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Working Men's Club Want Answers

Tuesday March 26 2013

Athersley Social WMC Athersley Social WMC

MEMBERS of a working men's club which closed suddenly under a dark financial cloud say they're saddened and angry by the lack of answers from the committee about what happened.

The Athersley Social WMC members said they have 'questions that need answering' after it shut without warning a couple of weeks ago.

The Mansfield Road club continued to trade and take payment from members despite knowing bailiffs were coming in the following day.

Many members have blamed the committee for the closure, claiming it had been 'poorly run'.

A meeting was supposed to be held on Tuesday to discuss the club's future and members' feelings after closure - but it was cancelled.

The club's committee said the meeting that was supposed to be held on Tuesday was cancelled due to circumstances beyond its control.

A spokesman for the committee, said: "We've been informed by Sam Smith's Brewery that a meeting can be held at our own convenience when the club is reopened."

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Reply Posted by eric on Tuesday March 26 2013 at 17:01
it was a great club years ago but BOCKER got on committee an it went down the pan then...haha

Reply Posted by mark on Tuesday March 26 2013 at 19:38
it is a total and utter discrace what has happened at a.s.w.m.c the people who have been at fault here should be really ashamed of themselves, (they know who they are and so does most of the members) although!! has i have stated before on here before, some of the blame should be shoulded by the steward. ulitmately the fault is the committee but the steward/stewardess has never pulled up any tree's to help, if i were to say what i thought about the senior committee i would be banned off facebook forever so rant over.

Reply Posted by FN on Tuesday March 26 2013 at 22:13
We played their in the band many times -- it was well known as the Athersley UN-Social WMC for all the fights that broke out whilst we was on stage.

I mean come on - OAP's picking up tables and throwing them at each other, then fighting with the police outside - I am surprised it didn't close down years ago.

Reply Posted by Beddy on Wednesday March 27 2013 at 11:44
Hey Mark!.. Yer not on facebook mate. Yer on WAB. If they ban you on here just post under another name with a different email addy... So speak yer mind mi owd cocker. The subs paying members and the Athersley public, deserve to know the truth..

Reply Posted by poppy on Wednesday March 27 2013 at 21:17
Could anybody confirm that a meeting as been arranged for Tuesday April 2nd.Heard that at long last the C.I.U as finally got in volved,and as requested the club and auditors books to be made available.Any truth in all this.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday March 27 2013 at 21:33
It will be interesting to see if any of the committee buy & re-open the club for very little money as happened recently with the Elsecar club. 2+2 usually does equal 4.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday March 27 2013 at 22:03
It's the rules that are at fault. If people were legally not allowed to be involved in a business that had previously been a failed w.m.c. where they were on the committee there wouldn't be doubt about about whether they had done everything possible to make the club work.

Reply Posted by alice on Thursday March 28 2013 at 10:41
Just found out,that yes a meeting was to be held April 2nd,but low an be hold its been cancelled again due to the steward and stewardess beening away on holiday.Am I losing it or what,as far as I know they no longer are employed by the club.What a FIASCO cannot wait for the excuse for round 4.

Reply Posted by jamie on Thursday March 28 2013 at 21:12
this pub was really good at one point until the committee decided that they wasn't going to pay out for more bands in and make the place look cleaner inside to me they was just money greedy this pub needs some one who knows how to get a lot of custom and know the right price for drinks snacks est. and also knows hows to keep the place looking grate at all times.

