2013 at 17:29
my first though were get a job or down size why should i work to pay for you to have a spare room , but thinking about it i know there is not many jobs locally and not enough social housing for every one to down size so i do not think this is fair and it doesn't target the lazy work shy or the ones who choose to pop kids out instead of working ,it targets the old and sick also its not good. what we want in Barnsley is some big company's to move to area and take on locals not the eastern Europeans, all we want is to work and be paid a fair wage not minimum wage .

Reply Posted by spider pig on Saturday April 13 2013 at 19:02
spot on that baz man.
couldn't have put it better myself.

Reply Posted by madge on Saturday April 13 2013 at 17:33
yes i agree totally with you are saying ruby. but the constant onslaught from people,whos only statement is get a job, is soul destroying for people like me who feel worthless enough,because saddly the only people these sort of remarks hurt are the genuine ones,the ones the remarks are aimed at dont give a stuff what people think about them

Reply Posted by M on Sunday April 14 2013 at 14:14
at the end of the day the so called bedroom tax is here to stay and yes it does get people off there lazy back sides to get a job...my next door neighbor's who have not worked for the last 19yrs are now both working as they live in a 4 bedroom house and only need 1 bedroom they have even said it the bedroom tax that has forced them to go out and work and yes i do agree the disabled people and armed forces people should not have to pay but at the end of the day the council houses belong to the tax payer and if you don't like whats happening no one is asking you live in a council house there are plenty of private houses to rent why should the tax payer pick up the bill my friend lost his job 3 years ago worked all his life then he lost his house as he could not get help paying his mortgage ..he paid into the system did not take anything out of the system lost his job and house and people are moaning about paying for a extra room or 2 well think yourself lucky as the council do have the right to evict people as these are social houses that belong to the local council not the person that rents it read the small print in your tenancy agreement when you signed if you don't like what it says don't sign it. Why should the working class people have to foot the bill all the time it about time people realise the country is in a mess and everyone has to do there bit by the way i work and have done for the last 20 odd years never claimed off the system for anything i pay my own way...not had a pay rise for the last 4 years like most working people ...even benefits have had rises to cover rents and so on like i said if you don't like the bedroom tax then pack up and move or buy your own home............instead of buying caravans at the coast or a villa in Spain which we all know most on benefits do own :-p

Reply Posted by S on Monday April 15 2013 at 14:04
Spot on M!

Reply Posted by may on Sunday April 14 2013 at 14:34
i dont think that many people on benefits are against the bedroom tax in principle m,i for one lived on my own in a 2 bed house and did move to a 1 bed as soon as rumours started about the tax i didnt resent having to move,i happen to agree with it,people like me should not be taking up homes that families need.the thing i dont agree with is how it has been implimented,i was lucky but there are just not enough 1 bed properties to accomodate everyone who needs them even in private rented homes.i believe if they had said each time a property suitable to your needs becomes available you will be offered the property and if you turn it down you will then have to pay the extra i believe a lot more people would have been more accepting because at least then they would have a choice,something the majority havn't got.and can i just say to the people faced with having to move i have grandchildren who have always stayed with me at the weekend so now out come the foldup beds and my living room becomes their bedroom for the night,its really not the end of the world,and please just be gratefull you have a roof over your head.like i said i was going to be effected by this tax so i did something about it

Reply Posted by Amy on Monday April 15 2013 at 08:21
I think this bedroom tax is a great idea and there should be more cuts made to the benefit system. There is now a third generation of benefit scroungers and its only going to get worse. Most people on benefits have a better life than me and I work full time and have worked since I was 15, I am now 22. I would never stoop so low as to be on benefits. All my wages either go to tax man, or paying full price on everything e.g. rent, mortgage, council tax etc that I hardly have any money for myself to treat myself to going out drinking and buying new clothes. Which most people on benefits i know seem to brag about. "I've got a new tv etc" its like where do they get money from to get new tv i cant even afford one, and then most you just see sat in pub all day drinking, its alright for some.
And this bedroom tax is absolutely fair, I work to pay my mortgage and rent so I can have a three bedroom house, so if you dont and your getting your council house for nothing and theres only one of you living there its only fair that it goes to someone who needs it. If you want to keep your house then go out, get a job and PAY for it yourself. I also think that disabled people shouldnt really have a three bedroom house, they are disabled and would benefit better having a bungalow for easier access. They shouldnt pay extra for different bedrooms as they can have a one bedroom bungalow and make use of the living room for equipment they need, there is plenty of space in a bungalow for them and their needs.

Reply Posted by jayne on Monday April 15 2013 at 09:15
Spot on Amy. People on JSA have had their backsides wiped for them for way too long now. Welcome to the real world, pay for what you have.

