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Parking Outside Schools Causes Havoc In Royston

Friday March 8 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

ROYSTON'S ongoing issue with parking outside schools is a cause for concern.

There's been a particular problem with parking and subsequent congestion on Church Street, after owners of the Klondyke WMC had closed the gates to the pub car park, preventing parents from using the land during the school run.

The pub owners and parents previously had a friendly agreement which allowed parents to use the area, but the pub's since closed its gates following complaints of litter being dropped.

Cllr Tracey Cheetham said that there are also problems with cars parking outside St John the Baptist Primary School.

"Parents are routinely parking on the zigzag lines outside of the school,'' she said. "Cars are parking on the pavement and children are having to walk on the road to get past them."

"We've had so many near misses and I'd hate for there to be an incident there."

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Reply Posted by S on Friday March 8 2013 at 14:11
Carlton Community School is a massive problem also. To be honest, a worrying number of people who do the school run generally are a danger to everyone around them. I regularly see parents in their dressing gowns and presumably slippers in their cars. Bus stops are not drop off points; double yellow lines are not drop off points; USE YOUR MIRRORS AND INDICATORS. If the police were to spend some time around schools on a morning/afternoon a fortune would be raised in fines and hopefully, a dangerous and unacceptable driving habits will be eradicated.

Let's not get started on the amount of children smoking by the main road and on the school grounds; disgusting.

Reply Posted by xx on Friday March 8 2013 at 20:17
Someone is going to get seriously injured outside St John The Baptist School . The council should get a grip adopt the road and put double yellow lines outside the school. Does it take a child to be injured for them to do something.

Reply Posted by t on Saturday March 9 2013 at 20:45
Why is everything the councils fault.... ain't it the thoughtless parents that ain't bothered where they park as long as they get as close to the school as possible..

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday March 12 2013 at 19:53
t it IS the councils fault!
Years ago they scrapped the school "catchment" areas and allowed parents to choose which schools they wanted their kids to go to.
All well and good but when you have kids coming miles to get to the school of their parents choosing how is this not going to cause major traffic disruption?
As for some of the other comments about lazy parents, i totally agree,i know of one parent (no names) who lives TWO doors away from me,less than 100 YARDS from the school and she takes the kids by car EVERY DAY!
I could quite understand if she was say going into town after but no,she drops the kids off at school and comes staright back,same goes when the kids have finished school.
As for the comment of why dont the police stop lazy parents parking on double yellow lines/zigzags there is currently a scheme at Darton Primary where a "policeman" (plastic bobby / community support officer) stands outside the school stopping lazy parents from parking on double yellows.
What a drain of resources!

Reply Posted by Rob on Saturday March 9 2013 at 21:03
Why are some parents so very lazy and so very stupid? If a child gets hurt through this selfish behaviour then shame on you guilty ones. Hang your heads in shame. Meantime get a couple of policemen there every morning and afternoon and give out parking tickets or whatever immediately, NO excuses considered. Hitting them in the pocket might work, talking to them certainly doesn't, they are bone idle and stupid.

Reply Posted by jed on Sunday March 10 2013 at 19:07
word is the lazy teachers at Carlton are after more time off from school. They want a strike coz they cant control behaviour. they get loads of pay...get on and do your job. The kids need better than you are giving

Reply Posted by rj on Sunday March 10 2013 at 22:48
The council should paint double yellow lines on both sides of Vicarage Lane,Royston .... if the children are from this village,they should walk like every other parent !!!!!

Reply Posted by Derek on Monday March 11 2013 at 07:37
Jed your comment reminds me of a Les Dawson joke, ' My friend is a lion tamer, he used to be a school teacher but he lost his nerve'.
Who the hell are these uncontrollable children and what are their parents doing about it? Sounds like a nightmare! Teachers can only do so much, I agree they have to be firm, fair, instill discipline, control, respect and inspire these children to achieve and have ambition. This has to be backed up at home though.
Also RJ do you honestly believe painting yellow lines would stop these lazy parents parking when they already stop on the zig zag lines? Not a chance, they do as they please, sign of the times I'm afraid, think they're above the law and don't care anyway.
Trouble is all the well behaved kids and responsible parents get dragged into all these things too and tarred with the same brush.

Reply Posted by Roystonian on Monday March 11 2013 at 10:54
Summer Lane and adjacent streets are also a problem with parents/grandparents causing a hazard when parking to drop off and collect their children. How BMBC and SY Polce can ignore these problems is beyond me. Their inertia will sadly lead to the inevitable; a serious incident.

Reply Posted by tanya on Monday March 11 2013 at 22:16
I live in roystone and walk my son to school but I only live 2 mins away I know some parents go in the car and also live 2 mins away yes it is lazyness tht is to blame but if there was more thought to parents tht do live futher away who need parking to take their kids to school then I might not b a problem in the first place, like who idea was it to build a school on the main road in the first place. And maybe if parents had more respect for other ppls property maybe they wouldn't loose a deal they had set in place. Respect is an issue almost every where if parent don't do it how do u expect children to do it when all said and done they learn off parents don't they??

Reply Posted by taxi driver 1 on Monday March 11 2013 at 22:53
send the camera car round the school , anyone parked on double yellows or zigzags will the be dealt accordingly ,, worst area in barnsley w as on shaw lane/ shaw st , where 3 schools converge , the camera car soon put a stop to it when parents started getting fines in the post , take a look on carlton rd and look at the damage that cars are doing to the grass verges around the school , totally disgraceful , its a case of i am all right jack i will park my car anywhere ,

Reply Posted by Mandy on Monday March 11 2013 at 22:57
God wen I wo a young un we walked to school. parents are making there kids lazy and its same outside meadstead school buses struggle to get down street cuz of cars wots up wi walking them to school or wen its raining or too cold get the bus

Reply Posted by Sam on Tuesday March 12 2013 at 10:04
There's no excuse for parking on vicarage lane, other than laziness. If pupils come from outside of village they could park at asda or co-op and walk. The parents who drop off at pre-school on station road are the worst. They block the road then get their youngsters out into the road! They could easily park at co-op, they'd only have a very short walk, but WALK is a four letter word to too many people these days!

Reply Posted by Jay on Thursday March 14 2013 at 22:30
Stevo: it was the government that scrapped catchment areas, not local councils.

Parents are to blame, full stop. The school sends out letters frequently, asking parents to please not drive up Vicarage Lane. The kids have put posters up as well, but nothing stops these lazy, inconsiderate parents who care for nobody but themselves.