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SY Fire Asks For Public Help

Wednesday March 20 2013

Do you think the service could get there quicker? Do you think the service could get there quicker?

THE public are to be asked how quickly they think fire engines should respond to emergencies.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue set its own time target for responding to emergencies in 2006, which said crews would reach 80 per cent of life-threatening incidents within six minutes.

But it's never actually achieved that target and last year crews only made it to 55 per cent.

However, the number of 999 emergency fire calls has fallen from 45,000 to 21,000, and serious injuries and deaths from fires has also dramatically reduced by two thirds - dropping from 150 to 50.

The service will offer three different options as a means of setting a realistic target.

The first is not to set any time targets whatsoever but say the service will get to all emergencies as quickly as possible - something the fire authority and fire crews say they already do.

The second option is to continue to have a South Yorkshire-wide target, but also to have a more realistic timescale of reaching life-threatening incidents within nine to 11 minutes.

The final option is to adopt a 'risk-based' approach which would mean setting a shorter time target for higher risk areas where fires are more likely to happen, and to allow longer time for those at lower risk.

The three options will go out to public consultation in June and the fire authority is expected to make a final decision, based on that consultation, in September.

Assistant chief fire officer, John Roberts, said: "Fire does spread quickly, and a lot of the work we do is around prevention to stop the fire from starting in the first place. In terms of getting there as quickly as we can, we will always make that commitment to the public."

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday March 20 2013 at 13:17
Prevention is better than a cure. So why not promote portable fire extiguishers in peoples homes as well as fire detector alarms.??

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday March 20 2013 at 16:48
I just wrote a big long reply about how targets can affect behaviour both positively & negatively, then I realised it was really boring and deleted it. I bet you're glad!

Just keep fitting the free smoke alarms & get here when you can!

Reply Posted by rainbow on Thursday March 21 2013 at 10:43
There were no Fire Brigade down the mines, we did our own fire and rescue and managed very well, it isn't rocket science putting a fire out if you have some basic equipment. Invest in a fire extinguisher.!!!

Reply Posted by woof on Friday March 22 2013 at 21:42
considering this is our safety they are playing with the comments so are are pretty poor ,i hope my 87year old mother doesn;t have to put out a fire like the posters so far expect her to do.please get real and accept how serious this really is .they want to cut the fire service to the bone and no one seems to care to much ,lets hope the posters so far or there elderly relatives don;t require there help because come later this year there will be a very long wait

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