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Shafton Petrol Victims Want CCTV

Monday March 25 2013

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VICTIMS of petrol thieves in Shafton are appealing for CCTV to be installed to prevent further attacks.

Residents on Bedale Walk said that thieves have been drilling into cars to steal fuel in a car park off Hawthorne Street.

Derek Taylor, 68, whose car has been attacked twice, said: "It's irritating. They probably only got away with about £5 worth of petrol, but it cost me more than £100 to repair my car. I would have given them it if they'd have asked."

Derek added the incidents are causing tension among neighbours.

"It's a lovely little community we have here, but because this keeps happening and we don't know who it is, everyone is starting to suspect each other.

"We need it stopped - it's beyond a joke."

Thieves also cut the pipes of fellow resident Ian Bowers car last year, which led to petrol leaking down the street.

"All it would have taken was for someone walking past to flick a cigarette and we would've had a major incident," Ian said.

At a public meeting last week, Cllr Dave North requested that cameras be installed to help prevent petrol thieves operating in the area.

"Hopefully we're going to get a camera which will help catch the culprits," said Cllr North.

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