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Royston Councillors Call For Work On Midland Road

Wednesday March 13 2013

Councillors calling for work to improve the state of Midland Road Councillors calling for work to improve the state of Midland Road

ROYSTON councillors are calling for work to improve the state of Midland Road to begin 'sooner rather than later'.

A meeting is set to be scheduled between traffic operators, engineers and ward members to tackle issues such as parking restrictions, resurfacing and bus stop placement.

Councillors held a ward meeting on Tuesday to discuss issues with the road, which will provide the main access to the development on the former Royston High School site.

"Midland Road has been a mess for some time with parking problems and road bumps," said Cllr Graham Kyte. "It's going to be even more of a mess once this new development comes in."

"Hopefully work is going to start as soon as possible," he added.

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Reply Posted by AHR on Wednesday March 13 2013 at 13:35
Don't know who's idea it was to do it in the first place, like a race track with all the chicanes. I suppose now the School has shut it will return to normality.

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday March 13 2013 at 17:40
Well, it was the ridiculous decisions of the elected members who allowed Midland Road (at substantial expense) to get in to this mess in the first place. They authorised the erection of a whole series of humps, bollards and chicanes to be created.

Reply Posted by Midlandroader on Thursday March 14 2013 at 21:47
Get ready for problems as traffic from midland road and the lane is increased once another supermarket, petrol filling station, health centre and more houses are in place. Extra traffic descending on the mini roundabout and obstacle course which is midland road. Disaster in the making.

Reply Posted by Katie on Friday March 15 2013 at 12:24
They should have left Royston High school were it was instead of merging the school together ... nothing was wrong with having RHS and eddy and st micks as they were. RHS has been there years - most of my family went there - generations of us. Now that all this is going to happen its going to cause problems on station road as well as midland road - Royston already has enough supermarkets, houses and petrol stations ... pretty sure education is more important than building things which aren't really needed in Royston. We are only a small village but by time all this gets done it may as well be a full blown town.