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MP Worries About Alarming Amount Of People Using Food Bank

Friday March 15 2013

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

MP Dan Jarvis has written to the Prime Minister to tell him about the alarming number of people using food banks in Barnsley.

Mr Jarvis visited the Gateway Church food bank last Thursday and said it was clear from talking to those running the food bank that the need for charitable support will become greater and greater as people's circumstances become increasingly desperate.

In the letter Mr Jarvis said the efforts of Pastor Mark Reasbeck and volunteers were inspiring and the care and compassion they showed for disadvantaged people was deeply moving.

But he said the increasing number of people using food banks was a cause for deep concern and that no individual should have to rely on charity to feed themselves and their families.

"April will be a very tough month for many people in Barnsley as changes to welfare kick-in," he said. "The introduction of the universal credit and the impact of changes to working tax credits combined with the 'bedroom tax' mean that many people will be unfairly penalised."

Nationally, the number of people supported by food banks has grown from 2,800 in 2005-06 to more than 128,000 in 2011-12, while Britain’s largest network of food banks, the Trussell Trust, predicts that they will need to support in excess of 260,000 people over the next year.

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Reply Posted by Me on Sunday March 17 2013 at 09:06
Who gives a toss what this labour scum says he is not a Barnsley person he is from scabland Nottingham.

Reply Posted by stevo on Monday March 18 2013 at 19:57
Didnt vote for the Rt Hon Dan Jarvis MP and told him i wouldnt be voting for him when he came round canvassing.
Just shows the idiocy of the Labour party for fielding a candidate from outside the area.
Didnt stop the local Barnsley populous voting for him either did it?
Madness! The sooner the people of Barnsley vote these Labour buffoons out the better!
Of course if will never happen in my lifetime.

Reply Posted by Me on Tuesday March 19 2013 at 13:04
After Blair and Brown flooded the country and our town with foreigners over loading the local services to breaking point I will never vote labour again. All the born and bred Barnsley people who built the town have been abandoned buy Labour and our Labour council for easy subsidies from the EU for taking in all these foreigners that are drowning this town. Barnsley wake up and smell the coffee vote them out.

Reply Posted by Nick on Thursday March 21 2013 at 13:55
Labour out!