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Little-Known Hamlet Threatened By High Speed Rail Plan

Thursday April 4 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

RESIDENTS of a little-known hamlet off Wombwell Lane believe the historic settlement is threatened by the government's high speed rail plan.

Swaithe is situated between Wombwell Lane and Kendray and is mostly made up of agricultural fields, a few houses and Swaithe Wood.

The planned HS2 railway would cut through the middle of Swaithe Wood as well as Caulk Lane, which is the hamlet's access point from Wombwell Lane.

But, following Lord Justice Ouseley's rejection of cases challenging the legality of the plans at the High Court, Swaithe resident Gillian Anderson said she feels many people are still unaware of what could be happening on their doorsteps - and that they have only until April 29 to apply to take part in the consultation that will judge eligibility for compensation.

"Nobody around here has got any response from councillors on the issue, which I find staggering," she said. "It's a lovely area of Barnsley where we live, with a lovely community and there's a lot of history here, too - Swaithe House Farm, where I live, is 500 years old."

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Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Thursday April 4 2013 at 16:34
Labour sold the country down the river. Elect UKIP councillors to fight HS2.

Reply Posted by Brian on Thursday April 4 2013 at 19:51
I agree that Labour 'sold the country down the river' on many, many issues. Nevertheless, I think I am in favour of HS2

Reply Posted by Pauline on Friday April 5 2013 at 20:06
Has anyone been in touch with any councillors? Is anyone making the information about the consultation widely known and how they can reply to it?
Is there any meetings planned for the local people of Barnsley and surrounding area's to discuss the Stop HS2 campaign? Is there any leaflets and car stickers available to promote the information, over the last week I have been speaking to people who had no idea of any High Speed Rail going though this area.

Reply Posted by les on Sunday April 7 2013 at 19:19
By the amount of responses to this matter.
You can see that nobody really gives a toss.
Wether or not the hs2 is built or not, wether people have to
pay bedroom tax or not or what government. has sold whatever down
what river.......the 3rd comment says everything about people
in this country........is somebody else going to do something
about it...
Why is labour at fault why is conservative at fault and as far as the lib dem
leader....sniffer up the crack of the big man.
If you hadnt noticed.this country is in a roller coaster into
the toilet of history. the years that your parents and grand parents have fought
to achieve a better country and within a couple of years it is sinking back to the
1930sand beyond .if i here how we need to tighten our
belts any further.my ass will fly out of my trousers
this country is so much in debt......and how many countrys are in debt to us
this is one of the top richest countrys.how do i know. because. there building a train to getup north a bit quicker.....why.....all rail networks have been known for
not running running slow. not running because of leaves or snow... kis playin chicken vandelising...you name it
but if i had little money the last thing on earth
i would invest in was a train.....who is still paying for the
humber bridge.
stop believing that right is right.....its not.
You are the english not the scottish like our governments

Reply Posted by Alan on Monday April 8 2013 at 22:02
Les, you really have cheered me up. Well said :-)

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:54
Doesn't effect Cawthorne so I couldn't give a toss really.

Reply Posted by Kate on Friday April 12 2013 at 08:08
This high speed link needs stopping. Disgusting that fellow barnsley folk 'don't give a toss' because it doesn't affect their part of the town - disgusting little worm Fred! I don't live in that part of town but you have my voice in your struggle with this ConDem govt!

Reply Posted by Jigga on Friday April 12 2013 at 08:13
Swaithe? Never heard of the place and looking on Google map it's hardly going to be missed. Where would the NIMBY's have it go?

Reply Posted by Grim on Friday April 12 2013 at 10:21
Just showing your ignorance then. Swaithe is an historical settlement near to Worsbrough that has been around longer than a lot of other places.

Typical of people on here - "Its not my problem so why should I care?".

The train will cost a lot of money and we in Barnsley will not get much from it. Except the really wealthy who will be able to afford to ride on it. It is not guaranteed to even stop in Barnsley. All it will do is encourage the wealthy southerners to buy cheap housing stock up here to rent out.

Reply Posted by Adam on Friday April 12 2013 at 08:34
I'm totally against the new high speed rail link, what a waste of money. Faster travel times will equal to higher fares, surely the money can be spent on other suitable projects, such as repairing Britain's roads.

Reply Posted by charlie on Friday April 12 2013 at 11:02
Its disgusting that people are saying they don't care because it doesn't affect their part of town. And to say Swaithe won't be missed because its hard to find on google maps is ridiculous! I keep my horses down there and know people that live there. The track is going to cut straight up the farmers fields and unless they're willing to build a bridge for access he will be completely unable to get to over half of his land. And even if they do build a bridge I doubt it will be one that he can get his livestock and tractors over. So that's just one example of how the train will affect someone who lives at Swaithe. Perhaps you should all think before you say it doesn't matter. Just because it won't affect you doesn't mean it isn't affecting someone else in a massive way!

Reply Posted by Lauren on Sunday April 27 2014 at 11:04
This is an issue that will effect us all one way or another and one that in my opinion should be subject to a public referendum. However, there is little that local Counsellors would be able to do. They would little, if any influence, over such issues. Surely the first point of call would be the local MP.