Reply Posted by Mr Me on Monday April 15 2013 at 09:27
Its interesting to read a mixed response about this issue, but to also read of the moronic comments from people who just wish to start an online trolling war is pretty pathetic.
People who think that it is "stooping low" to claim benefits clearly have no understanding as to why people may HAVE to.
If you are made unemployed for what ever reason, what are you expected to live off.
What seems pretty ironic these people who slam the benefit system fail to realize that our taxes also pay towards the governments unrealistic expenses as well as other ridiculous things.
Was it not this government who are looking into a new £30 million+ train route scheme, or that have implemented an IT system that is currently flawed yet is supposed to be up and running for claimants of child benefit & tax credits etc. Is it not this government that have employed an overseas firm to take people off of benefits to save money yet pay them millions in profit?

I can speak for both sides having had to claim benefits before, didn't like to, but HAD to.

People who are in so desperate need, who can't genuinely work or who are forced to claim benefits should not be persecuted in the same light as people who just "sign-on" just to waste money on getting drunk or stoned (or even both) and have no interest in getting a job and just sit there stating "there isn't any jobs anyway".

People often don't have the opportunity to choose where they live, and in what type of accommodation they want, they should not be judged because of this.
I lost my job through redundancy, and as such was unable to keep up with the mortgage. My family and I had to leave our home, and live in a council house. People would be idiotic to think just because a person does not own their home that they are anything less.

I am happy to say that after a short spell of being unemployed, I am back in full time employment, but would not even entertain the idea of looking to buy a property again.

@Amy, you wrote "Which most people on benefits i know seem to brag about. "I've got a new tv etc" its like where do they get money from to get new tv i cant even afford one and then most you just see sat in pub all day drinking, its alright for some. ".
The issue in todays society is people who abuse the system are all too common whether they work or not.

Reply Posted by madge on Monday April 15 2013 at 11:30
you would never stoop so low as to claim benefits amy,so what would you do if you were struck down by illness and were unable to work,or lost your job and despite all your best efforts couldnt find emploment, live off fresh air i think not

Reply Posted by Fred the dick on Monday April 15 2013 at 14:11
I know loads of people with a council house who work full time and are certainly not scruffs.will the real Fred please stop talking nonsense you're a right .....,

Reply Posted by King Fred on Monday April 15 2013 at 15:06
Don't be so ridiculous. Only scrubbers and scrap metal thieves live on Council estates. Get a grip man!

Reply Posted by Amy on Monday April 15 2013 at 18:49
There are plenty of jobs out there its just people are too fussy about getting a certain job or they just dont want them. My partner works in welfare to work and see's so many people that are on jsa that dont want a job and have no intention of getting one, so he stops there money :) If I lost my job or made redundant i'd take whatever job was going to keep food on the table and pay the bills, and I know I have family that would help out, so I certainly wouldnt go on benefits and expect everyone to pay for me. All the people on here saying there nothing wrong with benefits etc it wouldnt suprise me if your on them and are trying to justify why its ok for you to be on them. get a job and stop scrounging like a dog!

Reply Posted by martin andrews on Monday April 15 2013 at 19:22
Amy, You must be really proud having a partner that stops peoples benefits.
Hope he sleeps well at night.
I also like the fact that you put a smiley face at the end of your statement, it shows that you lack maturity.
You also said further up the page you pay your rent and mortgage, which is it?
Rent or Mortgage? Or Both?
I sincerely hope you never lose your job and have to throw yourself at the mercy of the welfare state, believe me it is not a joke.
The only joke is the people at the Jobcentre that "sanction" peoples benefits for no other reason than they have to meet targets, these people are no better than something I would scrape off the bottom of my shoe.

Reply Posted by amy on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 19:00
He sleeps very well thank you. He stops peoples money that think its acceptable to not turn up to their appointments and are not looking for work, so they shouldnt be on jsa if they are not actively looking for work or not wantint to help themselves find a job. My partner shouldnt have to wipe their arses for them and get them a job they need to be willing themselves, so yes they deserve their money being stopped.
As for rent/mortgage I am on a housing scheme where I have bought 25% of my house and pay rent on the other 75% until I buy more and own outright myself.

Reply Posted by martin andrews on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 07:20
Whilst I do not condone people not turning up for appointments without good reason, I firmly believe that your partner is an egotistical sycophant that ought to get a proper job.
How dare you come on here and defend your partner doing a job like that, never mind a person who has the right to stop someone's benefits.

Karma is a bitch, gets everyone eventually.

Reply Posted by Jack on Monday April 15 2013 at 22:39
Amy, please tell your partner to root out more scroungers and stop payments to them. I hope he is on a bonus scheme -the more he stops, the more he gets paid.

Reply Posted by King Fred on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 07:15
I want to marry Amy. You tell em girl!

