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Barnsley St Helen's Ward Election RESULT

Thursday October 13 2011

LABOUR has retained its seat following the St Helen’s ward by election yesterday, taking 75.8 percent of the votes.

But just 20 per cent of locals (1,662 people) turned up to vote at the eight polling stations opened for the event.

The election winner was Dave Leach with 1,257 votes - followed by Danny Cooke (British National Party) - 174; Kevin Riddiough (English Democrats) - 146; Clive Watkinson (Conservative) - 61 and Eddie Gouthwaite (Independent) - 21

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Reply Posted by on Thursday October 13 2011 at 23:59
Why didn't the Lib Dims stand?

Reply Posted by Junifer2009 on Friday October 14 2011 at 13:23
Time B.N.P, voters woke up.

Reply Posted by Tonydevoy on Saturday October 15 2011 at 19:16
Hardly a resounding vote for democracy is it?  Fact is the labour party machine can still get their footsoldiers out round the estates and get them out who are daft enough to vote for them.
Ask yourself this, after a lifetime of power in Barnsley and 100s of millions of pounds spent here why are so many of us out of work, why are so many on benefits, why are so many working for minimum wage, why is our town centre still a mess and why do our politicians and public sector chief officers get paid so much???

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