Reply Posted by pops on Thursday March 28 2013 at 21:25
am glad the shit hole as shut darn it shud stay shut darn n keep all knobs away from place only my opinion all tha ears is wana b gangsters trying to act hard after a few pints of shandy ****** prats thats y its shut darn cos of all fukin idiots that went pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft

Reply Posted by barred member on Thursday March 28 2013 at 22:03
i stood up in general meeting 9 years ago and prooved the commitee was fiddeling thousands of pounds. [15 to be exact] and nothing was done but me to get barred for something trivial and noone would back me up. people dare not say the truth as it gets you barred from your local for nothing as the truth hurts. ps how can non workers who are on the commitee be in every afternoon and night drinking. i cannot afford to do this working

Reply Posted by Beth on Friday March 29 2013 at 11:54
The commitee men were Nobodys, but when they got in that club they thought they were IT, rude bossy and on the fiddle!!!, but i agree barred member, nobody said owt or backed anybody up cos they got put in book and barred, years gone by it was a great night out, good turns and packed to the rafters, but then the commitee men started getting greedy and instead of putting on good turns the put it in their pockets !!!!............... it's a known fact where the money went, but will never be proved, Jail em for FRAUD !!!!

Reply Posted by tarn lad on Friday March 29 2013 at 22:01
It sounds like another club royston klondyke wmc. This used be a good club but over the last few years the club as gone to the dogs crap turns empty most nights the drink prices for a club is appauling and been robbed by the commitee for the last ten years aprox

Reply Posted by ben on Saturday March 30 2013 at 18:55
A phone call to the c.i.u revealed that a another meeting arranged APRIL 9TH at the club,thats if the (commitee) have got the guts to show there faces.If they insist they have done no wrong,why dont they explain this to us,I for one carnt wait.

Reply Posted by john on Sunday March 31 2013 at 10:57
Yes,Mr Greene from the c. i.u as called for a meeting to be held at athersley social club mansfield road,on Tuesday April 9th.All wishing for answers should attend.

Reply Posted by sue on Sunday March 31 2013 at 18:11
i stopped going in the club years ago as the men on the committee were nearly all on the dole but were having 3 or 4 holidays a year abroad ,, ,,, shouting it out in the club when there next holiday was , talking about rubbing salt into the wound ..... they should have been sorted out years ago . 3000 members and no money ,, who are they kidding ... they should be named and shamed and took to court ... but know they just go to another club and sit there like butter wont melt ,,

Reply Posted by sue on Sunday March 31 2013 at 18:52
Embezalment is a more appropriate word and it a more criminal offence ..

Reply Posted by Swifty on Sunday March 31 2013 at 22:40
3000 members. It only takes one of you to ask South Yorkshire Police to investigate if you think a alleged offence as taken place. The DWP as for the committee members that did not work would certainly be interested if committee members were claiming benefits while been ona club committee if not declared. Particular if some alleged committee members are claiming DLA Motability or ESA sick pay.

Then of course thers the HMRC the tax man who loves looking into everyone's income.

So If the Brewery the Steward or Commitee Members don't give you the answer ring South Yorkshire Police CID telephone number 101 put one members name to a complaint and I promise you the 3000 members will get there answers there looking for.

Good Luck you've nothing to loose.

Reply Posted by ken on Monday April 1 2013 at 10:37
Yes I totally agree to last comment,but could it be possible for a united force take action.A representation of all members will have a better impact than just one.I await replys.

Reply Posted by jim on Monday April 1 2013 at 11:29
I would like to know why David Martin as got the clubs books,and why?

Reply Posted by Swiftly on Monday April 1 2013 at 11:40
Hi Ken

I was just making a comment regarding one member. Thats all the police need to investigate a complaint.The more members you get to make the complain the better. You could also contact the Police say a day or two before the meeting takes place for advise.

They may decide to activate a warrant to attend the meeting in person to witness the events.

As for the alleged comment about a club official taken the accounts/ documents of the premises this itself may be against the club rules.

Also you may wish the ask the clubs official auditors for copies of previous balance sheets but don't worry the police will have these in no time.

Hope this helps good luck you have nothing to loose .

Reply Posted by kip on Monday April 1 2013 at 11:55
The lot of them are like gangsters,they are all sat on there nest eggs waiting for the big spend.April 1st the goverments cuts begin,not for that lot its plain sailing for them.But every dog as its day,the cream is going sour for all of them.