Reply Posted by King Fred on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 07:41
She's already married to me and get your own name IDIOT!

Taxi for King Fred the imposter.

Reply Posted by The real King Fred on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 09:11
Im the real King Fred! Ignore this imposter!

Reply Posted by hard worker on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 15:16
well i can tell you this amy im not on benefits never have been,but im also not living life through rose tinted glasses,yes there are people who will always abuse the system,regardless of whatever that system happens to be,but i know in the real world i could lose my job tomorrow,i could unfortunately become ill,good health is not garanteed,and i dont know if i will ever need the help of the benefits system at some time in the future,hopefully not as i only have 5yrs before i retire so iv'e paid in my fair share.what i dont have is a problem helping anyone who genuinely needs the support,and me being the kind of person i am who believes you should always help people less fortunate than i am,i would like to believe there are a few of us left out there who feel the same.maybe if people wernt so wrapped up with what everyone else is doing and concentrated on their own lives the world would be a better place

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 07:46
HW, couldn't have put it better myself.

Reply Posted by p on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 15:49
Bit confused here, having quickly read some peoples comments on here, some of you are saying if you live in a council house you are automatically a scrounger and have no job etc. Council houses are supplied to those who generally do have welfare issues. Do you honestly think people would really want to live in council houses if they have a income of lets say £30,000 per annum. The majority of people would jump into a £30,000 job so they can afford to pay for a house of there own. I am an ex soldier who left as a lcpl, my top wage was £22,000 how the hell can I afford a house of my own. No my mummy or daddy can not pay for me so legacy is out of the window. Would you rather have people living outside your nice owned house, lighting a fire to keep them warm, whilst you are in your nice owned house. An absolute joke some people. I NEVER JOINED THE ARMY SO I CAN DEFEND PRICKS LIKE THIS. BE LUCKY YOUR HEALTHY AND THAT YOU CAN AFFORD A HOUSE OF YOUR OWN. If anybody said I was a scrounger because I live in a council house I will get you doing pressups until you begged me to stop. Believe me I aint no scrounger I am SELF EMPLOYED now and have the misfortune that I am not on £33,000 per year.

Reply Posted by amy on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 13:18
Martin Andrews - you are obviously on benefits yourself to be being so defensive, if not you clearly need your eyes opening if you think it's acceptable for you to pay tax for people to sit on their arse all day spending off hard working people. I hope to god one day the government makes some changes to benefits in this country e.g. Let tax payers choose where your tax money goes because I'd certainly not choose for it to go to any benefitsystem whatsoever. I'd much rather my tax money go to making our hospitals and policing better

Reply Posted by martin andrews on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 16:06
Amy - I am a senior manager in a printing company and I have never been unemployed in almost 40 years of work since leaving school.
We are a multi million pound modern company with old fashioned values and we care for our employees.
Early last year we had to lay off 16 people and one of our lads submitted a claim for Jobseekers.
He was "sanctioned" by one of the egotistical sycophants (your partner?) at the horrible Job Centre because he "refused" to go on the workfare scheme as the JC told him he had to go and gain " works experience" in a local Café, even though he is a qualified printer.

The lad had to endure 3 months without money, his wife and three kids were on the breadline, he came to see me and I managed to create a job for him even though our company couldn't afford it.
The lad is an extremely hard worker and he never had any time off whilst he was working for us.
He has paid into the tax system all his life and had never claimed one penny from the state.
He applied for hundreds of jobs all over the north and the only ones he was offered we ones working for employment agencies, the majority of which were on the minimum wage with no real prospects of earning a decent living.
He did manage to gain two weeks employment with a local company but almost all the employees at the company were Polish workers, the large majority of which did not speak English.

It is evidently clear that you do not know what is happening in the real world of work, yes there may be jobs out there but the majority of them go to foreign workers who are only interested in themselves and do not speak English.
This situation is ridiculous in this country, a hard working family man could not jet a job for foreign workers.

Just for the record, our company do not employ foreigners even though we are inundated with applications every time we advertise jobs.
A large majority of the people we laid off are now back with us as we like to look after the people we employ.

The "people" at the Job Centre do not realise just how hard it is to get a job that pays a decent living wage these days, their brief is to get as many people off the dole shoved into minimum wage jobs with no future, no prospects or no hope.

I am offended with the words you choose, to tar every one with the same brush is unforgivable, not everyone that claims JSA "sits on their arse all day spending off hard working people", the sooner people like you realise this the better for society.

Reply Posted by Tomasz GórczyƄski on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 17:17
Barnsley peoples racist!
I am coming from Wroclaw in south Poland to work in uk.

