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Farm Owner Calls For Road To Be Made Safer

Wednesday March 13 2013

A FARM owner in Darton is calling for a 'fatal road' outside his home to be made safer because of the number of accidents there has been over the years.

Robert Thompson, 56, has lived on Huddersfield Road for more than two decades.

He said there's been about 25 accidents, several serious, on the road in the last year alone, which runs between Darton and the M1 junction at Haigh.

He believes the reason for the high accident rate is because the road's layout makes it easier for cars to travel fast.

His call for action comes two weeks after a 24-year-old man had to be transported to hospital by air ambulance with broken legs and a fractured pelvis after his car hit a stone wall and gate post outside Robert's home.

"For me the road is wrong, the markings are wrong and no-one is doing anything about it," he said.

"It's not rocket science. It needs some road calming measures putting on it somewhere - some proper signage and something to slow people down."

When asked about the road, Barnsley Council said that there's no more funding available to carry out additional works.

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Reply Posted by Guesty Mc guest on Wednesday March 13 2013 at 10:40
how many deaths will be enough then? Total disregard by BMBC, it's what I;ve come to expect. It is an accident blackspot on that bend and it has been for years, people have died but theres no more money left. not even for a roadsign not even for some markings. Just a flat no. It's good to know that BMBC cares.

Reply Posted by Local on Wednesday March 13 2013 at 20:36
I drive down this stretch of road twice a day, every day and I know where Mr Thompson is coming from. I also cycle on this road and that is significantly more dangerous. I can't get up the hill at more than about 12mph, however other vehicles come up at 50mph even though it's blind in places. All it takes is a bit of consideration from all road users and there is no need for any traffic calming measures at all. Too much to ask? Probably.

I suspect from the markings on the road that the recent crash victim managed to clip the kerb which sent him across the road and into the wall. Could have been much worse if someone had been coming the other way.

Reply Posted by dee on Wednesday March 13 2013 at 21:32
You can easily hit 70-80mph coming up, around and over the crest of the hill, mud makes it a bit slippy though!

Reply Posted by nick on Thursday March 14 2013 at 06:14
The answer to road safety lies not in speed humps or making every road a 20 mph zone. It's simply better driving standards! If we banned cars and went back to horse and cart there would still be road deaths. The trouble is the government have tried to lead us to believe that all the worlds ills can be cured by legislation and draconian measures. As Hitler once said 'society will tale any removal of its freedoms if it is said to be in the best interests of the children' ....

Reply Posted by sharon on Saturday March 16 2013 at 16:11
horses are more expensives than cars and the excuse no funding that because they line own pockets with expenses

Reply Posted by Eddie on Saturday March 16 2013 at 16:11
The councial state that there's no more funding available to carry out additional works yet they can still have staff driving around in company car's, costing the tax payer thousands each year. I'm a business owner in the town paying £20K+ a year in rates. Where does this money go?

Reply Posted by kate on Saturday March 16 2013 at 16:16
i live in Darton and know the road well , it is not just on the stretch mentioned that something needs to be done but also near the park . This is meant to be a 30 mph limit yet cars and lorries ignore this, There is nowhere safe to cross the road to the park and well used skate park it is only a matter of time before a fatal accident occurs.

Reply Posted by sarah on Saturday March 16 2013 at 16:23
There's no more money because its all gone on town hall!