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Woolley Turbine Proposal Goes To High Court

Friday April 5 2013

Turbine case goes to High Court Turbine case goes to High Court

A PREVIOUSLY-approved green belt wind turbine plan has been overturned by Wakefield Council, and will now go to the High Court.

Plans for two 46m-high turbines at Haw Top, Woolley, were approved by the council's Highways and Planning Committee in December.

Objectors had lodged a legal challenge to the scheme, by York-based developers Arcus Renewable Energy, and last Friday learned they had been successful.

The case will now go to the High Court.

Objectors Coun Mark Willis, Coun Carol Robson, Ms Ruth Sheard and Richard Dixon, set up an action group to fight the claim.

"We're very, very relieved," said Mr Dixon, 50. "It would have had a dramatic effect on house prices, and was possibly the worst position for a site in Wakefield as it would have been seen for miles around as it's at its highest point."

They had argued that Arcus did not participate in any public consultations prior to submitting their plans, with many hearing about it the first time when it appeared in a newspaper.

Ninety individual letters of objections were made and Woolley Parish Council, Woolley Village Resident's Association and Barnsley Council also objected. No letters of support were received.

"We'll fight any future proposals for inappropriate developments in the green belt around our village," added Mr Dixon. "No-one should get the impression that they can drop into our community, devalue our properties and diminish the standard and quality of the lives of residents just for their own commercial gain."

Echoing Mr Dixon's relief, Carol Robson, 60, of Woolley Grange, said: "The site's at a high point, so visually it would have been a towering eyesore. The noise would have been terrible and wasn't worth it as it was economically unviable - I'm very relieved." 

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Reply Posted by Grim on Friday April 5 2013 at 18:10
Typical. The ones at great Houghton and Thurgoland will probably go ahead but posh Woolley wont have it.
Lets put one in Cawthorne and one in Silkstone and be done with it!!

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday April 9 2013 at 15:47
Hey I live in Cawthorne and I DONT want one in my back yard!

Reply Posted by Grim on Friday April 12 2013 at 10:22
That was my point Fred - nobody does but the wealthy areas like Cawthorne will never have to put up with them. The poor areas will get shafted as per usual.

Reply Posted by guesty mcguest on Friday April 5 2013 at 22:28
you're right grim, but woolley is a wakefield council ward isn't it, also notice how all three councillors object and stand tall for their area, comparisons cannot be drawn in BMBC wards, unless as you say its cawthorne or woe betide hoyland swaine.

Reply Posted by Lyndy on Sunday April 7 2013 at 22:08
Everywhere should be having wind turbines - how long do people think other means of energy are going to be here for? Narrowminded, NIMBYs - get over yourselves. As for Woolley being posh, Grim, I don't think so. The sooner turbines and the like are not up for debate, the better - just put the things up - let's have some energy from sources that will pay for themselves over time.

Reply Posted by Grim on Friday April 12 2013 at 10:24
Always the NIMBY comment.

Seriously yes we perhaps all should be but we wont only the run down ignored areas will have them stuck in their back yards and the nicer areas will fight them. Why? Because Cawthorne and the like contain people with money and influence and Great Houghton for example probably does not.

Reply Posted by guesty mcguest. on Friday April 12 2013 at 12:17
If only they were putting them up for the good of the environment and to aid the areas, penistone windfarm has been up 20 odd year and now all of a sudden these larger ones are cropping up, why? Because the firms that put them up get MASSIVE subsidies and more money per unit per kilowatt than conventional means from the government paid for by you and me. So yes I do like the idea of having them but not when the only reason firms from down south are looking at putting them up is to line their own pockets. NIMBY that if you will

Reply Posted by Banana on Friday April 12 2013 at 11:18