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Counterfeit Cig Ring's Money Man Ordered To Pay £90,000

Thursday March 21 2013

Lawson ordered to pay nearly £90,000 Lawson ordered to pay nearly £90,000

THREE years ago Mark Lawson from Mapplewell was arrested on suspicion on money laundering.

During a subsequent search of Lawson’s car and home, officers recovered over £47,000.

Officers also recovered a document with hand-written notes which identified that during a five-month period in 2009, in excess of £2million was transacted through the ledger accounts.

Lawson was suspected of being the book keeper for an illegal counterfeit cigarette racket in Barnsley.

He was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty.

Immediately following sentencing, an investigation under the Proceeds of Crime Act into Lawson’s lifestyle and assets began.

Lawson was back at Sheffield Crown Court on March 13 2013 where a confiscation order was made against Lawson to the sum of £89,757.

Lawson has six months to pay back the full amount or face a further 18 months in prison.

South Yorkshire Police's Graham Wragg, said: "His sentence and financial penalty for this matter reflect just how seriously South Yorkshire Police and the courts view this type of criminality.”

Commissioner Shaun Wright, said: “Criminals, who are living off the proceeds of their crime will not be tolerated in our communities. We will go after their ill-gotten gains and hit them where it really hurts. I am keen to ensure more money from the proceeds of crime is put back into the community.”

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Reply Posted by Jigga on Thursday March 21 2013 at 11:46
A 'salary' of £4,986.50 tax free per month if he opts to do bird instead of coughing up. Mmmm. UK average salary is £26,000 so he'd have to work about 3.5 years to pay that back so why does he only get 18 months? To me that means crime does pay a salary of £59,838 p.a. Not bad going.

Reply Posted by Grim on Thursday March 21 2013 at 15:25
At least the Police and law courts did their jobs. The real conmen are the eejits who bought all the knock off cigs.

Reply Posted by Dave on Thursday March 21 2013 at 15:35
For one, if you dont pay you serve time but you still owe it when you come out wth interest.For two,he didn't earn that money,its what the police pinned on him because he didn't grass on the main men who did earn the money and they have hung him out to dry.People are too quick to judge when they don't get the real story.
Proceeds of crime means you have to pay back what you earn from it,any more and its against the law yet they are allowed to get away with it.

Reply Posted by Jigga on Thursday March 21 2013 at 16:25
Did you miss the quotes Dave? If the defendant fails to pay the sum ordered by the due date then payment may be enforced by various means and interest will commence to run on the amount unpaid. One of the means of enforcement is that an additional prison sentence (maximum 10 years) may be imposed for failure to pay on time. I think a threatened sentence of only 18 months is quite light. He's guilty by his own admission and I'm sure he didn't do the crime for nothing.

Reply Posted by Dave on Thursday March 21 2013 at 17:10
The default sentence depends on the amount owed for a start.As i said,he did not make the amount thats been enforced,in fact, it was only a fraction of that.Yet the powers that be have enforced a higher figure which is deemed illegal by law because it is classed as a fine,they are not allowed to fine you as you pay the price with the served sentence,this would mean being punished twice for the same crime.Paedofiles dont get treated as bad as he has been treated.They have seen his assets and want them even though they know he has worked all his life apart from the period of time he got charged because he lost his job.

Reply Posted by Lucy on Thursday March 21 2013 at 18:03
Well he shouldn't have done it then, dont do the crime if you cant do the time. No good bleating now. Absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. Get over it, pay up and shut up, thats what he needs to do.

Reply Posted by B on Thursday March 21 2013 at 18:40
Well said Dave, people should only comment if they know the real facts and the man himself,shocking judgement!

Reply Posted by Friend on Thursday March 21 2013 at 18:57
Personally knowing the man he is a extremely decent person i have always got along with him its is know to those who have all info that the court has asked for more money than mark actually dealt with they have been stripped of a vital asset to pay off the debt they have also been acused of buying the house with faulty money yet the house was payed for well before any troubles also is it come to anyones attention that he has a family and a son who had to see him in prison for some wrong accusations and i do have sympathy for them also why condem a man who has also worked for many years of his life yet there are people inthis country who get away with bleeding the government dry taking three fold the amount in benefits im sorry but why come harsh down on mark when there are scum who have done nothing with their life honestly it sickens me (britania is on the court in london with a sword and weighing scale) it means equal justice for all yet i dont see that going on do i nope it is unfair

Reply Posted by Fred on Thursday March 21 2013 at 19:07
Crime shouldn't pay and from the report on here it clearly hasn't for this man. If he's as innocent as some are making out on here then he should appeal. If he's taking the rap for others as well as himself then that's his decision, he's a grown man.

Reply Posted by MICK on Thursday March 21 2013 at 19:23
Maybe he will think next time before engaging in criminal activity. I believe the police would have fully investigated the income from the crimes committed and ordered repayments that are in line with all his profits for his criminal dealings.

Reply Posted by green thieves on Thursday March 21 2013 at 20:05
Thats the whole point there taking money he hasnt earned illegally

Reply Posted by Bog on Friday March 22 2013 at 05:16
Why doesnt he appeal then?
People on here say he was a hard working man who had paid off his mortgage before getting into crime. Why get into crime then........greed?
Appeal or just get on with it, pay up and dont do it again.....simples!

Reply Posted by green thieves on Friday March 22 2013 at 07:23
Doesnt work like that, cant appeal you pay what they say end of. Lets hope all you self righteous who are oh so quick to judge dont fall on hard times. SimpleTON

Reply Posted by Bog on Friday March 22 2013 at 08:00
I dont think people are being self righteous, what most people do if they fall on hard times is not turn to crime. If we all turned to crime where would be ?
I take it then if someone burgled your house and stole sentimental stuff and valuables, and when they got caught said 'ah well I fell on hard times, so the Law doesnt apply to me'. Then you'd say, 'oh right, sorry mate didnt know, you carry on'.

Reply Posted by green thieves on Friday March 22 2013 at 08:53
You write complete and utter nonsense.. You don't know the person concerned, i do. You dont know the facts, i do. Why bother posting on something you obviously know nothing about

Reply Posted by Bog on Friday March 22 2013 at 10:17
Nobody is saying the bloke is a hardened criminal who should be locked up and flogged.
The point is he did wrong and he got caught, and however unfair his sentence may or may not be, you can't defend the indefensible, he shouldn't have done it, he's a grown man, and has to take responsibility.
That aside,it appears everyone accepts he did it, the bone of contention is the subsequent punishment.
It's a damned hard lesson to learn if as you say he's being punished disproportionately, but the only thing to do is lobby your MP or such like and try and get a change in the Law. That's how this country works, and sometimes it really isn't fair.
The Law should be fair to all, that goes without saying, and punishment should be proportionate to the crime. Unfortunately at times it isn't, and it seems your mate is an example of that.