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Wombwell Chosen For National Trial

Thursday April 4 2013

Wombwell by Susan Quinn Wombwell by Susan Quinn

WOMBWELL has been chosen as the centre for a national trial to make payments without cash by using an app on a smartphone.

The O2 'digital wallet' enables people to transfer cash, compare prices, track their spending and shop - all through an application on their mobile phones.

Now Wombwell has been chosen for a trial analysing how the technology can be used to help people in deprived areas, who may not have bank accounts or access to computers, better manage their money with the app and a linked payment card.

Four High Street shops and 15 Credit Union members, who have all been given smartphones, are taking part in the trial.

Ian Guest, CEO of the Credit Union, said: "We will send the money onto the card and then they've no need to come into our offices to collect it - they can go straight to the shops and maybe they can do some of this at home from the internet."

One of the four High Street shops taking part in the trial is Cole Bros Café, which now benefits from a card reader that not only reads O2 Wallet cards, but debit and credit cards, too. Co-owner Andy Cole said it made payment easier for customers and staff.

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Reply Posted by Mick on Thursday April 4 2013 at 15:45
So to benefit from this, the 'deprived' people of Wombwell need a Smartphone! Are they free now?

Reply Posted by Wendy on Thursday April 4 2013 at 15:54
No the tax payers will buy therm one as always!!

Reply Posted by J fitzakerley on Thursday April 4 2013 at 16:44
No some of us are tax payers

Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday April 4 2013 at 16:53
I disagree with the gypsy comment. They not all gypsy's. Some are benefit cheats, thieves, drug dealers/addicts and alcoholics... I am fed up of hearing the aforemention moan about the new welfare reform and how it affects them... Get a job

Reply Posted by TURTONSTAVERN on Thursday April 4 2013 at 17:35
Benefit cheats thieves drug dealers addicts alcoholics, who invited these people to live in Wombwell not the law abiding true Wombwellians that's for sure they have been put here intentionally to try and spoil a lovely community and they are succeeding.

Reply Posted by Terry on Thursday April 4 2013 at 23:32
So all the benefit cheats, thieves, drug dealers/addicts & alcoholics do not originate from Wombwell.. Not true!!!.. I know this to be true as 80% of the population are from Wombwell born & INBRED.

Reply Posted by tif on Thursday April 4 2013 at 17:44
I'd love to know which upperclass part of barnsley your all from which has no one . There are

Reply Posted by tiff on Thursday April 4 2013 at 17:46
Sorry that should have said - I'd love to know which upperclass part of barnsley u lot are from that has no one claiming benefits! There are some hard working people in wombwell!

Reply Posted by boneman on Thursday April 4 2013 at 20:15
There is some hard working people im wombwell i agree tiff ! And i never intended to offend the 3of them ! Just the rest of the great unwashed that reside within the boundary of barnsleys biggest gypsy camp known as wombwell !

Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday April 4 2013 at 23:26
I have driven through Wombwell, the pubs are packed during the day.. Stop having kids, brush yer teeth, get a wash and do something decent like work....

Reply Posted by Bb on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 09:11
There are some very respectable and hard working people that live in wombwell. How about we all slag off where everyone else is from and see how you like it.

Reply Posted by king louis on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 09:39
i always smile at the pub in the daytime comment...most workers now do shift work, I do nights and when I leave at 8 in the morning I may have a pint.....its no different to a day worker going out after work

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:49
Loads of scruffs and scratters in Wombwell, they need to get a job!
Why should I pay for them to sit in the pub?

Reply Posted by !!!!!!!!!! on Wednesday April 10 2013 at 19:17
Some people need to get a grip! There r good and bad people everywhere u go no matter which part of Barnsley u r from, n that goes for everywhere else in the country! Can't understand y people feel the new to slag places/people off all the time. Shouldn't everyone be working together?

Reply Posted by collier on Thursday April 11 2013 at 20:30
I see people outside credit union getting there beer tokens, straight to weatherspoons then go to sleep in the public toilets outside... Happy days and now we give them smart phones, that will be sold to pay for the drugs

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