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Not Enough Done To Tackle Pothole Problem

Thursday March 28 2013

Persistent pothole problem affects area Persistent pothole problem affects area

ACCORDING to residents, not enough is being done to tackle potholes in Wombwell.

Kingsway, Brampton Road and Hough Lane by the train station are all well-known pothole locations, and resident Brian Whitham said he's had to take two weeks off work after driving over a particularly deep pothole which trapped a nerve in his back.

"I drive a van and there's no weight in it like there would in a car, so it's not as bouncy," he said. "When I went over it, it jarred my back and trapped a nerve but if it had been someone on a motorbike, they would have been thrown off."

Rob Passmore, 41, said: "I think it's getting to the point where it's past repair. I've lived here 12 years and I've barely seen any maintenance work done on the road."

Deep potholes on Brampton Road were recently covered but there remain a number of potholes around the area.

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Reply Posted by Jim on Thursday March 28 2013 at 09:34
There is no point on repairing them until the weather won't fall bellow zero, the mix won't set water will get in- expand when it freezes and be as bad again.

Waste of money until spring finally arrives

Reply Posted by GB on Thursday March 28 2013 at 09:54
On Bond St, Wombwell we have been waiting for spring to arrive for over 10 years, The short street looks like a cheese grater, we have seen a few token gestures of repairs a few shovels of tarmac patted down by the back of the shovel and the tarmac has gone in a few days.

Reply Posted by Dave on Thursday March 28 2013 at 10:07
You're right. There isn't. But this weather doesn't last for 12 months and nor have we had this weather for 12 months. Doesn't stop the council from bodging or ignoring though.

Reply Posted by bungi on Thursday March 28 2013 at 13:49
so whats the ROAD FUND LICENCE for lining the pockets of the government or funding road repairs??????????

Reply Posted by petra on Thursday March 28 2013 at 14:36
You don't drive in barnsley, you dodge potholes, no other way of saying it

Reply Posted by michelle on Thursday March 28 2013 at 18:33
do whay I do keep reporting them on the council website I have and within days they have been filled in

Reply Posted by Pothole manager on Friday March 29 2013 at 03:41
Forget about the problem of pot holes by relaxing in the setting of the multimillion pound town hall fountains.

Reply Posted by Ang on Tuesday April 2 2013 at 15:36
the pot hole situation is countrywide, just as bad here on the Romney Marsh, its time ALL the councils started a proper resurfacing when the weather improves.

Reply Posted by king louis on Tuesday April 2 2013 at 16:06
no they wont!... they will leave them as they are