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Forty-Four New Houses In Dodworth Get Approval

Tuesday March 12 2013

A RESIDENTIAL development of 44 houses in Dodworth has been given the go ahead by planning officials.

It's the second application for a large number of houses in the area to be approved in the last few months.

Strata and Bloor Homes want to build the homes off Bamford Close but there were concerns that, together with an earlier successful application for 41 houses behind Hawthorne Crescent, the increase in the number of cars travelling through the town could cause fatal accidents.

Residents were also concerned about flooding, the effect on wildlife and the influx of children attending primary schools.

But the decision was approved on February 28.

Cllr Phil Birkinshaw said: "We have supported residents. They are not against residential development but are against this development on various grounds."

He went on to say that they're concerned because of traffic, the already full St John's Primary School, and some of the planned homes are three-storey buildings, which would overshadow neighbouring bungalows. 

"We can't stop progress but we need to be mindful that we have an adequate infrastructure in place," he added.

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Reply Posted by Jane on Wednesday March 13 2013 at 20:19
Strata going for it again. Make sure these builders are not telling lies to potential buyers about their affordable homes scheme!!!! Make sure the land is not part if section 106 agreement where they have to build a certain percent if social housing!!!! MAke sure you are aware what you are buying from strata !!!

Reply Posted by karen on Saturday March 16 2013 at 13:54
Wow 41 houses behind hawthorne cres and another 44 off bamford close. This village is already full of out of town people and were abouts behind hawthorne cres never even seen anything about this and its already passed !!

Reply Posted by Amy on Wednesday July 17 2013 at 10:41
Well i hope that the jr school gives priority to existing residents over the possible 85 new ones for school places!
There are enought families fighting to get the places already!

Reply Posted by Me on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:40
"Out of town people" shows the need to open up the gene pool.
More houses = more income to the borough = more investment into the education system

Reply Posted by JJ on Friday July 8 2016 at 20:08
Looks like strata want to build next to the m1; between it and the estate on Water Royd Drive. It would take out all those trees, obviously the fields; and looks like access will be onto the bottom of keresforth road. Both schools already full, road traffic and layout has not improved and since this article a girl has been knocked down outside the St John's school. It's silly to quash progress but there have been no changes to the infrastructure in the village since the building of homes off Baslow cres and hawthorne cres. I have complained to councillors about the road right of way changes at the bottom of hawthorne cres and also the cross roads, the narrowness of the path opposite st John's and nothing will happen due to, apparently how it was explained to me to be - complications of road management, maintenance, planning departments, council, plus upsetting local residents. It's frustrating and infuriating that just a bit more thought to the roads and traffic could alleviate current issues and would support further growth. The school places in the area are oversubscribed and there is just no way I can see them putting a school on thier plans!

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