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Councillor Objects To Wind Turbine Plans

Friday March 8 2013

A PENISTONE councillor has written to Barnsley Council to object to plans for an 18-metre wind turbine between Oxspring and Thurgoland.

Cllr Robert Barnard feels the turbine application should be turned down for a number of reasons, including cumulative impact, risk of structural failure and potential for strobing and shadow flicker.

If proposals are approved the structure will be sited on Cheese Bottom Farm, off Thurgoland Bank.

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Reply Posted by mick on Friday March 8 2013 at 09:42
Just put all them wind farms in the west of Barnsley. We got all the ugly scrap yards and industrial units .Then you lot in the east of Barnsley can sit in your pretty gardens and admire your unspoilt views.

Reply Posted by Adi on Friday March 8 2013 at 09:52
Everyone wants clean renewable energy that has minimal damage on the environment, but as soon as a turbine is to be put within their view, then they'll suddenly find all kinds of reasons why coal and nuclear energy is much safer and cleaner. Damned NIMBYs.

Reply Posted by jackie on Saturday March 9 2013 at 02:51
Yeah, clearly what we need is less wind farms and more nuclear energy plants

Reply Posted by Richard on Sunday March 10 2013 at 12:20
So Adi, NIMBYs shouldn't protect the green belt? If they found suitable brownfield sites, there would be less opposition but guess where all the best sites are? Yes, that's correct, in our rural countryside. To jackie, you are absolutely right but we should continue to look for less invasive renewables - geothermal, solar, solar-thermal, tidal, biomass, anaerobic digesters.

Take the subsidies away and you won't see any more turbines. This would hopefully mean lower bills for all and less fuel poverty too. Every time you see a wind turbine think of the fat profits the developer & landowner are making and then consider the old & infirm who can't afford to heat their homes because they're forced to pay green taxes which work their way into the pockets of aforesaid developer & landowner.

Reply Posted by Ian on Sunday March 17 2013 at 11:08
Nice to see a well reasoned answer to something like this. Well put Richard.

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