Me and my pole brother work hard for you all and you not like we work in Barnsley

next month I go home no more I can take

Reply Posted by hard worker on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 19:00
well said martin andrews.one of the first things they ask at interviews in factories these days is can you speak polish as you will stand a better chance if you can.and what chance have young people got when jobs for cleaners state experience essential,the only way to gain experience is to have a job in the first place

Reply Posted by martin andrews on Wednesday April 17 2013 at 19:13
Thanks Hard Worker, the sooner people realise what is going on in the places of work here in the UK the better as far as I am concerned.
The factory at the side of us employs nearly all foreigners, how can this possibly be good for local people?
I have been instrumental in starting an apprenticeship scheme at work (strictly for local people) to ensure that our young ones get a decent crack at the whip.
I am a big advocate of looking after our own, pity our idiotic governments don't think the same.

Reply Posted by Amy on Friday April 19 2013 at 08:30
Most factories etc will employ foreigners as the majority of english people think they are better than this and only want a specific job. Unfortunately the jobs they put on their action plans at the job centre are unrealistic and are jobs that arent around anymore which is why a lot of them put them on. There are a minority of people that my partner deal with that have worked all their life and have been made redundant and he will do his best to help them get back into work. I'm not saying everyone is on jsa are just abusing the system. But about 80% of the customers that come in to see my partner are.
We should really start looking at how other countries run there benefits system, e.g. spain pays people so much for so long and then there money stops.
It should be like that here, you should get so much jsa for how long you have paid into the system. If you have come from school and straight onto jsa you shouldnt get a penny as you havent worked or paid tax so why should you. however, if you have worked for 40 years and paid tax all these years and unfortunately been made redundant then they should work out a percentgae of how much tax you have paid and get an amount.
I also dont see how it is fair that some people can sit on jsa and not work for about 20 years, which some customers who see my partner have. You should get it for a maximum of two years and if you havent a got a job in that time frame it gets stopped. Two years is plenty of time for you to get a job, you are either too fussy or just dont want work. These people will then get a pension when they hit pension age and this is again unfair, why should they get a pension when they have never worked.

Reply Posted by martin andrews on Friday April 19 2013 at 18:48
Amy, The system is basically there to force people into minimum wage jobs to get the unemployment figures down end of.
The lad who I mentioned earlier was on an extremely good salary, higher than the national average and the only job he could find or was offered was on minimum wage,even though he is a fully qualified printer with 10+ years experience.
I spoke to him today as it happens and he told me the company who he managed to get a few weeks work with was Symphony near Grimethorpe. (I don't know of it but I have heard of it)
He also told me that nearly 80% of the workforce are Poles and Latvians and that he felt uncomfortable working there as nearly all of them didn't speak good English.
He was asked at his agency induction if he could speak Polish as it was "desirable".
I am extremely concerned about our people who want to work but don't get a look in due to foreigners, how can this be right in this day an age?
Over a million young people are languishing on the dole but yet we have had an influx of 4 million people over the last 15 years or so.

This is wrong,wrong,wrong and the sooner the stupid government a better place our green and pleasant land will be.

Reply Posted by lilly on Friday April 19 2013 at 11:38
if only it was that easy amy,iv'e worked in factories all my working life,i started my first job at 16,37yrs ago the most important question i was asked was when can you start. over the years ive watched how things have changed,before i was laid off from work due to ill health the factory i worked in had gone from 98% english workers to about 12% i am by no means racist but the atmosphere there was horrendous people were being dragged before management on a daily basis for apparent racism people were losing their jobs because the 88% refused to work with them and for every person who left they were replaced with one of th88%'s family members i saw first hand hundreds of young english kids coming in for interviews and my heart went out to them because i knew they werent going to be offered a position.and can i also add that they did use agency workers on a regular basis these poor people were comming in and being sent home and were lucky if they got 2 days of work a week,which is what is happening everyday with agency workers so while technically they are not unemployed they are not actually working these people dont stand a chance when they are told they stand a better chance if they speak polish etc,and job vacancies state experience essential for a cleaning job. its so easy for someone who is employed to slate others and say english wont work in factories ,but as i said from first hand experience the foreign people who you work with make it impossible when they are running to the boss screaming racism when you ask them to do a job they dont want to do,ore when you put in a complaint about their actions and conveniently the only thging they reply with is me no understand.so its not a case of people dont want these jobs,its that they cant get them in the first place

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday April 19 2013 at 16:31
I have seen this "racism" first hand, tell a polish worker something they don't want to hear, then we are racist, talk amongst ourselves without even giving a pole eye contact and we are racist.
It is a complete and utter load of bollocks!
They are white European and exactly the same as us, the only difference is they speak a different language.
It is time for a "cap" of immigrant workers in the workplace as far as I am concerned.
We need to start looking after local people rather than pander to the politically correct idiots that run this country.