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Barnsley Lad Plans Everest Climb For Ill Grandfather

Friday April 5 2013

A MAN with terminal cancer has given his grandson the thumbs up to climb Mount Everest base camp and raise money for a hospital charity.

Tom Brooke will be accompanied on the 18,500ft ascent by pal James Hoyland, of Darfield.

They're taking on the challenge to raise more than £6,000 for Weston Park Hospital after Tom's grandfather Leslie Dransfield, 70, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Tom, 24, was bound for the Everest base camp alone - until teaching assistant James, 25, offered him company for the challenge.

"It won't be an easy ride we know that much and the temperatures at night drop to below -40 degrees," said Tom.

The duo will set off in October and will be away for 17 days, 13 of which will be spent getting to the mountain's base camp, on the border between Nepal and Tibet.

The lads need to find £3,000 each to cover the costs of the trip and anything raised over that will go to the hospital.

Visit here for more information.

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Reply Posted by Karen Halstead on Friday April 5 2013 at 19:43
I'm sorry but I don't believe that this is a genuine thing I believe that this may be more for the experience then the actual charity I understand that one of the lads grandad is ill but £6000 to be spent from donations is to go on flights ect and will not benefit the charity in anyway I am sceptical to think they can raise that never mind more as its difficult to raise £1000 let alone 6. Both these lads are working and I find it unacceptable they are not at least trying to cover half of the £6000 although ideally they wud cover the £6000 and ask for donations as sponsor money for wen they complete the hike. This is more about the experience for the two lads then the actual charity as I believe more money will b spent on them and I believe if they wanted to do something for the charity they would cover the cost themselves or do something less pricy like a sky dive ect which would raise more money essentially they are asking people to cover the cost of a holiday experience then a actual charitable cause and will be making my donation directly to the charity not funding this and I hope many of you will be wise enough to do the same thing

Reply Posted by Cathy on Friday April 5 2013 at 21:35
I think the comments by Karen are a bit harsh, everyones entitled to their opinion but I do think its a very cynical view.
They look like 2 great young men, motivated enough to do a fantastic trek which I'm sure will be of great pride to their families, especially Toms grandad. He obviously thinks alot of his grandad and I think he's probably going on this huge journey more mentally than physically.
Good Luck to them both and bestwishes to grandad. Great to read some very positive news about young people.

Reply Posted by kate on Friday April 5 2013 at 22:07
so ppl pay for there holiday the rest will go to the hospital ermmm :/

Reply Posted by Cathy on Saturday April 6 2013 at 08:02
Charities spend a lot of money on advertising and fundraising events, not every pound we put in the collection goes directly to finding a cure for cancer , or whatever the charity might be.

Its not unusual for these kind of long haul treks, charities organise walks on the Great Wall of China, treks in Africa, India etc. They do this to draw attention, something different, big events to raise big money.

These lads with the help of Weston Park will probably work hard to raise lots of money to fund the trek themselves, car washes, race nights, auctions, cake bakes etc. I think they should do this, it shows they're not sitting back expecting others to fully pay their £6k costs, but they hardly look like they're doing all this for a freebie.

Also Weston Park would not allow something to be organised using their good name if they didn't consider it profit making and of great benefit to them.

The bigger charities are huge businesses to day, employing highly qualified expensive staff, spending lots of money to make even more money.

I do think its right that if people are not sure if a fund raising event or charity is above board and legal and possibly a scam, then they should ask questions, we know there have been and still are some bogus set ups.

I think while ever Weston Park are happy for these lads to raise money in their name then I for one am satisfied its completely above board and viable.

Reply Posted by Katharine on Saturday April 6 2013 at 08:51
I know these boys personally and I wa shocked at reading the story the boys wanted to do the trek Tom had found it and then told James that if they did it dor charity they wouldnt have to pay for it. but at first didn't have a specific chartiy Weston park are the only ones that said yes and it's just a coincidence Tom's grandad being ill with cancer so am slightly appaled that that has been brought into it and that everyone grandad included have made made to think it wa because of his illness but I guess it makes good publicity. The Boys are raising money for a good cause but I wish they'd be truthful about there motives in the beginning

Reply Posted by Karen Halstead on Saturday April 6 2013 at 11:00
I didn't mean it to come across as harsh I was just stating a few beliefs and I believe the boys should contribute to these extra costs they are both working there is time to save up and fund at least a small part themselves or even props pone it a year and really save up. I understand about spending money to make money with charities I work along side both large and the smaller charities i've helped with fundraising and I do donate generously myself and I do understand that when I do give money that it does get spent on publicity to make more money and if I felt that the boys was contributing themselves through there own back pocket or the profits made were equal to or more then the £6000 spent I would be happy to donate £100 £200 maybe more to the cause. As Katherine has just said at least In the beginning the boys were doing this for the experience but I hope that now it is not the case and that they do contribute to there cause in more then just a bit of time spent collecting money in these times people can not afford to give as generously anymore so they are really goin to have to work for it something that experience tells me will be difficult for them to achieve people will be more willing to donate if the boys were contributing because opinions will be that they are paying for the boys holiday which at the moment is looking more like the truth

Reply Posted by Cathy on Saturday April 6 2013 at 16:03
Be interesting to hear what the lads have to say in view of Katharines comments.

Reply Posted by Katharine on Sunday April 7 2013 at 00:29
I am saying what I no to be true I was told by James that Tom had found this treck online and he wanted James to do it with him and that if it was done for charity then the donations paid for it. I wa told that they'd asked a few charities but was turned down and western park had said yes. Obviously the events in this story have changed it raises more publicity and either the boys av put this spin on it as they are aware of it or a publicist for the charity has. As far am I'm aware since western park said yes Tom's motives have changed and he does want to do this for his grandad and the experience . James is doin it for Tom but also for the experience. The only issue I have is that there's parts that are clearly lies and I don't condone lying and av said it to em myself

Reply Posted by kyle on Monday April 8 2013 at 17:01
i went to school with one of these lads and i say go for it fellas you have every right to do what your doing hopefully you will raise some for your chosen charity. and i dont think -40 is a holiday, its one of the hardest climbs in the world. good luck lads!

Reply Posted by Chris on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 17:09
Karen noes nothing so shhh. Gud luck lads