Reply Posted by ken on Monday April 1 2013 at 14:54
Hello Athersley,any one willing to take the advise given by swiftly,he knows what he is talking about.It will be the nail in the coffin for those who have split the community up.

Reply Posted by Swiftly on Monday April 1 2013 at 18:50
Hi Ken

What has happened to The Athersley Social Workings Mens Club. There are very serious questions that need answering. The community is already split and the in fighting could very much could destroy your community for the next Three generations.

The committee members and the Steward/Stewardess the Brewary and Auditors and accountants that represent the club have the answers you need.

I am sure they are people in the last paragraph that would welcome a police investigation into the clubs alleged difficulties it find its self in today. They themselves can speack out and give there account of true events. they themselves can cler there own name from this fiasco.

The only people that would not want this alleged situation to be investigated is the people that have things to hide.

Members of this club stand up and be counted. One day you might get your club back albeit private investor or the brewery.

The only way you are going to get your questions answered is a police investigation if you believe they as been alleged offences taken place.

Judging by the individual comments on this post from people in your community.

You have only one choice to resolve this sad matter.

Reply Posted by mark on Tuesday April 2 2013 at 05:07
i was told that a certain committee man took the snooker table (a rare and valuble table) in lue of payments owed to him. now i dont know how much truth is in this but if it is actually true i am sure this is unlawful and immoral again i dont actually know this is a fact but i was told he took the table knowing the auditors were coming.

Reply Posted by ken on Tuesday April 2 2013 at 14:00
As far as I know the pool table was taken because it was on rental.But all questions will only be answered by going threw the appropriate channels,It as stated before that just one person is needed to start the ball rolling.

Reply Posted by Joan on Tuesday April 2 2013 at 15:27
how come David Martins Name keeps popping up in conversation, obviously he's the main culprit, Cant the police arrest him on charge's of fraud, even though he probably wer'nt the only one involved........... somebody somewhere has got to audit the books, then they will find out the truth, thats what needs to be stated at the meeting for all the books to be auditted from start to finish, then they will probably see that this has been going on her years, most of em were on benefits anyway, but yet they boozed afternoon and night, 7 days a week........... it's not rocket science is it !!!!!

Reply Posted by JB on Tuesday April 2 2013 at 17:25
The only person giving you sound advice is Swifty. People have suspicions and names thrown about right left and centre. If these people have committed these alleged offences then the authorities are the only ones that can get the un bias truth. 3000 members speck up or shut up that's my advice.

Reply Posted by ken on Thursday April 4 2013 at 10:52
Rather stern advise JB,but no one is willing to take the reasponsiblity of taking the action needed.I for one,if not for illness would.

Reply Posted by Swifty on Thursday April 4 2013 at 20:36
JB your comments are stern like Ken suggest. I appreciate your comment and understand what you mat be trying to say but perhaps not in your words.

The situation is somebody comming forward as an individual may be more difficult that it seems in a hard nit community. However if the people and members of the Club want HONEST answers to there questions. Then there is only one road to go down.

The people that's got things to hide will give you as much bull shit answers that your shovels will carry.

Thers something gone wrong for this club to collapse even if nothing criminal thats caused this problemn. One thing for sure bad management of all concerned has certainly not helped it.

If your club was re-open tomorrow would you have a vote of confidence of the past management committee to run it again. I think you all know the answer.

Be careful not to let this issue split your community. Make the people responsible for the day to day running of your club stand and give there reasons to the authorities.

Reply Posted by andy s on Saturday April 6 2013 at 17:44
years since ive been in,but im sure alec kirk must be spinning in his grave rip,blokes like him used to do it for the club,not for there pockets!

Reply Posted by Telephone.01223 900252 on Saturday January 9 2016 at 15:33
Hello from q investigations we are working with members at royston alex barnsley, clu. We have been working with the members since 2010 our operatives have full excess to beers sales bandit bingo full company checks of committee members employment and there annual accountants submitted by the club .we are now at the end of the inquiry and should be made public soon ,if you feel we can help email us for assistance or call .